10 Great Ways to Be a Role Model for Your Child

10 Great Ways to Be a Role Model for Your Child

If your child has never said to you; “I will love to be like you someday”, it’s an obvious sign you’re lagging in your parenting duty. Parents are the first contact of a child. In other words, children are configured to watch and learn from their parents. Perhaps, you’re still thinking about how to be a role model for your child? Relax, this post is for you. 

Being a role model is the most powerful form of educating.

John wooden

Hence, utilize your position as a parent in your child’s life. However, before we go into how to be a role model for your child. We should understand who is a role model.

Who is a Role Model?

A role model is someone worthy of imitation by others either in character, career, academic, relationship or financially. Also, one is said to be a role model when positive, commendable traits are evident in that person’s life.

10 Ways to Be a Role Model For Your Child

1. Self-Examination

Hey parents!

You know yourself better than anyone else. I’m sure that deep within you there are certain behavioural traits that you aren’t proud of. If that’s your struggle, it’s time to work on yourself. Start by making a list of all the negative traits you want to get rid of, next, a list of all the positive traits you love to develop. Your level of discipline determines your rate of change. Besides, don’t expect a 24hour instant transformation, because change is a progressive process.

2. Develop an Optimistic Attitude

People tend to repel those with pessimistic discouraging attitudes.

Likewise, your kids can tell when you’re optimistic about life and hoping for the best. This attitude imprints into their heart confidence and trust in you as their parents. They start believing that no matter how things get rough, you would always find a way out of it. Instead of giving in to self-pity, depression, and unhappiness.

3. Lead by Example

How often do you instruct your kids to do the right thing, then as a parent you find yourself doing the opposite? Your nonchalant attitude towards doing the right thing says a lot to your kids. They begin to question the instructions given to them. Kids love to see you take the first step then they follow.

Don’t advise your kids to live on a healthy diet whereas as a parent you eat junk food. They are watching you. Also, not leading by example is one of the biggest Parenting mistakes you should avoid. 

4. Avoid a Life of Pretence 

Do you want to be your child’s role model? If yes, quit living a fake life and be real. Why do all the good stuff in front of your kids than in their absence reverse is the case?. Certainly, when your kids find out you’re not who they thought you were, you’ve succeeded in tarnishing your reputation before them. 

Since they don’t know the real you, why should they imitate you? Also, always tell your kids about your past and things happening around you and within the family. Be open-minded, keep no secrets. Furthermore, as you begin to share your personal experiences with your kids, they also tell you things about themselves.

In addition, learn how to recognize your emotions, which helps you relate effectively with your kids.

5. Be the Best at What You Do

As a parent be the best version of yourself, strive to be the best you can be in all your endeavors. Your kids are watching you. And your excellent performance at work, sport, career, and other fields will speak for you. As your kids learn to know how successful you’re at so many things, they become proud of you and desire to become like you someday.

Always work hard to obtain that promotion, reward, recommendation, and applause. It pays off when others give positive testimonies concerning you in the presence of your kids.

6. Be Your Kid’s Hero

Ensure that your kids can count on you at all times. Learn to be there for your kids, pay attention to their complaints and provide solutions. Don’t abandon your kids because of your quest for possessions, spend quality time with them. Check out how to increase the love bond with your child.

Furthermore, listen to them, consider their opinion, support them, desire the best for your kids and help them grow into the best version of themselves. 

7. Discipline Your Kids in Love

In how to be a role model for your child, love is an important factor that should be given much consideration. It’s out of the love you have for your kids that you’re able to make sacrifices to ensure they grow. Indeed, the craving of every parent is to see their child succeed. To achieve this, your endless encouragement is required.

As your kids begin to feel the impact of your encouragement in their life, their response will be gratitude, respect, and honor to you as their parents. Also, when you discipline them for their wrongs let love influence your actions, not anger. Check out the correct way to discipline your child.

8. Maintain a Healthy Relationship

How is your relationship with your spouse and others? Do your interactions with them portray peace, unity, and understanding? The way you relate to other people in the presence of your kids matters.

Hence, be mindful of the way you relate with others.

Consider Ahmed’s story

Ahmad grew up in an unsettled home, every day he watches his parent’s exchange words and oftentimes result in physical violence. Little did they know their behaviors were gaining advanced effect on their son. Ahmad grew to view fighting and quarreling as a normal way of settling disputes when someone offenses you. One day at school, he had a misunderstanding with his fellow student. 

Ahmad felt he was right and deserved an apology. The other student felt the same way. But Ahmad chose to have his way through violence. This act got him into lots of trouble. In the counselor’s office, when his parents were called for their child’s actions. It became obvious he had learned such an act of violence from his parents. It dawns on his parents that they had influenced their child in the wrong way and need to make amends before things get out of control. In other words, as a parent, you either influence your child positively or negatively.

9. Teach Your Child Core Values of Life

Regularly sit with your child to advise them. Teach them about acceptable and unacceptable traits. Likewise, the rewards for each trait. Tell them stories about things that had happened in your life and how you overcame them.

This is necessary, it enables them to learn from your mistakes and avoid such.

10. Be committed to Making Your Kids Happy

Your kid’s happiness should bring you Joy. Therefore, discard behaviors that make them sad. Such behaviors include unnecessary yelling, showing less interest in their passion, restricting them, comparing them to their peers, and imposing your will on them.

In contrast, create a conducive atmosphere for your kids to express themselves, go shopping together, visit interesting places, buy them gifts on their birthdays, reward and commend them when they do things right.


Don’t engage in activities that will create hatred between you and your child. This is vital because if the atmosphere becomes hostile how to be a role model for your child becomes difficult and unachievable. Love your kids and desire the best for them. This will convince them that the perfect role model they can have is their parents.

Moreover, as a parent what are some of the ways you have influenced your kids?

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