15 Number of Ways You Can Tell They like You

15 Number of Ways You Can Tell They like You

There are different ways to tell if someone likes you or not, but you have to be very careful not to misinterpret peoples’ gestures. Any mistake could be very embarrassing and in some cases, disastrous.

Knowing if someone likes you or not can be easy, difficult, or tricky depending on your intellect and observation skills. Nevertheless, if you want to know whether or not someone likes you, in general, here are some signs to look out for:

Ways You Can Tell They Like You

1. They like to Be Wherever You Are

It is normal for one to like to be close to their crush. There is this feeling of satisfaction they get when they are close to you. They mustn’t necessarily be beside you to feel that, but your presence in the environment they are in suffices.

2. They Make Eye Contact

One of the ways to tell if someone likes you is by making eye contact with you frequently. Making eye contact with someone could either be mistakenly or intentionally. In this case, it’s intentional; you know it is when your eyes meet and they tend to take it off you immediately and put them back on when you look away.

3. They Feel Secure

This is only applicable to ladies. There is this sense of security a lady feels when she is with the man she loves. She can go as far as been disrespectful to someone in your presence knowing that you will be there to defend her.

4. They Always Want to Hear from You

You can tell they like you when they talk to you too often physically, or send you messages or call you on your cellphone regularly. When you meet, they tell you how happy they are when they communicate with you, or you get to hear that from their close friends or family.

5. They Like Whatever You Like

If he/she is an acquaintance, they tend to like whatever you show interest in and dislike whatever you dislike that they initially do not care about. And if he/she isn’t an acquaintance, they like or dislike what you are interested in, naturally.

6. They Always Start a Conversation

Since they want to spend more time with you, they will want to converse with you more often, thus, initiating a conversation almost always at the slightest opportunity they get. They can start with any question that pops up in their head even if the aura isn’t right.

It happened to me when I was chatting with a lady some time ago, she said “Hi” and I responded, then we started conversing and there was a pause because we ended the conversation we were having. We were both online and the next thing, she sent another “Hi”. It’s obvious she wanted a piece of my time but didn’t even know how to initiate a new conversation.

It might interest you to read on 16 Tips on How to Keep a Conversation Going With Someone You Like

7. Wanting to Know More about You

Your crush will always want to gather sufficient information about you (for those who are interested in a committed relationship) to know if you two are compatible or not.

They tend to ask questions like “Do you have any brothers or sisters?”, “What are your likes and dislikes?”, “What is your ideal kind of wife?” etc. The questions may be even personal as they get to know you more.

8. Not Acting Normal

One of the ways to tell if someone likes you is when they start acting weird around you. In the case of ladies, they begin to play with their hair and/or smile and laugh at anything you say or do, and for guys, they begin to overdo things around you – things to impress you like trying so hard to be funny. 

9. They Find Everything You Say Hilarious

This is most common among ladies. Whatever you say is funny even if it is not. You know, there is the weird sound a fake laughter sounds. You can easily detect it without even trying.

10. They Keep Track of Everything You Do

You can tell they like you when they can remember every little detail about you – things that you may have forgotten you told them. Sometimes, they even remember

They remember the relationship between you and every friend of yours that you have introduced them to and/or told them about, so also, your close relatives and anyone around you. In addition, they can even remind you of your monthly cycle or your college lecture schedule!

They can do all of that and more without stress whatsoever.

11. If They Smile Unnecessarily

Furthermore, one of the ways you can tell if someone likes you is when they smile unnecessarily.

By just staring at you, you find them smiling, sometimes, uncontrollably. I believe you must have experienced that with someone you were or are into.

In a conversation, they smile not because what you are saying is interesting or you are that attractive or funny, but they just find themselves doing so subconsciously – you can tell by obvious signs of them not paying attention to you.

12. They Have Told Their Friend(s) about You

When a guy or girl likes you, they wouldn’t mind telling the world about you, most especially their friends and family. When that gets to your hearing, know that they are into you. This is one of the ways to tell if someone likes you.

