Over 50 Percent Of People Worldwide Have Bad Breath, Here’s What You Can Do About It

Over 50 % of people worldwide suffer from bad breath. Here is what you can do about it

Written by Abdulsalam Yunusa

Abdulsalam Yunusa is a medical student. He believes that health information should be made accessible to everyone. He loves learning new stuff and sharing the knowledge with others.

March 17, 2021

Have you had an embarrassing experience with bad breath, or you know someone suffering from it? Well, you are not alone. About 50% of the world’s population are experiencing it too.

While bad breath can be caused by diseases, diet, and even taking some drugs, the number one cause is poor oral hygiene. Apart from the unpleasant mouth odor, one is also exposed to several diseases and risks losing self-confidence in public. Therefore, the importance of maintaining good oral hygiene cannot be over-emphasized.

On that note, here are some easy steps to get rid of bad breath and gain an overall increase in confidence.

How To Get Rid Of Bad Breath Easily

1. Do Not Rinse Too Early

Tooth decay is an important cause of bad breath. The fluoride in your toothpaste is there to prevent tooth decay, so by rinsing your mouth too early after brushing, you will wash off the protective plaque that fluoride creates around your teeth.

Henceforth, to get rid of bad breath, you should not rinse as soon as you’re done brushing; spit the excess and leave the rest to continue their protective job.

2. Use A Mouthwash

Sometimes brushing twice a day might not be enough. It is not easy for one to move around with a toothbrush all the time either. Don’t worry, there are mouthwashes available that will do just the trick. You can get them from pharmacies and stores around you.

Use them to rinse your mouth whenever you feel there’s a change to your breath.

3. Take Your Time While Brushing

The average person brushes for just 45 seconds. This isn’t enough. Dentists advise that brushing should last for about 2 minutes.

This is enough time to reach those stubborn bacteria hiding in your mouth and help you get rid of bad breath.

4. Brush and Floss

A thorough brushing is good but not good enough. Some of the bacteria that could cause you to have bad breath could be hiding in places that cannot be easily reached by toothbrushes.

This is why flossing is important. Check here for a quick guide on how to floss your teeth.

5. Always Keep Hydrated

The saliva in your mouth has several functions that include keeping your mouth moist and washing tiny food particles. Dryness of the mouth could be caused by some diseases, medications, or even smoking thus ultimately resulting in bad breath.

To get rid of bad breath and odor, take water as frequently as possible to keep the mouth moist.

6. Watch What You Eat

I know how sweet it is when you eat your suya with fresh onions or spice your pepper soup with garlic, but it might be best to avoid it especially when you are going to meet with other people. The foul odor from this duo and similar foods can make people uncomfortable around you. And the bad news is that brushing alone usually doesn’t take the smell away, because, after digestion, the odor-causing chemicals in the garlic and onion will be absorbed into the blood and then taken to the lungs where they will be slowly exhaled.

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If you’ve done all these and you’re still having bad breath, it is best you meet a dentist who will find out any other underlying cause and treat it.

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