Ladies Check Out These 10 Signs To Know If He Loves You Or Not

Written by JB Mairubutu

May 27, 2021

When a guy is in love with you, you would know. You don’t think so? Why? Is it because your guy is forming hard guy and doesn’t make it obvious that he is head over heels for you? Lol. Alright, I have one mission here and that is to help you in seeing those signs that a guy is in love with you. If you don’t see these signs for your sake run! This will help you prevent your heart from being shredded like Dambun Nama (shredded meat).

Ladies, Are We Ready? We Will Be Looking At 10 Signs That A Guy Is In Love With You

1. He Will Always Want To Hear From You

Effective communication is what makes a successful relationship. So, if he is in love with you, he will always want to hear from you. It could be via text, social media, email and this happens when he can call. My dear, when bro starts giving excuses for not calling or wanting to hear from you, you are in a ‘situationship.’ I am sure you are used to those pranking videos on the internet that ends with a voice telling you to run.


2. He Would Always Want To See You

Whenever I am in love with anyone I want to always see the person. Every single day, if possible. If a guy always wants to see you he is in love with you. This is one of our love languages. When the guy keeps saying, “won’t you come to see me or don’t you think we should see.” He loves you although sometimes the ‘won’t you come to see me, ‘could be something else.

Be smart enough to differentiate.

3. He Lets You See His Weakness

This part is hard sha. This might not be too often but when I am in love, I am vulnerable to my partner. I let her see my weakness or weaknesses.

Ladies, this is another sign that a guy is in love with you. Any guy that would let you see this part of him is a million yards of husband material. Don’t abuse it!

4. He Respects You

How do you know a guy is in love with you? The way he speaks to you when he is angry or the way he treats you. A guy who doesn’t love you will talk or treat you anyhow but the one that loves you will respect you even when his temper has been tampered with.

When he loves you, he treats you right with so much respect. If he respects you, he loves you. I repeat, he loves you!

5. He Puts You First

Any guy in love with you will make you a priority. Whatever he does, he puts you first. Your business becomes his business. Any guy that doesn’t see you as a priority doesn’t love you. Just move!

6. His Interest In You Isn’t Purely Sexual

Any guy that is in love with you isn’t always interested in your body. He wants to be with you, he wants to grow with you. He wants to see you make progress. He wants your relationship to reach enviable heights. If he is only interested in you coming over so you can have sex, Aunty, dust your slippers and run!

7. He Makes You Feel Good About Yourself

When a guy loves you, he automatically becomes your hype-man. He makes so much noise about you. He compliments you every chance he gets. You feel good about yourself when he is with you. If he does all this, don’t stress him. Just love him back.

8. He Is Interested In Being With You Forever

I am not talking about guys that would have their friends call you ‘our wife’ when in the real sense you’re the fiftieth side chick. If he is interested in being with you for a long time and even puts in words of getting old with you every now and then, he loves you.

A guy that loves a girl does see a future with her and he drops hints. If your guy is giving hints of spending forever and after with you then he is in love with you. Don’t mess it up, please.

9. He is Ready To Fix Things

Any guy that is always saying, “Let’s break up!” at every chance he gets doesn’t love you. The kind of relationship he is offering is made in Taiwan, a fake ceramic type. This is why it falls and breaks every time. When a guy loves you he doesn’t opt for the easy way out. He looks for ways to fix things.

Some go as far as asking for forgiveness sometimes when there is a problem just to have peace (I am not in this Whatsapp group sha).

10. He Won’t Cheat On You

This is the point is where ladies will be like, “ Ya right! Very important”. No one enjoys being heartbroken or being cheated on. It is traumatic. Using Nigeria slang, “ it is Woundjury.” It is a blend of wound and injury. So, yeah, any guy who loves you won’t want to cheat on you. He just wants to love you and you alone. You can check out these signs to know if your partner is cheating on you.

Of course, he expects you not to cheat on him too.

Yes! If you see these signs it is glaring that you have been able to capture the heart of that bro. You and your girls should drink to it. If you are in a situation where you think the guy loves you and you can see at least seven of these signs then you are the one taking the relationship seriously. Of course, you aren’t in a serious relationship.

To all those who have these signs, I pray you to end up together as wife and husband. Please, invite us as guests. I, in particular, love wedding rice.

If you loved this, check out these signs to know if he is serious about you or not.

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