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Written by Deen Dabai

Deen Dabai, is microbiologist turned blogger and a freelance writer at messagearewa blog. He has interest in tech, SEO, Digital Marketing, Web Development & Social Media handling

October 12, 2021

Good day,

We have some exciting news.

Messagearewa, a blog about northern Nigeria has been at the forefront in providing unique information about the region. Part of our vision is to further provide unique and insightful content to the people of northern Nigeria and the world at large. Lately, the name Messagearewa just don’t fit the narrative. Hence the name change.

Therefore, welcome to Northpad.ng

Why the Name Change?

As mentioned earlier, the blog is all about providing unique information about the region to the world. The name messagearewa just don’t it. By transitioning to the name northpad.ng, it allows us to become a full-fledged community blog for northern Nigeria. This allows us to change the narrative of the articles we publish to reflect a more personal touch. We also incorporate categories like festivals, monuments, our heroes, traditional occupations, natural resources, and information about states and local governments in northern Nigeria.

While the name messagearewa is unique, the shift was necessary to reflect what the blog was all about; northern Nigeria. After exploring lot of options, we settled on the name northpad.ng which is all that the blog is all about.

The name also reflects our daily themes and our vision. The name north alludes to northern Nigeria while the pad represents writing and passing information which we are all about.

What Else is Changing?

Apart from the different topics and categories and the shift in the approach to our articles, nothing really changed. The kind of articles we publish remains the same, except they will now have a more personal touch.

The layout of the site has also been updated to reflect the new categories as well as enhance the user experience.

Let’s Grow Together

Basically, We are the “all good news” Community Lifestyle Website.

We are excited and eager to start this new journey. Join us, as we grow into a community you can trust for your information about northern Nigeria.

Feel free to let us know your thoughts. We will be glad to hear them!

The Northpad Team

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