20 Books That Will Help You Find Your Inner Peace

20 Books That Will Help You Find Your Inner Peace

Finding inner peace is one of the biggest goals we seek to achieve as humans, this is because life has a way of turning things from good to bad pretty fast, no matter what we do to prevent it from happening. Be it our relationships, work, families, friends, colleagues, loved ones, or even strangers, something always goes crazy at some point. It has been proven that the art of reading has its calmness and peace benefits, books also serve as answer holders to whatever questions you might have. This is why I have put together 20 books on finding your inner peace. In this article, you will have access to books on finding your inner peace, which would help you in achieving calmness, peace, and harmony.

Books on Finding Inner Peace

1. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

This is a fable of a poor Andalusian shepherd who sets off on a journey to find the world’s greatest treasures. However, he finds fear, suffering, truth, inspiration, strength, wisdom and so much more instead.

The Alchemist is an enlightening story about accepting yourself and following your dreams, which would help you overcome your fears and find some peace of mind.

2. The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown

Brene Brown in her book explains that self-worth is one of the cornerstones of inner peace. She asserts that if we don’t accept and love ourselves, imperfections and all, it is nearly impossible to be truly happy. The author also explores the importance of overcoming paralyzing fear and self-consciousness.

In addition, she also provides ten guideposts on how to be true to ourselves and embrace our flaws to live a perfectly imperfect life.

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3. The Miracle of Mindfulness by Thich Nhat Hanh

This is another book on finding your inner peace where Thich Nhat Hanh offers practical advice on how to bring mindfulness into your daily life.

The author describes the importance of mindfulness and also explains that your daily activities can be a form of meditation. You should read the Miracle of Mindfulness if you are struggling to find your inner peace.

4. Happiness: A Guide to Developing Life’s Most Important Skill by Matthieu Richard

Matthieu Richard is a French scientist turned Buddhist monk. He explains in his book how happiness is not just an emotion but a skill that can be developed. He provides simple exercises that will train the mind to concentrate on the important things in life. This would help an individual dedicate energy towards being happy.

5. When Things Fall Apart: Heart Advice for Difficult Times by Pema Chodron

Pema Chodron in this book illustrates how there is potential happiness even in the most painful circumstances. She explains how to use pain to develop wisdom, compassion and courage, openness in communication and how to reverse our negative patterns.

It is definitely a must-read for all seeking inner peace.

6. The Wisdom of Insecurity by Alan Watts

Alan Watts combines both Eastern philosophy and Western religion to explore man’s quest for psychological security in this bestseller. He explains that we live in a near-constant state of dissatisfaction and anxiety, and crave security which is both impossible and undesirable.

Alan Watts believes that the road to inner peace lies in embracing the present instead of anticipating the future or lamenting the past.

7. The Zen Commandments by Dean Sluyter

Sluyter draws inspiration from Dalai Lama and Bob Dylan to Monty Python and the Wizard of Oz to put together 10 Zen commandments for achieving inner peace. Some of his 10 Zen commandments includes letting go, practicing greater kindness and compassion, freeing yourself from labels and limitations, and laughing deeply.

8. The Dalai Lama’s Little Book Of Inner Peace: The Essential Life And Teachings by Dalai Lama

This book provides an insight into Dalai Lama’s early life and the personal and political struggles that shaped his understanding of the world. He explains how important things like praise and blame affect our lives. This is because we let them, and also how we can control our minds by asking ourselves important questions like “who am I?”

This book on finding your inner peace also explains how important peace is in changing the world. By the way, you should also check out these 50 questions to know yourself better.

9. The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck by Mark Manson

In this book, Manson argues that we have a limited number of ‘fucks’ to give in our lives and what we concentrate on determines our happiness. Manson with the use of real-life examples, personal anecdotes, and his trademark humour provides a completely non-conventional way on how to achieve inner peace.

10. The Book of Secrets: Unlocking the Hidden Dimensions of Your Life by Deepak Chopra

Deepak Chopra in his book explains that the only way to fulfil your deepest hunger is by finding hidden dimensions in yourself. He shares in his book, 15 secrets to help you find inner peace and much more.

11. Tiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed

In this book, you will find several advices on dealing with professional jealousy, breaking up, coping with the death of a child, and many more varied subjects, which will all help you find inner peace.

12. The Book of Questions by Pablo Neruda

Pablo Neruda is a poet who has an entire book of questions to help you find inner peace through deep thinking and self-exploration. This book challenges you to ask questions you might not have answers to and forces you to exist and eventually find comfort when answers are not provided for you.

13. Jonathan Livingston Seagull: The Complete Edition by Richard Bach

In order to find inner peace, you need to know where you belong in the world, and this book will help you know where you belong, which will lead to achieving inner peace. This book on finding your inner peace by Richard Bach is a tale about a seagull who decided to break the rules and fly higher than ever before.

It is a book that will inspire you to reach new and seemingly impossible heights.

14. The Pearl by John Steinbeck

This is a classic novella that might cause one to shed few tears, but it’s a worthwhile price to pay for some tranquillity of mind. The Pearl puts your fears and desires for material things to rest and proves that love and family count for so much more, and as long as you have love and family, you have it all.

15. Eat, Pray, Love: One Woman’s Search for Everything Across Italy, India, and Indonesia by Elizabeth Gilbert

I believe that when finding your own sense of inner peace seems hard, reading another person’s story about how they found their own, might help a lot. And if you fall under this category, Elizabeth Gilbert’s memoir is the best guide for you.

Her memoir talks about love, loss, identity, acceptance, and basically everything that defines a person’s inner peace.

16. The Tao of Inner Peace by Diane Dreher

In this book, Diane Dreher makes use of the classic Chinese spiritual guide to help people establish inner peace and thereby transform their surroundings.

Although the Tao principles are decades and even centuries old, it still serves the modern world to achieve the same result, which is the search for inner peace, thereby bringing about positive change.

17. Little Book of Inner Peace by Ashley Davis Bush

This book on finding your inner peace helps you develop the art of letting go of everyday stresses, which leads to finding inner peace.

The book highlights the benefits of mindfulness and meditation in order to express gratitude, compassion, creativity, and relaxation in our everyday life.

18. The Practice by Barb Schmidt

This book was written for those who have a busy schedule and feel they do not have adequate time to embark on the search for inner peace.

Barb Schmidt provides simple techniques that require only a few minutes a day, which will help people achieve inner peace, irrespective of their busy lives.

19. Steps to Finding Inner Peace and Happiness: How to Find Peace and Happiness within Yourself and Live Freely by Mike McCallister

In this book, you will find how to decongest your space, relationships, and mind to leave room for brighter days ahead.

20. 10 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

This book was written to help us reconsider what truly defines success. Dr Wayne Dyer makes use of 10 principles to help us identify our inner flame or rather our true desires, which will help us live a deeper and richer life.


These books on finding inner peace will serve as a guide for you in your quest to achieve inner peace. Leave a comment below if you find them worthwhile, or would like to share a journey about how you found your inner peace.

7 Books That Every Entrepreneur Should Read in 2021

7 Books That Every Entrepreneur Should Read in 2021

If there’s one thing that I’m sure of, it is that learning never stops and reading a book is one way to aid learning. Elon Musk is an avid reader. Barrack Obama makes it a habit to read every night while Mark Zuckerberg reads a book every two weeks. More so, Mark Cuban reads for more than three hours every day. Bill Gates on the other hand reads about 50 books per year. With that, I decided to come up with 7 books that every entrepreneur should read in 2021

All these successful self-made entrepreneurs have one thing in common- reading books. Entrepreneurs don’t have much time at hand but they are voracious readers.

Here, I picked 7 of my own top books that every entrepreneur should read in 2021.

1. Poke the Box: When Was the Last Time You Did Something for the First Time? by Seth Godin

This mind-questioning book by this marketing superstar; Seth Godin explains the logic and thinking behind complaining about failure without actually doing anything remarkable.