13. They Tell You Personal Details about Themselves: 

Personal details about one are shared with someone you are very close to like a trusted friend or family relation, usually. Because they are into you and want you to be a part of their world, they share with you. Personal details like their family problems or their sexuality are very personal stuff in the Northern part of Nigeria, notwithstanding, they tell you.

14. They Find Excuses to Touch You

You can tell they like you when they try to touch you at every slightest opportunity they have got, though not common in the North compared to other regions in the country, some people do that. They always try to sit close to you or ask you to play a game that requires you to be close to them like Ludo or Whot. Your company is what they never stop craving for.

15. They Communicate Freely

Normally, you find yourself communicating freely without someone you ordinarily like not to talk of someone you are crushing on. They are not too mindful or choosy of what they say or discuss with you.


Personally, I tend to find women easier to read than men. Both sexes are driven by different things. Ladies are mostly emotionally unstable compared to men, thus, leaving them more vulnerable to be noticed by men. Regardless, just know that you have to be very careful in your judgement.

If you find this article interesting, kindly leave a comment below, and also share with us if you think there is/are point(s) I omitted. Thank you.

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10 Steps to Becoming a Social media Influencer

10 Steps to Becoming a Social media Influencer

Social media has grown from simply a collection of websites to an online community that builds relationships with users interacting with each other from all over the world education, growing businesses and expanding, and even selective advertisements. Becoming a social media influencer is now a thing

Becoming the new age celebrity, or rather, social media influencer involves growing, creating credibility in a specific industry, and being able to affect purchasing or involvement decisions of people that follow you. Below are ten steps to put you through on how to become a social media influencer.

1. Pick Your Platform

Picking the social media application is the basic step on how to become a social media influencer as are different ways of engagement for each platform with its own target audience. Think carefully, survey every platform, decide your target audience and create an account.

2. Find Your Place

Every social media influencer has an area of specialization or a business niche where they fall under. Having an area of specialization where you are passionate about and work well with, will help you build yourself.

3. Post Engaging and Interactive Content

There is a lot of diversity on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, different things to explore and new things to discover. People will only engage with your content if it’s something they can relate too or something that invites them to interact with it.

Twitter: The first step to attracting people to you on Twitter is making your bio eye-catching. Following and staying up to date with trending issues, using the right hashtags when dropping your opinions, using viral content and words with a bit of smartness and humor is a nearly fail safe way to attract people and build up your stage. It is also important to post consistently and respond to followers and replies to your posts.

Facebook: This has the largest audience on all social media platforms and includes audiences from all age ranges. An easy way of drawing attention to your page or account is writing captions that not only reflect your area of specialization but are also controversial enough to engage people. Post your views and opinions on important matters and use the right hashtags.

Instagram:  A very important skill in attracting an audience and becoming an influencer on Instagram is being active and posting true and engaging contents. Whether it is writing or comedy skits, it is important to be consistent with your posts and engaging with other people’s posts too, following and engaging on posts by other influencers.  An attractive profile with original contents will earn you a follow faster than you think and using the right hashtags is important as well.

4. Consistency and Patience

One thing that puts everyone, especially people on social media, off is inconsistency. If you won’t be able to create content every day, the best thing to do is create a lot when you have the time, then schedule post time and dates. Posting engaging content only to disappear and reappear after a few days will only make people disinterested in you. Note that while consistency is great, you still have to take care not to overdo it as that could lead to easy disinterest. Posting your content at the same time after the same period of days or a day would be a good way to go.

Be patient, nothing happens in a day. Your followers might start as small and might not be encouraging at first but as long as you stick to being consistent, you’ll slowly build more followers.

5. Only Post Original Contents or Give Credits to Original Owners

You cannot become an influencer by copying other people’s work or claiming them as your own. There are different things you can do to attract people to your page, it could be singing, dancing, or anything at all. All you need to do is sit and note what you are good at, then utilise it. Social media is a wide, open place and the chances that you will be discovered is nearly a hundred percent. You could even try to teach people how to become social media influencers yourself!

6. Grow Your Network

Being an influencer isn’t something you can do alone, it isn’t a one-man island. Communicating with, and even doing a collaboration with other influencers will boost your audience and influence.

