The Northern Kingdom of Kumbwada Where Men Can’t Rule

The Northern Kingdom of Kumbwada Where Men Can’t Rule

Most northern kingdoms are mostly ruled by men. The kingdom of Kumbwada is one exception. Only females can sit on the ancestral throne.

No one dare sit on the throne. The only ones who did so died mysteriously within weeks of ascending the throne.

Where is Kumbwada Located?

Kumbwada is located in Sabon Kabula in Munya Local Government Area of Niger state. The throne is situated in Dangunu Emirate Council. Kumbwada is an ancient town with a rich history.

The ancient city was conquered by Princess Magajiya Maimuna of Zaria, some two centuries ago. That is when the curse on male rulers started.

Why Men Can’t Rule in Kumbwada

When Maimuna left her brother in charge of Kumbwada as the ruler, he immediately fell sick and died within weeks. The same happened with another brother. That was when princess Magajiya decided to stay and rule herself. She reigned for 83 years.

Many believe this to be a curse placed on any man who ever dared sit on the throne. The mere thought of doing such is enough to cause great harm to one.

According to late Sheikh Aminudden Abubakar, a popular Islamic scholar in Kano and founder of Da’awah Foundation; “Once there is evidence of the use of black magic in any situation, Islam considers it a deviation which must be reversed,”

This seems to be the only explanation in a region where it is alien to see females rule.

Who is the Current Queen of Kumbwada?

Hajiya Hadiza Ahmed is the current queen of Kumbwada Kingdom. She has been on the throne for over 20 years.

Queen Hadiza, fondly called ‘Magjiyan Kumbwada ‘ by her subjects inherited the throne from her late grandmother, who reigned for 73 years. She died aged 113. That is quite impressive for a monarch in northern Nigeria.

Currently married, she however still discharges her marital duties.

I’m the chief here but I discharge my domestic duties as a wife and mother. However my husband knows his limits, royalty is royalty,” Magajiya was quoted to have said.

How The People of Kumbwada React to a Female Queen

The people of Kumbwada have no trouble accepting Hajiya Hadiza as a ruler. In fact, to many, it is a divine act that can’t be changed.

We can’t live without a leader, and the fact that any male rulers that ascend the throne die quickly and mysteriously while female rulers reign for many years makes our case a peculiar one. This is an exceptional situation none of us can change.

Musa Muhammad, the chief imam of Kumbwada

The queen performs mall the duties normally entrusted to the male rulers. She settles disputes over farmlands and petty theft as well as settles marital disputes. She doesn’t take lightly to cases of domestic violence. The queen once threatened to imprison a man for beating his wife.

“Men sometimes say the women provoke them, so that is why they beat them,” she says. “I tell them that there’s no justification, whatever happens.”

This apparently worked, as there are no longer cases of domestic abuse in Kumbwada.

The Heir Apparent to the Kumbwada Throne

Magajiya had five children, three of which are girls. It is widely believed that a queen becomes barren immediately after she ascends the throne. Now married to a businessman, Magajiya had 5 children from her previous marriage, three of which are girls.

Idris, the oldest child is also the heir apparent to the throne of Kumbwada. While her oldest son is still alive and pays his courtesy every day at the court, he has no intention of succeeding his mother.

“He won’t survive it”, his mother says.

Instead, the oldest daughter is always at her side grooming her for the task that lay ahead of her.

Magajiya also believed there has been a failure of leadership in Nigeria, specifically by men.

It’s my most ardent wish. I think the problems in Nigeria have become intractable. Let’s try a woman. Men have failed.


Despite the fact that the queen of Kumbwada is successful and well-loved by her citizen, she still has some regrets.

My only handicap is that I don’t have a Western education, because, in my time, people didn’t educate their daughters. I’m not educated in a modern way, but in the traditional way, I have wisdom in my dealings with people. I’m proud to say that it would be hard to find someone educated who could rule as well as I can.

The queen, currently in her late seventies is still hale and going strong. What do you think of the ancient kingdom of Kumbwada? Tell me in the comments!

Check out These 9 Businesses You Can Start with 10k or Less in Nigeria

Check out These 9 Businesses You Can Start with 10k or Less in Nigeria

Are you a Nigerian? Do you want a start a business here in Nigeria? You might wonder, “how can I make a business out of this 10k with me?” Oh, or do you even have less? Well, I am here with uplifting news – businesses that you can start with 10k or less in Nigeria. Just read on.

In a country like Nigeria, there are lots of businesses that you can set up with 10k or even less. Here are a few of them:

Businesses You Can Start with 10k or Less in Nigeria

1. Freelance Writing

Do you weave words to make readers feel every word used or do you have a delivery that gets readers hooked? Then here is your complete guide to starting freelance writing.  With less than 10k you can start up your writing business either by creating profiles on platforms like Fiverr or Upwork; or pitching to blogs or just creating sharable graphics for the services you offer and let your mutuals know.

2. Hair Making Business

Do you perhaps know how to make hair? This is for you. You could start up a hair business with 10k or even less. You could start making hair for people at the front of your house or your backyard, you don’t need a shop to begin.

3. Plantain Chips Making

If you love plantain as I do, and you’re looking to make a business out of it; making plantain chips is a profitable business you can start with less than 10k. Plantain chips are virtually everywhere; supermarkets, shops, streets, by the roadside, and even traffic hawkers. You could make yours exceptionally well and go to deliver to people that will sell them.

4. Importation of Used Clothes

The mini-importation business is one of the lucrative businesses now in Nigeria. It takes a lot of diligence but no expertise is much needed. It is also one of the many businesses that can be started at the comfort of one’s home.

Every business needs a good outlook and packaging, I’m sure you must have seen the word “thrift wears” or “thrift shop” around. It’s a trending business and it makes a lot of good cash. It takes 10k or less than to start.

5. Recharge Card and Data

Did you know that there are about 188 million mobile subscriptions in Nigeria? That is, 188 million active SIM cards which people buy airtime or data on every day. Don’t you think you can make something out of those numbers? With 10k, you can make a lot of profit from recharge card and data business.

6. Poultry Business

This is one of the most profitable businesses you can start with 10k. The poultry business is a very popular business in Africa and it has a lot of ways to work around it. Although, you need to exercise patience and do a lot of studies to know what works for the kind of birds you’re trying to rare.

7. Food Business

Are you worried about the cost of food items? You don’t have to buy a whole bag of rice to begin to sell rice. You can start small with less than 10k and grow as the profit comes in.

9. Mobile Car Wash

A car wash can be made mobile. It will involve you transporting yourself to the clients’ house and washing their car(s) in the garage or drive-ins.

It’s a business you can start with 10k. All it takes is trust-building to land more jobs though as there is insecurity in the country and potential clients have to be sure they can trust you before inviting you to their garage.

Your personality and communication skill comes to play a lot in this business. Knowing how to make people like you and want to work with you is also key.

10. Home and Office Cleaning Services

This involves the cleaning of homes and offices of clients. It will involve dusting, mopping, washing the rooms and floors of the home or office. There are also ways you could agree with your client, wiping appliances, counter, and washing toilets might be included to increase the cash to be gotten.


The good news is, you don’t need much capital. You only just need transport fare to move around to clients’ locations and relatively affordable cleaning services. This is quite a good business to venture into if you have the flair for cleaning and arranging.

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