9 Painful Obvious Truths we Tend to Ignore

Painful truths we tend to ignore

Written by Amina Lawal

she is an android developer, a writer, a woman in tech advocacy, and also a software engineering student at Bayero University, Kano. Writing is what she does. And who she is. Her name is Amina, a girl who is on a journey of finding herself. Everyone thinks that time teaches you something about life but they are wrong. Life goes on, it moves like a merry-go-round. This is why she writes, to express thoughts. To give life to them and to understand why she thinks the way she does. To appreciate the influences that have formed her personality and way of seeing the world. It is awesome to be able to see one’s thoughts and feelings come alive, There is no way to describe it.

November 13, 2020

It’s the compulsory nature of human behavior. We tend to ignore them because we can’t face them. It is the nature of human beings to resolve all the matters in a short period. And ignoring them is the fastest possible way rather than face them.

Or is there another side to the coin?

We also have insecurities that by fighting with our problem we tend to create more problems, and problems will create more problems, and so on.

When it comes to psychology we don’t want to compromise with our mental peacefulness, and to assure it, ignoring problems are the best possible way to be seemed out.

Another reason is laziness (this word is itself a huge explanation).

Here are 10 Painful Truths We Tend to Ignore

1. Life is short

We know deep down that life is short, and that death will happen to all of us eventually. Yet we are infinitely surprised when it happens to someone we know. It’s like walking up a flight of stairs with a distracted mind and misjudging the final step. You expected there’ll be one more stair than there is, and so you find yourself off balance for a moment, before your mind shifts back to the present moment and how the world is.

2. You Will Only Ever Live The Life You Created For Yourself 

You are confined only by the walls you build yourself.

Andrew Murphy

There is no reason to ever be ashamed of where you’re at. Not when you’re doing your best. Not when you’re at your best moment. There’s always gonna be people to tell you no. Or “You can’t.” Or “You shouldn’t.” It’s gonna happen. No matter what anybody says, you just have to still be like, “I’m still doing this. I’m still gonna succeed. I’m still gonna do my best.” Defy the odds. Because why not?”

3. Being Busy Does Not Mean Being Productive 

Just because you’re always busy doesn’t mean you’re productive.

We all know the feeling.

You’ve spent the whole day running back and forth, responding to messages, completing tasks, attending meetings. But by the end of the day, you realize you’ve accomplished nothing!

Your to-do list has nothing ticked off. Your workload is growing and you ask yourself, am I being productive?

Here’s the thing; there’s a world of difference between being busy and being productive.

You could easily be wasting a lot of time on meaningless tasks, or have your time sucked away by distractions and interruptions.

Being productive isn’t just about being busy. It’s about working hard, working efficiently, and focusing on getting the job done.

4. You Don’t Need All the Answers Right Now

Accept the feeling of not knowing exactly where you are going, and train yourself to love and appreciate this sensation of freedom. Because it is only when you are suspended in the air, with no destination insight, that you force your wings to open fully so you can fly.

And as you soar around you still may not know where you’re traveling to. But that’s not what’s important. What’s important is the opening of your wings.

You may not know where you’re going, but you know that so long as your wings are spread, the winds will carry you forward.

5. Some Kind of Failure Always Occurs Before Success

Hard times are like strong storms that blow against you. And it’s not just that these storms hold you back from places you might otherwise go. They also tear away from you all but the essential parts of your ego that cannot be torn, so that afterward you see yourself as you are, and not merely as you might like to be.

Because to never struggle would be to never grow. You must let go of who you were so you can become who you are. Again, it is within the depths of the strongest and darkest storms that you discover within you an inextinguishable light, and it is this light that illuminates the path forward.

6. Thinking and Doing are Two Different Things


Get it done with and check it off your to-do list. Once you start to procrastinate, the probability that you will ever get that thing done is quite low.

You don’t know how to? Don’t worry, check how you can overcome procrastination in 7 easy steps here.

7. It’s Not Other People’s Job to Love You! It’s Yours

If there’s one thing I have learned this year is this.

Stop letting your happiness depend on other people, once you start to do that, you will end up in a very deep pit of insecurities. Learn to love yourself, see yourself only through your eyes, and stop seeking validation from others.

8. What You Own is Not Who You Are

9. Everything Changes Each Second

These are the 9 painful truths we tend to ignore.

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