7. Engage with Followers

A mistake some influencers make is ignoring their followers and only interacting with fellow influencers. This might anger your followers and diminishing your audience, thus putting a roadblock on your influencer journey. 

8. Avoid Any Sort of Negativity to Any Race, Tribe, or People

Whatever your personal opinion might be, remember that you’re posting on social media, where hundreds of thousands of people will be able to view it. Do not make posts that may imply hatred or dislike to a particular group. People’s opinion on your content matters where brands and sponsors are concerned and one thing is certain, the internet never forgets.

9. Stay Updated

New things are happening every minute, new trends, discoveries are being made, dramas happening, etc. Be sure you are on the know, become a go-to for your audience, somewhere they can be sure to always get the latest updates.

10. Enjoy What You Do

Building up followers, content creation, becoming an influencer, all of these are things that take time and happen slowly. Be sure that whatever it is you are doing, it is something that you, yourself enjoy and find joy in doing. If not, you’re likely to get exhausted after a period of time.


In conclusion, if you follow and stick to the steps above, especially the last one, you’ll be sure to build a base of decent followers that will continue expanding. From there, brands will notice you, start sponsoring you and then, you can become an influencer. Remember that all of this takes time so don’t give up midway.

Every Thing You Need to Know About Emotional Intelligence

Every Thing You Need to Know About Emotional Intelligence

Previously, an intelligence quotient  (IQ) was all it required to elevate you up the ladder of success in all endeavours, but that’s becoming insufficient as the spread of civilization sparks creativity in the minds of humans. To seek ways of understanding themselves, others, and their world. Also, learn how to manage their emotions effectively for maximum benefits. Therefore, to augment your IQ, you need to develop your emotional intelligence(EI) which can be learned.

What Is Emotional Intelligence?

This is the ability to recognize, understand, use, manage and communicate your emotions positively. Having high emotional intelligence enables you to coordinate yourself, reduce stress, balance your activities, and communicate effectively. Furthermore, understand what others are going through, think through your challenges, make profitable decisions and adjust to evolving environmental changes either at home or work.

What are the Components of Emotional Intelligence?

Daniel Goleman,  an American psychologist, proposed that there are five components of emotional intelligence.

1. Self–Awareness

What is emotional intelligence in terms of self-awareness? This is the consciousness and vivid understanding of what is happening with and around you. A moment of realizing your strengths and weaknesses, also, the effects produced when one is becoming predominant over the other.

2. Self-Regulation

Self-awareness paves the way for self-regulation. The ability to subject your emotions under your control. For instance, choosing to stay happy more often than getting angry at every slight provocation. 

3. Motivation

The zeal to pursue your set goals and objectives notwithstanding the obstacles and oppositions. This aspect of emotional intelligence creates a sense of focus, quality self-standard, and re-examination of our pursuit.

4. Empathy

Beyond understanding yourself and managing your emotions. You need to come to the sense of discerning and interpreting how others around you are feeling. This will guide you on how to interact with people and speak to their needs. In essence, it entails that you picture yourself in what others are experiencing and how you can cope with their challenges.

5. Social Skills

A man by nature is a social being. To survive we need one and another. That’s where social skills or awareness comes into the picture. This component will guide you to manage, associate, and interact with people irrespective of their social, cultural, and political background.

Test For Emotional Intelligence

Being familiar with what is emotional intelligence is not enough to turn your life for the better. You need to take a test to know your level of EI and what to do to enhance your EI. Hence, emotional intelligence can be measured based on Daniel Goleman’s four-quadrant competency model 2002. These are self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship awareness. Usually, the questions asked are centred on one understanding himself and others.

Let’s see on a scale of 1-10 you scored below 4 in your EI test, which means your EI is low. If it falls within the range of 5-7 it means your EI is on medium level and when your score is 8upwards it shows you have high emotional intelligence. Make sure to test your emotional intelligence.

Importance of Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is seen as the first step to understand your true potential. It helps you stand out amid others, it’s like an aroma of attraction that distinguishes you for greater opportunities. Research has shown that people with high EI have greater mental health, job performance, leadership skills, and healthy relationships. This is made possible because they can maximize their strength over their weak traits. 