It doesn’t exactly advise you on what to do but rather opens up your mind and lays a foundation on a mind refurbish. It probes and pushes one to think of inventing or starting something new, remarkable even.

Poke the box is the push that one needs to create and learn from change.

There is a phrase he made that has stuck with me- “Our economy is not static, but we act as if it is…”

Seth Godin advises entrepreneurs to stop waiting for a road map but rather draw one now.

2. Deep Work (Rules For Focused Success in A Distracted World) by Cal Newport

This is one of the 7 books that every entrepreneur should read in 2021. Focus is a skill that allows you to quickly master complicated information and produce better results in less time. There is so much noise outside your head as an entrepreneur, inside your head even. This noise causes distraction and it affects one’s focus as an entrepreneur.

Are you the kind of entrepreneur that gets pessimistic when you other entrepreneurs around you doing well? Or you are so insecure and distracted by your own and others’ voices?

The American non-fiction author and Computer Science professor wrote this book just for you.

Deep work expresses impact in a connective age like this. It states why focus is needed and goes on to provide four rules to make that happen for you as an entrepreneur.

3. The Power of Broke by Daymond John

Daymond takes one on a ride of how starting a business with a low budget can actually turn out to be an entrepreneur’s greatest competitive advantage. He started to sew t-shirts in his room and would go out to sell by the roadside.

The branding consultant shared with his own experience how the power of broke forces you to use your resources more efficiently. It forces you to connect with your customers more authentically, and market your ideas more imaginatively. It forces you to be true to yourself, stay laser-focused on your goals, and come up with those innovative solutions required to make a meaningful mark.

This is a book that every entrepreneur should read in 2021.

4. Start With Why by Simon Sinek

There are lots of thought-provoking fundamental questions in this masterpiece by Simon Sinek, one of which is, “Why are some people and organizations more innovative, more influential, and more profitable than others”

Start with why is wrapped in simplicity and interactive tone, you would almost guess that the author is a TED talker, and his talk starts with why is the third most popular TED Talk in the world.

It makes an entrepreneur question why are they are starting that business and re-strategizing. This is sure one of the 7 books that every entrepreneur should read in 2021.

5. The Art of War by Sun Tzu

If you are interested in wisdom-oriented books, this is a jackpot. The Chinese strategist made several noteworthy quotes in The Art of War but three stuck with me.

Ponder and deliberate before you make a move

There are five essentials for victory: He will win who knows when to fight and when not to fight. He will win who knows how to handle both superior and inferior forces. He will win whose army is animated by the same spirit throughout all its ranks. In addition, he will win who, prepared himself, waits to take the enemy unprepared. He will win who has military capacity and is not interfered with by the sovereign.

The principle on which to manage an army is to set up one standard of courage which all must reach.

Times when you need a pat on the back or a light scold to get up and do something as an entrepreneur. During times when you need to strategize but you don’t have the muse or will, this is a book to read.

6. To Sell is Human: The Surprising Truth About Moving Others by Daniel H. Pink

The New York Times business bestseller and author of Drive and A Whole New Mind explain how humans have the instinct to want to sell. Every day, more than fifteen million people earn their cash by persuading someone to buy what they are selling.

An entrepreneur is someone that knows how to persuade and get their products sold. Enhancing that persuasion spirit in you is made possible by to sell is human. The American author managed to make this book entertaining and informative. In my opinion, this book is specifically made for entrepreneurs.

7. Measure What Matters by John Doerr

Whether you are a seasoned CEO or a first-time entrepreneur, you’ll find valuable lessons, tools, and inspiration pages of measure what matters. I’m glad John invested his time to share this with the world.

Reid Hoffman

This review made me want to grab a copy of this piece so fast.

Measure what matters is a book for all levels of entrepreneur and it expresses explosive growth.

This book makes an entrepreneur a better entrepreneur, and an even better manager.


The growth as an entrepreneur is directly proportional to reading insightful books that every entrepreneur should read in 2021, like the ones I have listed above.

Decide today, to read one of them.

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