Lovers Who Met After Insulting Each Other on Twitter Set to Get Married

Lovers who met after insulting each other on Twitter are set to get married

Written by Ummu-Salma Ahmad

Ummu-Salma Ahmad is a student and a freelance writer mainly working on entertainment and news reports. A bibliophile who loves to eat.

January 8, 2021

Social media giant, Twitter is popular for many reasons. Apart from being a platform for news sharing and latest gossips, the app of the app are known for their savagery and funny insults. Twitter has also succeeded in uniting many lovers who met through the app. Such was the case for this latest couple who are about to get married after previously exchanging insults on the app.

Ibrahim Aminu Dutsi and Mariya Nasir Muazu would never have thought they’d be getting married on the 30th of January 2021 after having a Twitter fight in July 2019. The fight began when Mariya told Ibrahim to let someone be and he called her a grandmother with Chinese eyes. Mariya then made some funny physical descriptions of him.

Months later, Ibrahim messaged Mariya on the same platform to tell her he’d heard about her from her uncles who are his friends. She replied and a year later, they’re engaged to be married.

Because Mariya took a month before she replied to his message, Twitter users are making hilarious notes on how to find a spouse on the platform. Some of the things included in these lists as requirements for finding a spouse are that one must quarrel with the person, then message them and tell them you’re friends with their uncles, then wait a month for a reply. Tweeps are loving the couple and laughing all over the tweet.

Other users are expressing their joy for the couple as well as praying for them. To find a lover on Twitter through a fight is the funniest way to start one’s marital journey and the cutest as well.

What do you think of this, and what are your wishes for the couple? Tell us in the comments section below.

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