Life After Covid19 – The Future Of Food


Written by Aeesha McOseni

April 23, 2020

It is being said that the world will never go back to the way it was after the COVID-19 Pandemic clears up. Globally, countries are going into recession, devaluing their currencies and global oil price is at rock bottom. It has also been reported that countries are hoarding food. That was where I was going with all these, Life After Covid19 – The Future of Food.

After oxygen, the major contender for human existence is food. The world is about to experience food shortage shock, I don’t speak economics and political jargon, what I think it means is food will be expensive following the pandemic until the world can regulate itself. High demand, low supply.

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The forwardly thinking question is, How do we get food then? By growing it yourself.

To cushion the effort of the cost to be spent on food, you should grow your own. Yes, you can’t grow enough to feed the nation, that’s the farmers’ job but you can grow enough to feed yourself and the family.

Yes, you live in an urban area with no space, but, is there truly no space or the mind have merely being programmed to think so. You can, also, easily grow in pots and polyethene bags, tires, buckets and place them beautifully around your space.

What Food Can You Grow In This Setting?

This setting is called Urban Agriculture or Permaculture or plain old Gardening. You can grow a wide range of crops with this setting;


Why You Need To Grow Your Own Food After Covid19

Growing your food does not only mean you have enough food, but it also means you know exactly what goes into making it. You become the author and furnisher of what goes on your plate and into your stomach.

I must confess that the decision to grow your food must come from your conviction, for whatever reason you wish because gardening is tedious and requires determination and continuous input of work. I’m not in any way trying to scare you, it’s me being frank.

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You will deal with weeds, diseases and pesky pest. it is inevitable that you will get frustrated when your seed doesn’t start after so much hope and work you put in it. Sometimes you will be scared of travelling for long because of the needs of your plants, you’re going to be sad when they die off mysteriously when you’re already daydreaming of harvesting.

You’re going to be firm with your younger ones when they tamper with your plants and you’re going to pick the nonsensical pest messing with your plants and you squash it to oblivion but in all, you’re going to love it.

Finally, you will love the feel and smell of rich soil in your hands, you will enjoy the eerie of magic when the tiny seed you sow becomes a bountiful harvest, you’ll love the new skills you learn every day. The tenderness and care you feel towards your plants and most importantly, you’ll enjoy helping the world beat the hunger crisis after COVID-19.

Are you ready to be of help?

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