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Kube Cap

Written by Khadija Garba

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July 30, 2020

When you talk about fashion accessories for men, one normally expects to hear wristwatches, shades amongst others. But for the average Northerner, the number one most important fashion accessory is the famous Kube cap. To not wear it after a dress-up of a modern Hausa Kaftan is to risk appearing incomplete in terms of dressing. No one notices when you’re not wearing a wristwatch but everyone does notice when you leave your Hula at home.

Origin Of The Kube Caps

Kube cap; otherwise known as Hulan Borno, or Hulan bama originates from Yaudi, a town in Bama of Borno state. It is a type of cap purely designed using human hands. Before it spread to other parts of Hausa states, it was an accessory worn by the leaders of that community. It is mainly classified into two varieties; Bangwal and Zannah—named after Zanna Bukar Dipcharima, a First Republic Minister who popularized the use of the caps.

Zanna Bukar Dipcharima, rocking the famous Zanna Bukar caps that was named after him

Types of Kube Caps

There are many types of Hausa caps, and they include the Bangwal and Tangran caps.

Wide Variety of Kube caps

The bangwal is the category with a bigger and bolder pattern of embroidery. Stitching usually takes 10-20 days to complete. The tangaran as a classical Zanna variety is quite difficult to make not to mention time-consuming. This is because embroidery is stitched in smaller, tighter patterns and it can take up to eight weeks to piece together. Once done, it is more appealingly beautiful and more epic than any other.

Which Kube Cap Should You Buy?

Now you might ask which one should I rock? This is usually a choice affected by the type of Kaftan at hand, but most importantly, the pocket of the wearer. Usually, anything expensive is expected to be appealingly the best. For Instance, tangaran, which is made with a special kind of thread known as DMC—which is believed to always keep its attractiveness in check even after series of laundry— makes it the most expensive cap.

Tangaran Cap

Trust me, tangaran is a choice no one ever regrets making, for neither its wearer nor its admirers find it easy to resist its charms. However, since not everyone can sacrifice that much amount every time they desire a new addition to their Kube collection, the Bangwal becomes an option.

A Bangwal Cap

It should be known that there is no standard/specific cap design for specific occasions which is why you’ll come across them in multiple colors and patterns for your choice except in rare cases like in the Kwankwasiyya movement where red was the specified color and a certain type of design pattern was used.

Also, even though other places like Kastina, Kano, Zaria etc. design these caps, it should be noted that the ones stitched from the origin state (Borno) remain unbeatable.

Tangaran Cap

So if you have a boss, a brother, a husband, or even a boyfriend you feel like surprising to make them happy, I strongly suggest you grab them a Kube cap the next coming occasion you feel like celebrating them. I will recommend Tangaran especially. All dressed up in Kaftans with a matching blazing Kube to go? The perfect sight.

If you read enjoyed this, you can read all about modern Hausa Kaftan here.

Photo Credits: @Wanzam Caps

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