Signs That a Hausa Girl likes you – The Ultimate Guide

Signs That a Hausa Girl Likes You.

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May 2, 2020

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Signs That a Hausa Girl likes you – The Ultimate Guide

To be able to correctly identify the signs that a Hausa Girl likes you, first you need to know the class of the Hausa girl in question. Sometimes the signs a girl likes you are things she does intentionally, and other times they’re subconscious. All you need is to learn and read those signs to your advantage.

There isn’t a single manual that encompasses all the signs applicable to all Hausa Girls. Hausa Girls are very complicated when it comes to how they blink signs. What works for this girl might not necessarily work for the other. So I tried to compile the signs in accordance to the type of Hausa girl for appropriation.

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Three types of Hausa Girls 

Evolved Hausa Girls

Conscious Hausa Girls

Typical Hausa Girls

1. Evolved Hausa Girl

Evolved Hausa girl is any Hausa Girl who has dived deeper into her personal growth. She resonates with change and sets up her life to her terms. Some of the ways she shows you she like you are as follows.

1. She’s Told Her Friends About You

If all her friends know about you, Brother you are ‘So-in-there’. She isn’t thinking about leaving you anytime soon. If, while talking to her and she slips something like, 

“I was telling my friend the other day about how you had never tasted MacDee. She was shocked!”

This means she has told her friends about you and it is most likely not just friendship. Girls talk about crushes with their friends who care to listen.

2. She wants you to meet her friends

This could typically mean two things: She wants her friends’ opinion on you or she wants to flaunt you to her friends because she likes you, either ways you are so in there. An average Hausa Girl needs a stamp of approval from at least half of her friends.

3. She gets fully present when she is with you.

If she’s more focused on you than her phone, it’s a great sign. She might pick a call or two and reply a few important notifications, but for the most part, she’s engaged with what you two are doing or talking about.

4. She tells you about her family/possibly wants you to meet her siblings

This means she feels confident in you knowing/meeting her family members. You have passed the can-i-take-him-to-momma test.

5. She starts being too comfortable around you

If she tells you about her embarrassing moments, or careless about typos when you chat (she is more focused on getting her message to you than worry about her typos), or see her face without makeup (if she is the type who wears makeup), or shares her secrets with you, then she is totally into you.

6. She says YES when you ask for a hangout.

When an Evolved Hausa Girl likes you, she can skip a fence for you (They are that loyal). Whatever opportunity she gets to hang out with you, she will take without thinking twice.

7. She mentions you a lot on social media platforms

If she is all over your mentions on social media, she might be into you. You can’t say this as a certain point, but we thought you should know it could be a sign. Hausa girls are naturally choosy with whom they relate to on social media.

8. She Frequently Stares at you When You are in a Group

When a Hausa Girl is staring at you, it could mean several things beside them just creepy:

  • She likes you and is trying to make eye contact with you
  • She thinks you are cute and will probably look for a little bit then turn away then again
  • She is observing you because her friend likes you. She will look for a while but in a subtle way that isn’t too noticeable
  • She thinks you are weird. When she thinks you are weird She would stare and laugh with friends to point it will be noticeable but they won’t do it for too long
  • She and her friends were just talking about you: They probably will continue to talk and stares then whispers.

9. Conversation Becomes Smooth and Effortless 

A two-hour hangout suddenly turns into a ten-hour hangout, and neither of you seems to notice where the time went and you want to spend more time. It means you both are interested in each other.

10. She Takes a lot of Pictures of You Alone or You Two Together

Pictures are like reminders. In most cases, a girl takes pictures of/with you because she likes your looks, or she may want to show a friend a picture of the attractive man she is talking to.

11. She Initiates/Allow Physical Touch

Hausa girls don’t traditionally like being touched, most times, not even by people they are in a relationship with, until after marriage. If she tries to touch, it’s a huge sign she feels comfortable with you and has given you her approval (This strictly depends on the girls’ social ). According to a playboy character (Barney Stinson) played by Neils Harris Patrick in the TV Series How I Met Your Mother, He said;

“It takes a girl 8.3 Seconds to know if she is sleeping with a guy or not”

Barney Stinson

Although it is a fictional movie not from Nigeria, there are elements of truth. Every girl knows the kind of guy they could sleep with.

“Every Good Girl has a Bad Girl in her, it only takes the right Bad Guy to bring out that hidden Bad Girl in her”


If she initiates the contact, is a sign she has probably Okayed it deep down. For your own safety(verify from her)

12. She buys you gifts and sets appointments with you.

If a Hausa Girl gives you gifts that have a lot of thought or special attention to it, she might be communicating something very meaningful. It is mostly a signal of how much she cares.

13. She asks about your past relationships or tells you about her past relationships

The past is a history that when studies and married with the present could predict the future. If a Hausa Girl is telling you about her past, listen closely(She wants you to take notes from her failed relationships because she is too afraid to lose you. She wants you to understand her perspective in the stories she is telling you).

Alternately, If she asks you about your ex’s she wants to understand how you will handle her, and the type of girls you like so she could judge herself. Some will ask you straight forward other girls will channel the conversation to the right topic so they could ask you about your ex seamlessly. Either way, a girl asking you about your Exes is interested in knowing your dating history for possible arithmetic.

14. Shy might and might not hate your female friends

If a Hausa girl is making it somewhat impossible for you to spend time with other girls like her, then she is trying to protect what she wants. This strictly depends on the size of her ‘Jealous Gland”

15. She gives you a nickname.

Giving you a name, whether funny or cute shows that she is attracted to you. It could also be that she does it with her other friends, that she is being mean or that she does it as a power-play.

2. Conscious Hausa Girl

A Conscious Hausa Girl is a girl who is awakened. She’s mostly from a Chronic Hausa Background but has a touch of civilization in her. The ways she shows you she likes you are as follows:

Some of the signs mentioned earlier about Evolved Hausa Girl apply to the Conscious Hausa Girl

1. She has told her friends about you.

2. She wants you to meet her friends

3. She smiles and blushes around you.

4. She tries to get your opinion on virtually most things.

5. She laughs at your jokes.

6. You catch her looking at you.

7. She blushes a lot around you.

8. She stalks on your social media account but hardly engages.

9. She buys you gifts. (You can check out the kind of gifts here)

10. She touches you ‘accidentally’ on purpose.

11. She doesn’t talk to you that much.

12. She calls you mostly at night.

13. She starts dressing nicer.

14. She asks about your past relationships.

15. She hates your female friends.

3. Typical Hausa Girl

A typical Hausa girl is one who accepts whatever ideology or values system taught by her parents and family members. This type of girl is considered a Traditional Hausa Girl in most scripts and comes from a chronic Hausa Background. Here are some of the signs she shows when she likes you.

1. When she talks to you through her best friend

A typical Hausa girl always has her best friend in her love life. If her best friend constantly comes in-between you and her, just know she likes you. 

2. She ignores you when in public but she’ll slip out noticing you days after and narrate(On Phone) every single move you made in public.

3. She never looks at you in the eye one on one.

4. She hardly talks about love. 

5. She smiles at the ground when you two are together.

6. She will let You do most of the talking

7. She asks you to be more religious

8. She creates a reason to text/call you about things that are not love related.

9. She hates all your female friends

10. She plays with her nails or legs a lot when you are talking

Once you notice these signs from a Hausa girl, know that she really likes you. Act appropriately! For the ladies, check these signs to know if he loves you or not.

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