12 Foods That Improve Metabolism

12 Foods That Improve Metabolism

Humans eat. We one way or another depend on foods to increase our metabolism, get the required nutritional requirements and energy to get by our day-to-day activities.

What Is Metabolism?

Our bodies undergo chemical reactions that change the food we eat into the energy we use to get by our activities – from moving to thinking to working to feeling to growing and that is, metabolism.

Having high metabolism in the body can give you energy and have you feeling better. In this article, you’ll be discovering foods that increase metabolism in the body and that are mostly found in protein.

12 Foods That Increase Metabolism

1. Avocado

Avocado provides the body with necessary nutritional benefits as it contains fat, mono-saturated fats – these are the good fats that lower bad cholesterol. It also constitutes 9 – essential amino acids and omega-3 fatty acids.

Eating avocado has been proven to be a food that increases metabolism and keeps us healthy.

2. Milk

Whole milk does the body good as it is a good source of protein. More so, it is a bone-building food that increases our metabolism as it has calcium in it. Add this to your diet or drink it as a whole. You will still get the same benefits.

3. Beans

In addition, there are varieties of beans based on their color – black, white, red, and brown beans. Research suggests all varieties do good to the body but black bean does the most.

This food increases metabolism in the body as it is a complete protein meal.

4. Leafy vegetables

This is also one of the foods that increase metabolism. Leafy vegetables such as spinach, kale, asparagus, green peas, and broccoli help in increasing metabolism as it has a high content in protein, iron, and magnesium. Iron is required in accelerating metabolic rate in the body. It also helps in the growth and development of the body.

5. Soy-bean

This is a versatile protein food that increases metabolism as it could be consumed either as tofu or soy-bean milk. Make sure to make tofu with a healthy oil such as sesame seed oil, coconut oil, grapefruit oil, or hempseed oil.

6. Eggs

Eggs are low in carbohydrates and an excellent source of protein and contain vitamin B. Eat your eggs in any way you desire – cooked or fried but make sure you use a good source of healthy oil.

7. Spicy Foods

Chilli pepper! Studies show that spicy foods have natural chemicals that boost metabolism in the body. Add chilli pepper or chilli flakes to enjoy that pasta as it is guaranteed to increase metabolism in the body.

8. Ginger

This root spice is also versatile as you could grate/mince them to your meal or use them in their dried form. Add this to a meal or the dried form to your tea as breakfast to get that energy and boost you require.

9. Fish

This is also one of the foods that increase our metabolism. Our bodies burn calories when we eat protein, replace those carbohydrates with protein to boost metabolism in our body. In addition, fish is a great source of protein, be it salmon or tuna.

10. Seeds

Good foods that increase metabolism in the body are found in these seeds: hemp seed, flaxseed, lentils. Another is chickpea as it has a high content of protein. Chickpeas are cooked and eaten and sometimes topped with these varieties of seeds.

11. Green Tea

Furthermore, green tea is one of the foods that increase our body’s metabolism. Studies show that drinking 2 – 4 cups of green tea a day pushes the body to burn 17% of its calories. They are also anti-inflammatory.

12. Coffee

Coffee increases body metabolism due to its high caffeine content.

Other Ways of Increasing Metabolism in the Body

1. Water: Drink enough water before and after every meal as this keeps you hydrated and fills you up.

2. Adequate Sleep: Have a good night rest for at least 8 hours. This helps in keeping you sane, active, and well-rested.

3. Exercise: Sitting too much is bad for you and even doing nothing, in particular, makes your body burns calories. So, walk, run and stand more often if you can. Have a routine you do at home to activate those core, glutes, and muscles.

Protein is the most effective for increasing metabolism because the body needs to use more energy to digest them than it does carbohydrates.

Eat a balanced diet if you can or stay hydrated, get adequate sleep, and exercise too – you’re on your way to increasing the metabolic rate in your body. I hope this article helped you by telling you foods that increase metabolism in the body. Add them to your meal when you can, thank you!

I Use These Natural Hair Supplements And They Are The Best

I Use These Natural Hair Supplements And They Are The Best

The majority of people especially girls, here in Arewa, in fact, most places, do want long hair. Some are already blessed with it while some are still struggling to achieve that. Let’s not kid ourselves, the long hair lovers, if you want long hair and you are given one opportunity to make that wish come true ASAP, will you really let the opportunity out of your grasp? This could be done with the best natural hair supplements

The first thing that comes to mind is keeping your hair healthy all the time by keeping it clean and nourished. Lack of doing that may be the major roadblock to achieving your dream hair. I know it sucks to keep trying to do something which ends up not working out. Well, one thing to do no matter how cliché you think it sounds is to never give up.

Best natural hair supplements are here to help you through that frustrating phase that makes you want to shave all your hair off. Our hair just like our body also needs food to grow, some of the food we consume contribute a major deal when applied to the hair. It may sound gross I know but trust me, our hair gets really hungry too.

Here comes nothing but in this case some juicy stuff or unbelievable thing which actually works very well as among the best natural hair supplements.

The Best best Natural Hair Supplements You Will Find Very Effective

1. Rice Water

Yeah, the rice water that comes to your mind, that is the one. You can try using it on your hair in different ways. You can either let it get fermented or you boil it on the go. The most recommended is actually the fermented rice water. Disgusting right? Actually, it smells horrible but out of 10, I give it a 10 but there are certain things you can add to it to avoid that discomfort;

Essential oils; the likes of rose oil, lavender oil, etc. It aids in the reduction of that unbearable smell and you can use your magic wand to go on with your hair magic.

Orange peels: They help too, slicing the peels and adding them to your rice water, then leaving it for some time before using it.

2. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is also among the best natural hair supplement which the main thing to do is actually have the plant. Easy right?

Next is the application of the gel that is inside the plant, your choice either to apply it all over the hair at once or by parting the hair into four or even two.

3. Banana

Keep your chill, I know what I wrote, and banana is also among the best natural hair supplements and excellent for usage on hair.

Though it comes with the downside of trying to make it chunk-free, your hair magic is already in progress.

4. Avocado

Yummy but on your hair is another different amazing experience uhm uhm! Don’t let anything stay as a barrier between you and getting that dream girl!

I don’t have to tell you to shampoo your hair after use yeah? Oh well, shampoo your hair after use of any natural hair supplements and it actually depends on how long you are willing to leave it on your hair.

You can experiment on your own by trying different duration or just go for the famous 1 hour tops.


If you are having doubts about using any of these best natural hair supplements, then I guess you can stay with that messed up hair all you want, and not being rude, not trying can be interpreted as stupidity to let go of these awesome gems.

Let me be real with you, there are a ton of best natural hair supplements each with its purpose. It is just waiting for you to knock on the right door and voila! Your wish will be its command.

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