OGV Vegetable Solar Drying Technology

OGV Solar drying

Written by Aeesha McOseni

August 19, 2020

Dryers and dehydrators are part of the major equipment in the food processing industry. This is because the water content in food, fruits, and vegetables makes them susceptible to spoilage. There are different types of dryers, depending on their heat source. Some use electricity, coal, wood, sun, etc.

As the world moves on to a cleaner source of energy, solar energy is one of which is sought after. With the abundance and intensity of the sun in Northern Nigeria, it is only sensible that it be harnessed.

Unlike electrical dryers, solar dryers use sunlight to remove moisture. Solar dryers are sustainable and environmentally friendly. But putting a standard and certifiable solar dryer together is different from using the traditional solar drying method. This brings us to the helm of the solar dryer manufacturer in Northern Nigeria, Osomobegbe Global Ventures (OGV).

What Is OGV Technology?

OGV technology is a solar vegetable drying technology. OGV is Kaduna based business that produces varieties of solar dryers that can take up to 1 tonne of vegetables like tomatoes, peppers, fruits. OGV technology has not only brilliantly harnessed the abundant amount of sun in northern Nigeria, but also produces uniformly dried vegetable chips that maintain its natural color with a minimal level of humidity. Because the OGV dryers rely totally upon upon the sun, recurring expenditure spent on energy generation is completely abated.

OGV solar drying technology is a technology that is adaptive, innovative, and clean. It will not only disrupt but also encourage the entry of more players into the agriculture and food value chain. This technology has won several grants and awards. Including the TEF 2016, AMI 2016, Adansonia 2017, Yunus and Youth 2018, LEAP Africa SIP 2018, Tvebiomovies 2018, etc.

The OGV is very passionate about a healthy environment, food security, waste recycling, youth empowerment, and SDG2030 goals. They offer training to individuals and schools on renewable energy.

Efficiency of the Vegetable Solar Drying Technology

Apart from producing and selling solar dryers, OGV also renders solar vegetable drying services to farmers and traders. Even though they make dryers, they also sell dried vegetables and fruits. This not only reduce the level of postharvest loss; it also helps to stabilize the price of tomatoes and other fresh vegetables between peak and off-peak period.

Dried tomatoes
Tomatoes dried using OGV technology

The OGV solar dryers do not only dried vegetables, but they also dry fish, tubers, and grains, etc. With a drying facility in Jigawa, OGV can dry a 50kg basket of fresh fruits and vegetables for as low as N25/wet kg. For individuals or businesses who want to purchase their solar dryers, view below the price list.

Type of solar dryerCapacity of wet produce (in Kg)Price (in Naira)
ProducePrice (in Naira)
Prices of dried vegetables per 100g

As stated earlier, the OGV is a smart and clean technology that needs to be adopted across the country. This technology does not only aid our environment and climate, but it’ll also take the pressure off our crippling power supply.

Osomobegbe Eugene, the CEO of OGV can be reached on his Twitter handle osomobegbegloba, Instagram osomobegbe, or via his email osomobegbeglobal@gmail.com.

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