No Matter What Happens, Don’t Do These Things in Front of Your Kids

No Matter What Happens, Don’t Do These Things in Front of Your Kids

Training children Is a hectic job to do as there are lots of do’s and don’ts to be addressed to them. Kids are extremely sensitive and are fast learners, they are mostly action followers in the terms of behavioural traits that’s why there are things you shouldn’t do in front of them. The saying “ practice what you preach” is very important as a parent because kids are mostly affected by your actions and to ensure their good and productive upbringing, you have to be careful with what you display in front of them. Below are seven things you shouldn’t do in front of your children.

What You Shouldn’t Do in Front of Your Kids

1. Avoid the Use of Foul Language When Communicating With Your Kids

The use of foul language such as “you are useless”, “ stupid child ”, “your are a mistake”, ”I wish you were never born”, etc, on a child, leaves a bad mark on his mental health which also leads to a lack of confidence and fear towards you. A child being treated in such a manner yields little or no productivity, he also develops fear towards you which makes it hard for him to share his little problems with you as his parents and he tends to treat people he comes in contact with, in such a manner.

So as a parent, you ought to mind the words to say in front of your children.

2. It’s Wrong to Argue With Your Spouse in Front of Your Kids

In every relationship, arguments are inevitable, one thing leads to another causing exchanging of words, yelling, slamming of doors, and at times physical fights, but as parents, you ought to try and control your temper when in front of your children.

Every child needs love and care but constant arguments make the atmosphere unconducive for the child’s upbringing, most times the child becomes moody or sad so that’s why arguments, misunderstandings should be managed properly.

3. Avoid Smoking and Drinking Alcohol in the Presence of Your Kid

Most people do this to calm their nerves down but as a parent, doing this in front of a child isn’t advisable at all. Smoking and drinking don’t just affect your internal organs but also your mental health and social well-being.

No parents would be proud to see their children practicing such activities due to the consequences afterward so to avoid that, it has to start with you. 

4. Never Ill-treat or Speak Poorly of Others in Front of Your Kids

Like they say; charity begins at home. Most ill-mannered people you come across with are due to their bad upbringing. One of the duties of, a parent is to train your child to respect and treat people with humility in his everyday life but when you as a parent constantly treat people badly or speak poorly about them in front of your children, they develop such character.

5. It’s Irresponsible to Spend Too Much Time on the Screen While Your Kids are Watching

We are in a computer age and this has not only become a problem for children but adults (parents) too, because the time being spent on gadgets is excessively too much. Wastage of time, yielding little or no productivity, depression, etc are the results of spending lots of time on gadgets.

A child spending lots of time on gadgets more than his books scores low in test and this makes the child feel like a failure so as a parent you have to control the time been spent on gadgets for your child and yourself as they follow in your footsteps.

6. It’s Improper to Compare Your Kids to Others

No one likes to be compared to someone who appears better at doing things than you. Children need encouragement when they fail at something rather than being compared to other kids who did better, as a parent you shouldn’t compare your child to other kids because comparison only reduces the child’s self-esteem and confidence.

Children need encouragement to do things better especially when trying new things, so the comparison shouldn’t be done in front of them because it only discourages them. 

7. Telling Lies in Front of Your Kids Gives You a Bad Image

As earlier said, one of the parents’ major duties is teaching the child morals. Telling lies in front of a child, no matter how petty it is, teaches the child that there is nothing wrong with lying. To train your child’s tongue, it has to start with you.


In conclusion, parents should be cautious with what they do or say in front of their children. Children learn every day so it’s your duty as the parent to teach them good morals in a healthy and conducive environment and we should always bear in mind that whatever has been displayed In front of a child appears right to them.