How to Improve Your Emotional Intelligence

1. Consciousness of Mood Enhances Emotional Intelligence

Nobody was born with the power to manage anger, stress, fear, and lots of negative emotions. Rather, they commit to learning how to stay on top of their emotions and manipulate it to their benefit. Likewise, your emotional intelligence will rapidly increase when you commit yourself to gain consciousness of your mood.

2. Activating Your Emotional Intelligence Requires a Positive Mindset/Attitude.

Improvise means of staying positive. A positive mindset supplies the body with positive energy to cope with stress and thinks right. It helps you focus more on developing your strength than heeding to your weaknesses. A positive attitude can be gotten from what you feed your minds with, therefore be deliberate about what goes into your mind.

3. Accelerating Your Listening Skills Boost Emotional Intelligence 

Effective listening skills are one of the quickest ways to understand others. This is because while humans speak you can sense from their tone and body expression if they are happy, sad, disturb, bored, uncomfortable, the list is endless.

Once you pay more attention to listening, you become familiar with socializing with others in the right way. Myself as an example; I don’t start telling someone about how my day went when tiredness is boldly written on their faces. Rather, I make myself useful, probably fix something for them to eat before they take a nap.

4. Communication as a Vital Ingredient in Boosting Intelligence

The thing is this if you don’t talk more with people you are going to have a hard time managing them with little or no teamwork ability. Experiencing difficulties communicating? Start by applying the 7C’s of communication.

5. Goal Setting Helps to Improve Your Emotional Intelligence

Your emotions seem to be gaining control over you because you have failed to organize your life. Learn to loosen your day-to-day schedule with practical steps on accomplishing them. Goal setting keeps you motivated and focused. Also, trash out stress and confusion out of your menu.

Books On Emotional Intelligence

1. Think Again: The Power Of Knowing What You Don’t Know By Adam Grant

As the title implies Adams teaches that for one to fit into the advancing world certain ideology which is unprofitable must be unlearned. And also embrace mental flexibility to learn other valuable cognitive skills. 

2. Emotional Intelligence For Sales Leadership: The Secret To Building High-Performance Sales Teams By Colleen Stanley

This book outlines soft skills needed to increase sales performance. It helps you connect business-to-business, business-to-customers and also create sales culture and teams.

3. Emotional Intelligence In The Workplace

How To Use Emotional Intelligence To Build Strong Relationships And Thrive In Your Career By Mark Craemer. In this book you would learn the power of connection, collaboration for success, and how to build a reputation.

4. Handbook Of Social And Emotional Learning: Research and practice by Ed. Durlak et. at

If you are a parent and much interested in building your child’s emotional intelligence to augment their intelligence quotient. I recommend your purchase.

5. Emotional Intelligence 2.0 by Travis Bradberry and Jean Greaves

Here Travis unveiled the secrets of what is emotional intelligence and its role in our success. He gave step-by-step methods to increase emotional intelligence via the four main Components of EI discussed earlier.

6. The Emotional Intelligence quick book by Travis Bradberry and Jean Greaves

These two authors are the founder of Talentsmart. In this very book, they explained how you can manage your emotions positively to accomplish goals, decrease stress and increase productivity.

7. Working with your Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman

In this book, Daniel steps beyond what is the emotional intelligence to outline the application of EI in our everyday life. Most especially for bosses, CEO, managers, and those in leadership. Interested in increasing your emotional intelligence as a boss or leader?


Emotional Intelligence was never designed for a certain group of persons, but it’s meant for everyone irrespective of your status. Like we have previously seen, to increase your relevance at work, home, and business you need to increase your emotional intelligence to support your intelligent quotient.

Conclusively, share what you think concerning emotional intelligence in the comment section.

These 7 C’s of Communication Will Help You a Lot

These 7 C’s of Communication Will Help You a Lot

The 7 C’s of communication are sets of guidelines and principles for effective written and spoken words. However, communication is an inseparable act of our everyday activities.

Hence, the main aim of the 7 C’s of communication is targeted at enhancing a quick understanding of what Is been communicated. 

What are the 7 C’s of Communication?

