10 Things Your Partner Should Never Ask You to Do

10 Things Your Partner Should Never Ask You to Do

There should never be inequality and disrespect in a relationship but rather, your partner should let you be you and do you. In this article, I’ll be running you through things your partner should never ask you to do.

“I love you to the moon and back, I’ll do anything for you”

“I’ll move mountains, heaven, earth and then swim across the ocean, just to do anything for you”

Yes, when we’re in a relationship, it’s only natural you’d want to do all and anything for the person you love but an ideal and great partner is someone who is always supportive, loving, trustworthy, thoughtful, and above all, has your best interest at heart.

10 Things Your Partner Should Never Ask You to Do

1. Give up Something You Love

I know relationships call for sacrifices but not a complete submissive one where it makes you unhappy or does things you don’t want to.

Your partner asking you to give up on something you love means they are asking you to give up on what makes you whole, what gives you peace of mind, what makes you sane, and what makes you happy. This is selfish of your partner as they are not putting your interest at heart and this is non-negotiable.

2. Quit Something You Love

This is something I’ve noticed is mostly done to ladies. You tend to give up your love for a hobby – hair styling, baking, cooking, fashion designing, or law career.

Yes, you love your partner to the moon and back but accepting to quit what you love for them is not proof of your love at all. If your partner is asking you to quit something you love and is not at least compensating you with something greater that is comforting – this should be a NO.

If you’re asked to quit your job which is a pay of 250k monthly and they are willing and able to give you that 250k to do so, now that’s negotiable. This is one of the things your partner should never ask you to do.

3. Put up With Unacceptable Behaviours from Friends and Family

When it comes to things your partner should never ask you to do, this should not even be a topic of discussion and should not be accepted no matter how much you want to move that mountain for them. Let that mountain remain the way it is, don’t move it.

“We want you to stop working”

“I want you to be a full-time housewife”

Their friends and family should accept you for who you are and not be rude to you, or even ask you about things you don’t want to. There should be respect from both parties. Remember, your partner even asking this of you should be telling you he only cares, values, and cherishes his own and that is wrong. Your partner’s love towards you is how their parents will love you – let him love and treat you right.

In general, your partner should not ask you to accept unacceptable/uncomfortable behaviors from friends and family and you definitely should not ask that of him too.

Your partner should not ask you to do things in the bedroom you’re not comfortable with. Take, for instance, you hate doggy style/anal sex or you hate it when he uses objects on you, you talk to him about it. Him asking you to tolerate such should not be a topic of discussion, make it clear that you do not like such.

4. Keeping You Away from Friends and Family

Your partner should never ask this of you but here, there’s room for negotiation which is limiting the time you spend out with friends and family due to the kids, your safety, chores, or your career. Our husbands are our kings and as such we should always respect them.

But when they start asking you to not spend time with your friends and family at all, that’s when you don’t accept. They should know you cherish and love your friends and family and that’s selfish of them to ask such.

5. Coverup for Domestic Violence

First off, speak up if you’re being battered in your own matrimonial home – cry out for help, talk to friends and family. Say NO to abusive and domestic violence.

Your partner should not ask you to lie or cover up a bruise they gave you due to a mistake you made neither should they ask you not to tell your friends and family. There’s no reason or justification for such an act.

Your partner should never lay their hands on you, ever. This is harmful to you, your health, and your kids as you’re subconsciously ruining what marriage should be for them.

6. Change Yourself Completely

Your partner should not ask this of you and you should never accept this. You’re YOU and that’s your superpower.

A partner asking this of you is only abandoning you both emotionally and physically – and you should never feel alone and abandoned in a relationship. It’s a relationship remember, it takes two to work.

Your partner rather should love and accept you for who you are, correct you when you’re in the wrong, support you, and guide you.

7. Do Drugs

Among the things your partner should never ask you to do, this is my second best. Your partner should not tell you to pick up bad habits and you should never accept this in a bid to move a mountain. Picking up bad habits like doing drugs is harmful to you, your health, and the relationship and it is unhealthy.

Such a partner tends to have a controlling edge over you and trust me, you don’t want that. A controlling personality weakens you, your strength and restrains you from having your own free will of thinking. Stand up and say NO to drugs.

8. Agree to/with Everything They Tell You

Saying “Yes love” every time to your partner is unhealthy especially when you’re being compelled to. You should tell them the truth and they should listen and understand if they are wrong and make adjustments too if need be.

You’re entitled to your opinions, options, and saying ‘no’ to something you find wrong. Tell them the truth always, that’s how you move mountains not by lying because you’re trying to please them. Always stand your right – let them hear the truth. This is a thing your partner should not ask you to do.

9. Give up Your Religion

Changing your beliefs, values, and religion just because you’re trying to please someone and showing them you love them should never cross your mind. Never sacrifice that just because they ask you to.

I know people change religions but that is because they want to and that is okay, we respect everyone’s decision without judging them but do not change your religion just because they ask you to.

No, stand for your right and tell them you won’t, but if the thought crosses your mind, let it be that you’re doing that for you and not for them. If that mountain doesn’t want to stay because you said NO, then let it move in another direction.

10. Include Someone into Your Sexual Life

When it comes to things your partner should never ask you to do, this is my top 1. Your partner even asking this should be an eye-opener that they do not value what they have with you neither do they respect your body.