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10 Qualities Every Entrepreneur Should Have

10 Qualities Every Entrepreneur Should Have

In a world where everyone now looks to be a “CEO”; how can you stand out from the crowd. I know a good dish for successful and outstanding entrepreneurship, I’m sure you are interested in the recipe. Let’s dive into those qualities. Maybe a cup of this or that and a mix or whisk of the other makes a dish, sometimes it isn’t always straightforward. However, 10 qualities are necessary for every entrepreneur to possess to have a successful journey. Mix them however you want to, just make sure they are all in the mixture.

Effective Qualities Every Entrepreneur Should Have

1. Honesty is a Key Quality for Every Entrepreneur

This is truly the best policy. It takes the top stop among the qualities every entrepreneur should have.
How honest are you with yourself? How honest are you with your clients? Again, how honest are you with your achievement? How honest are your products and their qualities? Are you the entrepreneur that shows customers a quality picture but delivers an inferior product? How fair is your pricing?

According to Thomas Jefferson, “honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom” and William Shakespeare said, “no legacy is so rich as honesty”.

Wikipedia defines honesty as a facet of moral character that connotes positive and virtuous attributes such as integrity, truthfulness, straightforwardness, including straightforwardness of conduct, along with the absence of lying, cheating, theft, etc, and also involves being trustworthy, loyal, fair, and sincere.
Be all of these things and your reputation will thank you.

2. Resilience

I call this elasticity. How elastic can you get?
This is a trait that you should have if you want to journey into entrepreneurship. Look at the top entrepreneurs—Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Folorunsho Alakija, Tony Elumelu— their success stories are built on their ability to keep pushing.

When life troubles come knocking; when sales levels are dwindling and processes aren’t working; do not stay down; refuse to bounce back. Be elastic. Life is not always linear.

3. Good Listening Skills

If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you should probably learn to not just listen but listen attentively. Listening is a highly sought soft skill and entrepreneurs with this skill can understand their customers and build strong relationships with them. Good listening skills also allow you to learn about your industry and product through feedback; which gives you the ability to improve. It is among the inevitable qualities every entrepreneur should have.

If you don’t know how to listen, you should learn to.

4. Every Entrepreneur Must Learn the Attitude of Patient

Some people were born patient while some people just have a high tendency of getting angry; these types of people are the ones that need to cultivate how to be patient. Being patient is beneficial especially to you as an entrepreneur. It strengthens your ability to control your reactions, enables you to keep calm in times of hardship, and prevents you from losing people (team members or clients) especially you are tempted to lash out at them.

5. Courage is Among the Qualities Every Entrepreneur Should Have.

This is strength in the face of fear, grief, loss, failure, or confusion. It is a quality that makes a worthy entrepreneur.
Courage is taking a decision even in the face of fear. It is the ability to take calculated risks—one quality that makes good entrepreneurs stand out from the crowd.

6. Every Entrepreneur Need to Learn About Time Management

Personally and professionally, having control of your time is an essential part of productivity. The ability to manage your time is proportional to how you maximize profits and potentials. You might have a truckload of work, shuffling and managing your time all through determines how efficiently you sort all of the things you need to do out.

As an entrepreneur, managing your time appropriately also keeps you organized as you have time allocated to different things that you plan to do. Life is easier to wade through when it is organized.

7. Good Networking Skills

People are essential to your growth as an entrepreneur and that’s why you should set out to meet people. This doesn’t mean walking down the street to stalk or harass people.
I mean go to places that align with your goals and what you want to make out of life and talk to people that interest you.

A maxim that applies here is; your network is your net worth.
Meet qualify that will add value to your life. The ability to be a good networker is one desirable quality that helps entrepreneurs build meaningful and profitable connections.

8. Passion

I am passionate about photography, writing, and frying plantain. I love doing these three things.
These are what I am passionate about and I have turned them all into a source of income. What are you passionate about?

There’s a rush of emotion that comes with creating or doing what I love, the thrill and passion are there and it makes me effective and responsible for something.

Passion is a universal quality amongst entrepreneurs. Try thinking about something you love and inject passion into it. Passion helps you to keep pushing even on the days when the profit hits rock bottom.

