Ladies Check These Signs To See If He Is Serious About You

Signs that he is serious about you

Written by JB Mairubutu

April 16, 2021

There is nothing as heart shredding for a lady to be with a guy who isn’t serious about her. This isn’t healthy for anyone irrespective of gender. It hurts more than a cut from a knife upon discovery. I am sure most of us have had this experience. This is why it is risky too as we would say catch cruise with the matter that concerns the heart.

As a lady, it is important to ensure that you’re dating who is dating you, do not date by assumptions. It will end in premium tears. We will be looking at signs that the brother you’re with, is serious with you and not just having fun at your expense.

10 Signs To See If He Is Serious About You

1. He Makes Plans With You

When a brother does this, it is a clear indication that you are in his books. Every responsible man in a relationship makes plans with his girlfriend in mind. Whatever he does, he does for the two of you. You wouldn’t be shocked to discover that he has done things without involving, if this happens then Oga no get you for the mind.

2. He Makes Efforts to See You

He can’t be in love with you and not want to see you. It isn’t even possible. Forget hard or tough guy, any man that is serious about you would always make efforts to see you. Even if you’re in Maiduguri and he is in Abuja or so, he would take time to come to see you. A man can always go to any length to see you if he is serious about you. If he makes effort to see you then my sister, you’re in a serious relationship.

To make memories of your time spent you should check out tips on how to strengthen your relationship.

3. Always Want To Talk With You

If he calls you or always wants to reach out to you, then he is so serious about you. If you’re the only one calling and he gives you flimsy excuses for not calling or missing your calls my dear you’re dating yourself. When is serious about you, he would want to give you a breakdown of his day and share his schedule for the day with you.

There are several ways to improve communication with your partner that you might find useful.

4. He Shows Signs Of Jealousy

Any man who is in love with you must be jealous particularly when he notices that another guy is getting close to you. If the guy you’re with doesn’t show any iota of jealousy then forget it he isn’t serious about you. No man wants his treasure to be taken away not by another man.

Well, I’m not in support of obsessive men that might hurt you. Nope! The point is any man who is serious about you must show signs of jealousy.

5. He Apologizes When He Is Wrong

Any man who is in love with you and sees you as a matter would apologize to you when he is wrong or when he wants peace to reign. If he is acting all tough and looks for a way of blackmailing you instead of apologizing you just take your tenth elsewhere and pitch this land isn’t yours.


Some men may have a problem with apologizing but there are several ways of apologizing without escalating the situation.

6. He Wants To Learn About You

When you’re dating someone you have to learn about the person by asking questions because humans evolve daily. We drop and pick up new habits on a daily.

If he is serious about you, he would want to learn more about you either by asking questions or observing you.

7. Have You Met His Family Yet?

This question is very important, the minute he stops using the gate with you that is when it is obvious that you’re in a serious relationship. Please, don’t go pressurizing someone you just started dating to meet his parents. That is a trait of a desperate being and he will run. If he is serious about you, he will certainly take you to his family if you guys have been together for a while.

8. You Have a Say too

It is only one who isn’t serious about don’t wouldn’t give a cent to how you feel and allow you have a say in the relationship too. Most guys who aren’t serious about you will want to be the ones making decisions for both of you, whatever you say or think wouldn’t matter.

9. He Wants the Best for You

Any man who is in love with you is aware that if you achieve greatness it rubs off on him so he would be supportive and ensure that you get the best in this life. If he is serious about you, then brother would want the best for you but if the case is different then you’re being played.

10. When He Asks You Out

This should have been number one, but hey save the best for the last right? Anyone serious about will do the needful by asking you and not just flirt with you. If all he does is flirt with you and refuses to ask you out then you should move on with your life. He is not serious about you.

You see these signs that he is serious about you we have given? Abide by them and save yourself from wetting your pillows with tears at night.

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