Places To Go On A First Date

places to visit on a date

Written by JB Mairubutu

April 19, 2021

One of the most difficult decisions for people planning a first date is the place to go on a first date. The first date matters so much as it is believed that the first impression matters. This is why your first date should be very special, it mustn’t be expensive but it should be memorable. First dates in most cases help create a bond between the couple. In this piece, we will be talking about places to go on a first date. I am certain that this will blow your minds full-time.

Where To Go On A Date

1. Have A Picnic

Instead of going to an exquisite restaurant or an expensive place both of you can decide to create your picnic. You can just cook something or have fruits and spend the whole day together. When you are out on a picnic, play games, ask questions and this will create a bond.

2. Take A Walk

I am sure someone is batting an eyelid because of this. Well, yes! Your first date can be a walk; dating isn’t all about eating the best of foods and drinking the best of wines. Sometimes, taking a walk can help couples bond. Take a walk in cool places and it should be when the sun is down. A date can be this simple and make sure during your walk you guys talk about interesting things, share your stories, just bond that is the essence of going on a date.

3. Go For A Run

Couples out on a run

Another crazy idea right? You can have a first date by having a good run with that partner of yours. I am sure you have seen this in some romance thrillers, this works very well. Check this article on the benefits of running and you might be tempted to go for a run.

4. Watch Movies Outdoor

Couples on a movie night

We all know the usual movie dates going to the cinemas and having that milky popcorn. This is the same thing but outdoor. If there’s a drive-in movie theatre close by you and your partner can go there. The simplest dates end up being the most memorable.

5. Cook Together

Couples cooking together

Instead of going out, you can decide to cook together. This will go a long way in making you and your partner bond. Check out these amazing northern dishes everyone should try at least once.

6. Attend A Festival, Music Concert, And Or An Event Together

Going on a concert as a couple is a nice idea

You guys can decide to attend a musical concert or drama event or any occasion together. This will help you bond.

7. Visit A New Restaurant

Couples in a restaurant

One of the most common places people go to on their first date is the restaurant. You can decide to visit a new restaurant together and have a feel for their services. You guys can decide to try new cuisines.

8. Boating

Going on a boat date for couples is a good idea

You can take your partner to the boat. Go on a boat date, this is something.

9. Visit A Bookstore

Visiting a bookstore for a first date will be a good idea for book lovers

This might not sit well with some people but this is a very interesting date. You and your partner can go on a bookstore date, look for good or old books, and introduce each other to new books.

If you’re not a book reader, check this article on why you should read books.

10. Visit A Museum

There are so many museums couples can visit for a first date

You guys can make your first date memorable by going to a museum.

In this article, we have looked at simple places to go on a first date. If you want your date to be memorable you should try these. Try these and thank me later.

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