9. Adaptability

Failure to plan is planning to11 fail but sometimes, plans fail too. Things don’t always the way we want them to and that is sad and unfortunate.
But, on this road to success and being an outstanding entrepreneur, changing at a turn that has failed and adapting to situations that arise is key.

Adaptability was added to the characteristics of living things and it wasn’t a mistake. Things can change even when you have a perfect business plan, so what do you do? Adapt.

10. Be Valuable as an Entrepreneur

The quality of an entrepreneur is in the value they have to offer. Why should anyone want to talk or network with you? Why would anyone want to buy your product? And also, why should anyone listen to you?

Just like the millennial men say now in their quest for a wife, “what can you bring to the table?”

Make people feel your presence and let them be sure that you have a thing to put on the table or you have the table itself. Make your product one that solves a problem and offers high value.


People only connect with people that they can gain or learn from. So also people buy things that are valuable to them. Figure out the value you can offer to people.

10 Qualities Every Entrepreneur Should Have

10 Common Mistakes Most Entrepreneurs Make

Every entrepreneur has a list of failures before their success stories as mistakes are inherent in life. It’s a normal phenomenon. However, common mistakes entrepreneurs are bound to happen and there are some that are avoidable if carefully thought about. Firstly, who is an entrepreneur?

An entrepreneur is generally defined as an individual who organizes or operates a business or business. In my own opinion, an entrepreneur is a person who starts a business or many firms, discovers and solves problems, and is creative, imaginative, opportunist, risk-taker, self-starter, and open-minded with the hopes of profiting from the venture.

Now that we know this, let’s take a run down through common mistakes entrepreneurs make in Nigeria.

Common Mistakes Most Entrepreneurs Make

1. Inadequate Capital

There’s something called “starters financial pit”. It is when an entrepreneur or startup desperately stays to search for funding 2 to 3 months after the launching of the startup.

It is highly advisable to get an extra stream of income or a stable one – it can include friends, investors, or even family members. Making sure the financial assistance coming from the source(s) is indeed stable and reliable is an important step that every entrepreneur should do. A minimum of 6 months financial buoyancy plan should be drawn and managed.

Starters’ financial pit is one that every entrepreneur wishes to never be in, but somehow end up in. You can avoid it by making adequate financial preparations.

2. A No-Plan Game

The popular phrase, “failure to plan is planning to fail” is indeed true. It is not only a common mistake every entrepreneur makes in Nigeria, but it is an impractical and unrealistic way to start a business or startup as an entrepreneur.

Plan is a detailed formulation of a program of action OR an orderly arrangement of parts of an overall design or objective.

Without a detailed formulation of a set of actions as an entrepreneur, it’s a failed start-up already before it even started.

This mistake of the no-plan game can be avoided by just having a plan. A well-thought plan. A plan includes Market research, content strategy, running ads, and many others.

3. Putting Together the Wrong Team

A team thrives and grows on teamwork. An ineffective and unproductive team fails at teamwork and fails at the business entirely. For the growth of any business, knowledgeable personnel that handle specific roles are highly needed.

Having a great team in place is equal to having an indispensable asset in your business. Find the right team and set business to sail.

4. Monetizing an Invaluable Business

I defined an entrepreneur as a person who discovers and solves problems. If you are not solving a problem, you are not an entrepreneur. A business is set to fail if it doesn’t have a target audience and targeted problems.

People put their money and trust in places that give value, something of relative importance to them. As an entrepreneur, if you do not have that, it’s a failed one right at the beginning, even more so monetizing an invaluable business. Value is offering a better solution to a problem than the existing products, providing a cost-effective product, and standing out, by bringing a unique approach to a business.

This is one common mistake every entrepreneur makes in Nigeria. It is bad enough that businesses are ventured into without the aim of providing value. It is worse because you just want to make a name and money by running a business on vibes and zero value. Think of business as a give-and-take situation. You give value and take their money.

