Master The Art of Reading Faster In 10 Steps

Speed reading

Written by Anita Ayibatari

August 18, 2020

Have you ever read for such a long time yet ended up not reading much? Must be frustrating. But what if I told you, you could learn to read faster? A lot of people find it stressful and boring. To some, they hate it because they are slow at it, and it sucks. Short writeups are easier to read for most people. Then comes the long boring passages. The terms and conditions. That long part of the textbook you have to read for exams. That rather long article that just doesn’t seem to get to the point. How do you do with them? This is where speed reading comes in.

Speed reading means hastening through with superficial attention or to glide through something. Practically it means reading through something quickly. If you’re looking to master the art of reading faster, this article is for you. I will tell you how.

Tips on Reading Faster

1. Don’t Read Aloud

For you to master the art of reading faster, you have to avoid reading loudly. This is the slowest form of reading. Also, don’t hear the words out while you read them. Instead, understand the words while you read them. It is the fastest method of reading. Avoid reading or hearing the words while you read them and you just might become a fast reader.

2. Use Your Eyes

Some people have the habit of using their hands to guide them. This will slow you down. Try using your eyes only. Be careful, however not to overuse them. Avoid too many eye movements.

3. Read Headings

Headings and subheadings are important. Read them, and you’ll get the general idea about what follows. You can then decide whether to read or skip. This can be important when you’re reading in a tight schedule. Read highlighted and italicized words also, it means they’re important. These will help you read and comprehend faster.

4. Start With Paragraphs

Start with the paragraphs. This will help you get the point and then you can read a part of the end too. This will not only give you an understanding of the entire paragraph but makes you master the art of reading faster too. Writers can do their own part too in writing short paragraphs.

5. No Word-Chunking

Don’t just read a single word at a time, read multiple. Focus on reading three words with one glance. You can make use of your peripheral vision to help you through these. Reading a chunk of words at one glance has been proven to improve reading fast.

6. Stop Re-reading

I know sometimes you just have to read twice to make sure you’ve read what you think you read. Like how the author killed off your favorite character. Or re-reading a difficult word. But this just stops you from reading faster. Stop repeating the sentence, just keep moving. To avoid doing this, cover the part where you’ve read. Don’t go back and try to understand the statement. It won’t just slow you down, it will also make you get confused. So just keep going, it will make sense eventually as some of the sentences are inter-related.

7. Improve Your Vocabulary

Stopping to check the meaning of a word you don’t know slows you down significantly. The solution? Work on your vocabulary. This helps you eliminate the time-wasting and aid you in becoming a fast reader. The more words you know, the faster you read.

8. Set A Goal

One way for you to accomplish something even as a reader is to set goals for yourself. Set the number of pages you want to read each day, week, month, and year. Use a timer to check how fast you read. When you’ve achieved all your goals, be sure to reward yourself. This will motivate you more in becoming a faster reader.

9. Use Speed Reading Tests

There are lots of online tests that can help you master the art of reading faster. Make use of them and see how you improve. Don’t forget to share the results with others who can motivate you more.

10. Read Consistently

Practice makes perfect they say, and consistency is essential. Keep reading and one day you’ll master the art of reading faster. When it comes to reading fast, it is a gradual process and it takes consistency and discipline just as any other thing does.

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So, with these steps and examples, anyone can improve their speed reading skills. Reading is important, but reading faster is even more important. You might find yourself having to read countless pages with hours to an exam or tasked to read and summarize a difficult memo. It will most definitely help you then.

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