Kumbwada: The Northern Kingdom Where Men can’t Rule

Queen of Kumbwada

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July 23, 2020

Kumbwada is an ancient town located in Niger state. The town is located in Sabon Kabula, under Dangunu Emirate, some few kilometers from Sarkin Pawa, the headquarters of Munya Local Munya Local Government Area of Niger State.

Men can’t rule in this kingdom, even if they want to. The kingdom is ruled by a queen, locally called Magajiya. Hajiya Hadizatu Ahmed is the current queen of the Kingdom and has ruled for 21 years.

Men cannot rule this kingdom. If a man insists we will let him. And then after two or three days, he will die.

Hajiya Hadizatu

Hajiya Hadizatu is the queen to some 3,000 subjects who are mostly poor farmers. The Kingdom was conquered by Princess Magajiya Maimuna of Zazzau. The Kingdom has been ruled by women ever since.

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After the conquest, Maimuna decided to leave her brother here as a ruler, but he fell sick and died within a week. The same thing happened with her second brother and in the end, she decided to stay herself. She ruled for 83 years.

Hajiya Hadizatu’s Grandmother spent some 73 years on the throne, arguably one of the longest-reigning monarchs then. She died when she was 113. When her son— Hadizatu’s father— made the move to succeed her, he suffered illness and had to be rushed out of the Kingdom. Though he recovered eventually, he never returned. Hadizatu has ruled ever since.

It is believed men are barred from the throne by a curse or magic, which is frowned upon by the dominant religion in the region.

According to now Late Aminuddeen Abubakar, a prominent Muslim cleric and the Imam of Da’awa mosque in Kano years ago, the fact that any man who assumes the throne dies in a week strongly suggests the use of black magic which Islam absolutely condemns. “Once there is evidence of magic in any situation Islam considers it a deviation which must be reversed,”he said.

However, Musa Muhammad, the imam of Kumbwada begs to differ. “This is an exceptional situation none of us can change. A woman chief is a necessity given our peculiar circumstances,” he said.

The fact that a woman is the Ruler of the Kumbwada Kingdom is also considered an anomaly in Northern Nigeria where men are considered natural rulers. The residents, however, do not complain and bear her true allegiance judging by the way they adore her.

The Queen of Kumbwada receiving homage from her subjects

Hajiya Hadizatu is married to a local businessman and has three children, including the eldest son Danjuma Salihu and her eldest daughter who is also the heir apparent.

Photo Credits; George Osodi

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