5. Wrong Partnership

A business partner is meant to make the whole bulk of running a business simpler, and fun sometimes.

The problem will be if the partnership is one that doesn’t share the same views, visions, and plan for the business.

There will be disparity and in the long run, failure.

Getting a partner that shares the same views in any partnering entrepreneurship is key.

6. Not Improving Entrepreneurial Skills

An entrepreneur’s personal improvement is the improvement of the business. Don’t stay stagnant, make an effort to increase your standard and skills. You have most likely dodged a bullet if you take this step.

7. Poor Marketing

A business thrives on marketing. People become aware of what you do as an entrepreneur when you market it to them.

Sadly, this is one common mistake every entrepreneur makes. They focus on just one type of marketing strategy instead of being dynamic with it. Draw a marketing plan that targets every kind of customer.

8. Extravagant Office Set-Up

It’s no longer news that the world business is largely remote in this century and time. An extravagant office setup might be needless or not of topmost priority. If a workplace should be set up, it should be invested wisely.

9. Ignoring Customers’ Feedbacks

Feedbacks help to spot mistake and flaws in businesses. It also helps in understanding what the customers need and expect from you. In addition, it builds improvement and ignoring it will definitely wreck the business.

Also, poor customer’s service is a turn-off and a bad look for entrepreneurs

10. Obsessed With Competition

Focus on building the best possible business. If you are great, people will notice and opportunities will appear.

Mark Cuban

There is no win in an obsessive competition. It only leaves you worrying and never evaluating your growth. Furthermore, having a competitive spirit has its perks but only when it is healthy. Focus your energy on building your startup and being good at the values you give.


Trial and error might be a failure but, don’t stay there. Try and try again. Make sure you are avoiding common mistakes entrepreneurs make too while at it.

You Are Not a Good Parent if You Don’t Avoid These Parenting Mistakes

You Are Not a Good Parent if You Don’t Avoid These Parenting Mistakes

As a parent, I assume there were things you wished your parents had taught you while growing up. Also, there was the hurtful treatment you received from them, that you wished you could reverse. Back then I’m sure you had promised yourself to become a better version of your parents to your kids. In this post, I will share 8 parenting mistakes to avoid while handling your kids.

Currently, the ball of parenting is in your court, instead of finding it easy and interesting as you’ve imagined. Reverse the case, you’re struggling to keep up with parenting. Indulging in all forms of parenting mistakes to avoid while grooming a child. The role of parenting is tasking and requires courage to get it right.

8 Parenting Mistakes Every Parent Must Avoid

1. Do Not Be Mr. and Mrs. Busy Outfit

There is a natural urge in parents to provide the necessities of life for their family and there is nothing wrong with that. But in that process, the majority abandon their kids to grow and look after themselves. Perhaps, hand them over to a nanny or a relative to look after while they are engrossed in their jobs, career, business, and personal issues. This approach is dangerous and affects your kids negatively.

As parents never sacrifice the well-being of your kids for a job that’s extremely demanding and takes you away from them. If that continues their needs and wants will become unnoticeable to you. Hence, spend more time with them by balancing your schedule.

In short, your kid’s happiness is your priority as a parent. That implies being there for them. The more you distance yourself from your kids, the love bond begins to fade, and gradually they see you as a stranger. Clinging unto whoever spends more time with them.

2. Imposing Your Will on Your Kids

Conflict of interest creates disunity in a family. Parents assume they know what suits their kids best, without considering their kid’s opinions. That’s wrong, it kills a child’s creativity and freedom. Furthermore, it also steals their happiness.

Yes! You have a right to make choices for your kids, still, that be open to hearing theirs. Instead of imposing, attempt in convincing them with reasons why their choice may not profit them and how yours would benefit them more. For instance, instead of imposing your choice of career on them, ask them their ambitions.