1. Clarity

It’s difficult for the human brain to assimilate series of complex words at the same time. Hence, clarity as a key factor of the 7 C’s of communication entails your spoken or written words are not ambiguous. The simplicity of content helps to reduce uncertainty while communicating.

Perhaps, you have lots on your list to communicate, begin with grouping your words into sections to aid a quick understanding of your listeners. Learn more about the tips for effective communication.

2. Concise

Almost everyone is guilty of violating this principle of communication. However, been concise implies you go straight to the point without the inclusion of the needless. To master this act, you must value your listener’s time and be disciplined not to waste it with unending talks. Learn to be brief and communicate the necessary words.

This reminds me of how I messed up my project presentation due to my inability to summarize my points within the allocated time slot. Unknowing to me, I kept on speaking about what I felt was important. Not until I decided to go into my presentation proper, then I realized I had a few minutes left. I lost my composure immediately because I had not made emphasis on what my presentation was all about in detail. The supervisors and listeners assumed I wasn’t prepared and asked me to leave the podium. But that wasn’t the case. Rather the issue was my lack of conciseness.

3. Complete

No one is propelled to take action when what has been communicated is incomplete. The next course of action of many listeners is to discard what has been heard. Immediately assume you’re simply entertaining them.

Also, suspense kills the eagerness to listen or read further. Hence, complete as one of the 7 C’s of communication ensure that all communicated words are whole encompassing all the necessary details.

4. Correct

This aspect of communication emphasizes the importance of structure and organization of grammar, diction, punctuation, and vocabulary while communicating. Ensure your words are well spelt, have no errors, and are pronounced correctly.

Incorrect spelling and pronunciation mislead the listeners and creates doubt concerning what has been communicated. Endeavour to cross-check your words before delivering them.

5. Courteous

Maintaining a good manner and regard for others while communicating saves you from the stress of arguing with them.

Always check out your tune while communicating because calm and gentle words are effective tools for convincing others and eliminating misunderstanding. Likewise, your physical behaviours such as your body language should portray respect for your listeners. 

A courteous attitude is crucial while communicating most especially those in charge of customers services in various organizations. Indeed, six out of every ten calls received are from customers who are angry and dissatisfied with a particular service. The best way to resolve their complaints is by responding to their needs with courtesy instead of responding harshly, aggravating their anger.

6. Concrete

The 7 C’s of communication also deal with the accuracy and reliability of what is being communicated. In essence, concrete means that your words are based on a precise source and not an assumption attempting to convince others.

Some years back, I was a victim of a false product advertisement communicated by a group of persons who claimed their products were antidotes for facial inflammations. Meanwhile, they were merely interested in the sales of products. Their information was not rooted in any reliable source. And lots of persons fell victims and experienced worse facial conditions than the Initial state.

7. Cohesive

Every statement communicated should aim at a particular objective and not be spoken haphazardly without focus. Therefore, been cohesive while communicating requires a flow and connection between words either spoken or written. 

You can attest to the fact that no one enjoys reading a novel in which its scenes are not well arranged with links from one story plot to another. This is because you end up been confused without understanding the main storyline of the book. 

How Do You Remember the 7 C’s of Communication?

Your brain gets to familiarize itself with the 7 C’s of communication as you read them frequently. Moreover, If you’re a salesperson, a boss at the office, or an employer. You must master these principles to maintain a mutual relationship in your business and office. Next, become Conscious, have these principles in your mind as you go about with your daily activities.

Finally, practising makes you remember the 7 C’s of communication faster. Don’t wait until you are asked to deliver a speech at the office or an occasion before you practice these keys. Start immediately with your family, friends, and neighbours. And to the larger society.


The application of the 7 C’s of communication is often difficult to practice all at the same time. But then, you can improve drastically through the realization that all the principles are interconnected. For instance, you need to state what you want to buy in a simple and brief manner, containing the exact details of what you want, well pronounced and communicated with etiquette to the seller. Likewise to every other aspect of life. 

Therefore, share with us some of your applications of the 7 C’s of communication in your daily activities.

