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Faisal could actually kill her. She was horrified.

The moment he realized he didn’t get her, he went mad. He threw the jar towards her furiously with all his strength.

Aneesah didn’t know where she learned to move that quickly, but for the second time, she moved again. The acid sprayed on her skin however, burning her greatly.

She screamed and ran into her room. Faisal ran before her and caught her by the arm.

“You think you can get away with me right? Huh? You must be crazy”. His deep voice said. Aneesah tried to fight him off but she knew it was meaningless.

Faisal was too strong, today it seemed like his strength doubled. He slapped her across the lips attempting to clean off her red lipstick. Aneesah at that instant regretted not taking Petra’s advice. Who would save her now?

There was a loud bang at the door, just as he began to hit her head on the floor. She saw her mother coming in with some police. Faisal tried to run, but the police ran after him to put him down, two of the policemen cuffed him and went out with him. A little crowd had gathered outside. Her screams must have alerted them.

“Aneesah are you okay?”. Her mum came towards her on the floor, hugging her, at the same time checking her wound.

No, Aneesah wasn’t okay. She cried hot bitter tears, her skin wasn’t the only thing that burned. Blood trickled slowly between her legs and she knew she’d lost her child.

However, a certain peace surrounded her. She knew this was the last time she would hear from Faisal.

It was nice to see the beautiful garden once more. The scenery was beautiful and the air smelt stronger. The little chairs were placed around the brown old studded table filled with different varieties of dishes. Miss Querah, Mrs Ladi, Aneesah’s mother, Petra, and her baby were there making small talk, just enjoying the environment.

Aneesah was stooped beside the orchid flower staring at the purple hue. It’s been six months since she stood here with Mrs. Ladi. It was surprising how drastically your life could change in six months.

She agreess with the saying “no condition is permanent except change”. Faisal was now behind bars and had no power left to harass her.

She cried for the baby she never got to see. Notwithstanding, Aneesah was grateful for her freedom. She’d returned to her mother’s place and was now enrolled in a master’s degree. Indeed change was permanent. Cleaning her tears she went to join the women who were organizing the picnic to congratulate her.

She finally established her own NGO; Pride.

Her story was published in thirteen different magazines.

A purple ribbon was her mission statement.

Gambo Deborah Bawa
About the Author Gambo Deborah Bawa

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