3. Do Not Compare Your Kids!

Comparing your kids to someone is one of the biggest parenting mistakes to avoid. Psychologically when you compare your child to others or their siblings you’re hampering their performance most especially academically. As a present cultivate the habit of embracing and celebrating your kid’s uniqueness. Do you want your child to improve? If yes, make them believe in themselves by showing how proud you are of them.

Malam Usman and his wife had a son who experiences difficulty in spelling and reading fluently. Whereas, his younger siblings were exceptionally brilliant. Rather than comparing him, perhaps highlighting his disability, they chose to encourage him and got him an English tutor, which is the right way to raise a child with a disability.

To their amazement, he picked up so fast and became eloquent in spelling and reading. If you observe closely, this couple didn’t pressure their son through comparison. Employ these tactics as a parent. 

4. One Mistake You Could Do as a Parent Is Not Leading by Example

This is another parenting mistake to avoid when handling your kids. As a parent, know that you’re a role model to your kids. Don’t expect them to do as you say while they watch you do the opposite. The way you live your life as a parent is reflected in the upbringing of your kids.

There are certain behaviours, you shouldn’t display in front of your kids, such as quarreling as a couple. It’s wrong and destabilizes your kids. I advise if there is a misunderstanding between you and your partner learn to settle it in private and not in the presence of your kids.

Also, avoid taking hard drugs or harmful substances while telling your kids they are hazardous to their health. Lead by example as a parent, not by mare instructions.

5. It’s Wrong to Ignore Your Kids Passion

Kids are creative and love to explore. As loving parents, one of the gifts you can offer to your child is supporting and promoting their passion, this can be artworks, crafts, singing, dancing, writing, and more. How then can you support them and become their biggest fan when you can’t tell where their passion lies?

Most times, they even walk up to you and showcase their talents. How do you react as a parent? Let’s see, you push them aside, give flimsy excuses, show less interest, ask them to stop bothering you, and come back later.

All these behaviours are parenting mistakes to avoid as much as possible. Next time, when your kid walks up to you, suspend whatever you’re doing at the moment and show some concern. This includes their school work.

6. Extreme Punishment and Under-discipline

Parents often find it conflicting to differentiate between disciplining and punishing their kids. Of course, when they do what’s wrong they should be corrected appropriately, that draws their attention to why they are being punished. However, in that process, some parents may end up inflicting injuries on their children due to anger. It isn’t profitable to discipline a child out of anger it often results in something outrageous.

In that case, how should you discipline your kids? It is simple, corporal punishment should be avoided, your punishment should be on a minimal scale.

Afterwards, sit with that child, explain why they were punished and what is expected of him next time. This must be done in love.

7. One Mistake Parents Make is Trying to Raise Perfect Kids

There isn’t any perfect being in the world. Rather there is plenty of room for improvement. That’s the mindset you need as a parent when training your kids.

The moment you begin to foresee high expectations from your kids, indirectly you’re paving the way for hatred and bitterness towards your child when they don’t meet up to your set standard.

8. Shying Away From Sex-Talk

This is one of the parenting mistakes to avoid. As a parent, if you don’t advise your kids on the right way to go about sex in our crazy world, chances are; they get to hear it from other sources which may portray sex in the wrong manner to them. I see nothing wrong in teaching your kids purity and chastity before marriage.

This advice would help your kids become better tomorrow even while they are away from you. They should learn about the consequences and damages that are involved in premarital sex and also how to keep themselves away from such. 

Also, create time to advise your kids, teach them acceptable characters to imitate and the ones to discard. Train them to stand for what’s right. And no matter the circumstances they should learn not to compromise their standard. 


Being strict with your kids is never going to change or solve anything, learn to become their best friend. Likewise, limiting your kids is another parenting mistake to avoid. Don’t confine them to the walls of your house, allow them to explore and learn other aspects of life.

Share with us other parenting mistakes you feel People should avoid.

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