Your partner should not ask you to have a threesome with us friends or your friends or some stranger from the street. You also should not think of accepting this and it is non-negotiable as this is preposterous. If your love and sex life is boring, there are things you could do like see a therapist or start all over again and if it’s not working, there are other people who will move mountains for you.


Your partner should never ask you to be someone else other than your true and original self. Don’t let them pressure you into doing things that make you uncomfortable just because you’re trying to please them – it’s a relationship, lookout for signs of a controlling person before going into it.

Communicate about what they might be doing as some might be doing so without their knowledge but never, do not negotiate your happiness because you want to move that mountain to please them.

I might have missed a thing or two, comment below, and let’s talk about it.

Does Social Media Ruins Relationships? Check Here

Does Social Media Ruins Relationships? Check Here

Our evolution into a digital world has been proven to do so much good. The introduction of social media which is known to make our work easy, improve marketing, and connect the world by easing our communication is one innovation we couldn’t be more grateful for.  Social media has become an essential part of our lives and imagining a life without it is almost impossible. Does it do any harm? Oh yes! Social media can become catastrophic to our relationships if not managed well and used within limits.  Are you wondering how social media ruins relationships? These are 7 ways it can!

7 Ways Social Media Ruins Relationships

1. Social Media Gives Room for Comparison

With the amount of information people put out on the media, it is almost impossible to not want to compare your life with others. You see a girl posting the expensive presents she received from her boyfriend on her birthday and you wonder whether her boyfriend has two heads that your boyfriend cannot do the same.

It can cause you to put unnecessary pressure on your partner and that can cause a strain in your relationship. It fuels discontentment and it makes it difficult for you to be satisfied or pleased. You can lose a good relationship because you wanted to be like someone whose life is probably fake. Every relationship is unique and you have to learn to be content with your partner no matter how imperfect they are.

2. It Breeds Distrust

Looking through the comment section of your partner’s social media page is totally normal but looking through it and seeing comments from a previous love interest or some admirer, opens room for insecurities and distrust.

A lady was getting ready for a dinner with her boyfriend and as she looked through the gram, she saw a comment from her boyfriend’s previous lover. The comment implied that they had met recently and she was mad. She began to undress in fury as different scenarios played through her mind. Is he cheating on me? Did he ever break up with her in the first place?

That relationship ended that night but what the lady didn’t know was that her boyfriend went to see the ex-lover to tell her he was done with her and he was planning to settle with his new partner. This is an example of how social media ruins relationships.

3. It Encroaches in Quality Time

For any relationship to thrive, quality time with your partner is very important. It doesn’t always have to be long but it should be qualitative. Usually, partners use this time to talk, listen, and give each other undivided attention but now, you can find two partners hanging out but they both have their eyes fixed on the phone – probably tweeting or entertaining themselves. Some people may even live together but communicate via text. Consider this scenario:

You are having a nice time with your partner and all they are concerned about is filming it so you both can oppress people online. Instead of actually enjoying the moment, they are busy trying to capture your best moments for the gram.

4. Social Media Deprive You of Your Privacy

Social media ruins your relationships by depriving you of your privacy. The temptation to put all of your business out there for others to see is a hard one to resist. There’s the need to prove to others that your relationship is perfect. Moments that are meant to be Intimate and private become public because of your constant need for validation or public opinion. The problem is that as you keep sharing private things with the public, you create room for other people to give comments on your relationship. Some of those comments are capable of destroying your relationship. Sometimes it puts ideas in your head. And if your partner is a private person, they can get upset if they find out everyone is in their business.

I recently read the story of a popular couple who just ended their engagement and while different rumours were passing round concerning the split up, the bride wrote a message to the public and said these words “please respect our privacy”. I literally screamed too late because the whole of social media folks were already analyzing the situation and giving their opinions on it.

If you want your privacy, do not put your private business out there for everyone to see. Limit what you share.

5. Pressures to Live Up to People’s Expectations

Maintenance of a certain status on social media has become the new norm. Social media says if you are in a relationship you have to cohabit, go on vacations, serenade your partner, and visit exquisite restaurants. Then, you find yourself visiting a very expensive restaurant you do not like and cannot afford because it looks good for the gram. You are starving so you can afford to go on a vacation.

Having to constantly do things for the gram is how social media ruins your relationship.

6. Social Media Increases the Chances of Infidelity

As social media connects you to a lot of people, it also increases your chances of infidelity. There’s little or no control when it comes to posting nudes and provocative pictures making it easy to be attracted to another person. You can just slide into any DM, probably even sext with strangers without your partner finding out. It can also cause you to be emotionally detached from your partner since you now have a new chatting buddy.

7. It Brings about Addiction

Social media can be very addictive. It’s slowly becoming the story of many users. Imagine the first thing your partner does is check their phones and notifications before greeting you good morning. In addition, they are constantly on the phone trying to keep up with the latest news and trends, obsessed with getting every detail of your lives out for everyone to see.

Their screen time is more than the time you spend together talking. They seem to prioritize their fans and followers than you. Not only will this cause conflict, but it can also go as far as ending the relationship.


You can get so carried away with social media that you become oblivious to how social media ruins your relationship and the damages involved. You have to regulate your screen time and have limits to what you put out there. This will help maintain privacy and your sanity as well.

Use the media healthily and responsibly.

I hope you find this article worthwhile. You could also tell us other ways social media ruins relationships. Thank you.

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