7 Tips For Effective Communication

7 Tips For Effective Communication

Our world would be left in confusion if humans are unable to communicate with each other. In essence, effective communication fosters advanced social interaction which creates global and local development. It’s based on communication we’re able to express ourselves resulting in a lasting relationship, eliminating misunderstanding. Hence, communication goes beyond mere words and the transfer of information rather it entails we understand the emotions and intentions behind what is been communicated. That’s why it’s important all humans learn the tips for effective communication to prevent communicating haphazardly.

But Before That Let’s Consider Real-Life Experience

During last year’s Eid al-Fitr celebration. I accompanied my friend Mariam to pick up a few things from the market a day to the celebration. On entering the market we decided to patronize the first seller on the lane. So, we approached his shop and greet him. His frowned looks made us uncomfortable coupled with his harsh response to our greetings. Although we ignored his manners and assumed he was having a bad day.

Next, he brought out all the goods we requested, and we started bargaining. Within the twinkle of an eye, he flared up. According to him, we had under-priced his goods and were not ready to purchase the items. In no time he was asking us to leave his shop. I and Mariam in shock looked at each other and quietly took our leave.

However, on getting to the next seller, our experience with him was a total contrast to the first seller. The second seller welcomed us in a friendly manner. We bargained amicably and were ready to depart. Due to curiosity we stopped and inquire about the first seller attitude. He shook his head and replied; That’s how he behaves all the time, he lacks communication manners which is gradually affecting his sales.

At that moment it dawned on me that communication is one of the keys to success. Hence, in this post, I will be discussing seven tips for effective communication.

Here are the Tips For Effective Communication

1. Understand The Opposite Perspective

A large percentage of persons are quick to say whatever pops up in their minds. And express exactly how they think a situation should be addressed without considering what the listeners think and feels. Hence, for you to communicate effectively consider the reaction of your listener before speaking.

For instance, you want to convince an uncivilized man on the reason why he needs to embrace civilization. This might become a tug of war for you and perhaps result in an argument. At the same time, you can communicate effectively to him by understanding his perspective owing to the fact he had lived his entire life practicing certain kinds of lifestyle.

2. Focus Helps You Communicate Better 

Effective communication is achieved when the receiver understands what has been communicated otherwise, the aim of that communication is fruitless. How do you achieve this? Start by being focused, if possible maintain mutual eye contact while communicating, paying maximum attention to the non-verbal signs of your listeners.

Also, do away with every form of distraction and interruptions while communicating such as diverting from the subject, answering phone calls, excusing yourself to pick a thing or two, and lots more.

3. Applying the C’s of communication 

Applying the 7 C’s of communication promotes effective communication and also terminate the gaps and misunderstanding between individuals at workplaces, home, schools, and offices. These include: clarity, correctness, conciseness, courtesy, concreteness, consideration and completeness.

4. Study the Atmosphere While Communicating

The consciousness of your listener’s emotions enables you to communicate effectively. Always study their reactions as you speak, sad listeners will appreciate you more when your words communicated cheers them.

Instead of listening to a long boring speech, attempting to convince them to buy your products. It’s best you cheer them up first before asking them to buy your products.

5. Always Engage the listeners During Communication

This is another crucial tip for effective communication. Learn to carry your listeners along, avoid being the only one doing the talking. At regular time intervals, take a break and listen to what the other person has to contribute on the subject of discussion. 

6. Don’t Criticize When You’re on the Listening End

Communication is a two-way act that involves a listener and a speaker. Hence, when you happen to be on the listening side, be careful not to criticize or pass judgmental comments about the speaker and what is been communicated. This behavior results in disorderliness distracting the atmosphere. If you must make corrections do it with courtesy after the speaker is done talking.

7. Select Your Words Before Speaking

You shouldn’t speak because you feel like talking neither should you communicate from the standpoint of anger. Select the kinds of words you use in addressing various listeners to avoid igniting misunderstanding and creating the wrong impression.


Communicating effectively is crucial and applicable to all aspects of life from academic to business to family to friendship to career and personal life. Also, the tips for effective communication can be applied vice versa for both listeners and speakers. Lastly, avoiding distractions and interruptions during communication. Instead, learn to listen more and maintain focus.

Finally, head on to the comment section and share your previous communication experiences.

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