Top 10 Free Photo Editors for Android

Top 10 Free Photo Editors for Android

It is quite apparent that people nowadays manage to use their smartphones to perform almost every task that is traditionally known to be done on a computer. For instance, photo editing which was normally done using computers has now been made easy and can be done using smartphones thanks to the tons of android photo editors, most especially the free android photo editors available on the net.

 An android photo editor is a mobile phone software specifically developed for the purpose of editing pictures on mobile devices. Tons of free android photo editors out there that offer varying astonishing editing features you can use to perform so many things like designing flyers for advert purposes. This will save you the cost of having to necessarily hire a professional graphic designer.

You might have been looking for a perfect application for your project but finding it difficult to get the one that best suits your needs. So many other people out there might be having issues similar to yours. In honour of that, we decided to compile a list of the top 10 android free photo editors to use in 2021.

10 Free Android Photo Editors

1. Fotor

Fotor Photo Editor is one of the most incredible free android photo editors to use in 2021.  The Powerful, user-friendly and globally accessible app Fotor, is widely known for its amazing photo collaging feature. It also has in addition, some basic photo editing tools such as red-eye removal, the use of stickers and overlays, cropping, photo deblurring, aperture addition and so on. Fotor has also a web and desktop version of the app.

Download Fotor from Playstore

2. Canva

Canva is a free android photo editor, used mostly in creating social media graphics, posters, Instagram stories, video collages, other visuals and lots more. There exist in the app, some predefined templates for users to use. The software is absolutely free to use.

Nevertheless, there is a paid version of the app like the Canva Pro and Canva for Enterprise for additional capabilities.

Download it here


VSCO is a free android photo editing software (with and in-app purchases if need be) and also a social networking app just like Instagram. It is best known for its unique and massive collection of preset filters. VSCO filters enhance your photos without distorting the quality or making the photo look too filtered.

It has many other features than just filters, many of the standard features that come in most editing apps, like tools to fix exposure, contrast, and straighten and crop pictures, and they’re all available for free without having to buy VSCO X.

You can get it from here.

4. Snapseed

Google-owned free android photo editor known as Snapseed is a free photo editing app that comes with so many extraordinary features and presets that are quite convenient to use. The app has some good photo editing features that are inherent to desktop photo editing software. You can adjust things like contrast, shadows, brightness, saturation, and many more.

Get Snapseed from Playstore.

5. PhotoDirector

PhotoDirector is a photo editing application designed specifically for the purpose of enhancing the look of your photos. It allows you to vivify your photos using some special effects built into the app. You can also easily remove undesirable objects, change the background of the photo, and many more outstanding features.

Download it here.

6. Photo Effects Pro

Photo Effects Pro is a remarkable free online photo editing app to use in 2021. This app is easy and fun to use with numerous elegant features. Some of the things you can do with this app include the addition of frames, texts, speech bubbles, fixing of photos, adjustment and application of filters to your photos in a web browser.

Photo Effects Pro download.

7. Pixel Lab

Pixel Lab is the most amazing free android photo editor with which you can practically do almost everything that has to do with photo editing and graphics design. It has several astounding features, some of which include; creation and customization of text, 3d text, different shapes, stickers, background removal, a wide selection of presets, fonts, stickers, backgrounds, you’ll be able to create stunning graphics and amaze your friends straight from your phone.

Pixel lab is absolutely free to use. Get pixel lab app on your phone.

8. PicsArt

PicsArt is a free android photo editor with so many promising features to give your edited photos a perfect look. Some of the best features this app is known for are the background erasing feature, background changing, unwanted objects removal, adding filters to images, customized texts with over 200 font styles and lots more.

Download the app from here.

9. LightX Photo Editor

LightX is one of the best free photo editors that has almost every feature a good photo editor should have. LightX app has some fascinating features such as photo background removal and changer feature, photo collaging, good stickers, frames for your pictures, cartoon making a feature, blurring of images, portrait photos making, changing of hair colour, splash effects, and many more.

With LightX photo editor, you can as well put text on your photos and can also create a customized text for your works. Get it from the store.

10. Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express is one of the best quick free android photo editors someone can have on his smartphone. It has a lot of classic features such as automatic correction of contrast, exposure, white balance, removal of red-eye effect, adding text, preset crop shapes as well as adding shadows and many more. Photoshop Express also has hundreds of filters within its library. Download Adobe Photoshop Express here.

The above-listed apps are the best free photo editors we deem everyone should have in his smartphone. Similarly, if you know or have an idea about any good photo editor which you think should be included in this article, please endeavour to let us know about it by dropping a piece in our comment box.

7 Fun Things to Do While Unemployed in Nigeria

7 Fun Things to Do While Unemployed in Nigeria

Being unemployed is a terrible situation to find yourself in Nigeria as unemployment rises to 33% in the country. No matter the reason, we want you to know that there are fun things to do while unemployed without spending money with a little bit of creativity.

7 Things You Could do Without Spending Money That Will Improve Your Mental Health

1. Picnic With Family and/or Friends

Spending time with family or your friends could expand your lifespan up to 50% according to Dr. Thatcher. Spending time with your family or friends on a picnic should not cost you a lot of money if you plan. Pick a location close by or you can search on Google maps the nearest garden to your house. If you are in Abuja, you can take your family to Jabi Lake or Capital Hub, or Central Park for a picnic. You can bring your utensils, water, and drinks from home.

You can make dessert and bring or cook a dish at home and take it to the picnic. Make sure you keep it simple, don’t frit. Enjoy your picnic and family time, don’t stress yourself. What a better fun way to improve your lifespan without spending money and in the company of loved ones!

2. Looking for Fun Things to Do While Unemployted? Try Photography

If you ever wondered what having a photography skill is like, now is the best time to venture into it. You can write a list of things and places you want to take pictures of and have a brief tour on your own. This will hone your skills without spending money.

Be patient if you want to try photography. You would not want all your pictures looking blurry. Slowing down and being patient is one way to getting, clearer, and better pictures. Choose a specific time in a day to take pictures. Ask your family and friend to criticize your snapshots to explore and have fun. You can use this in the future if you choose photography as your career in the future.

3. Reading is a Fun Act to do While Unemployed

If you enjoyed reading and had little time to read more books in the past, now is the time when you have no job. Reading books is soothing to the mind especially if you can’t afford to buy new books on your own. Reading has several benefits as stated by Heidi Moawad. You can join a book club within your community or read e-books from a different site for free. You can get audiobooks for free or subscribe if you can afford them.

My favorite is Blinkist. If you prefer hard copies, you can read the books from your local library or from a friend’s library. You can also exchange your books for new ones if you can’t afford them in local bookstores. You can buy new ones if it is not out of your budget. Also, you can be a beta reader in one of the freelance sites if you enjoy reading books whenever you decide to earn a living.

4. Do More of Voluntary Service

I know many people will not think of volunteering as a fun thing to do while unemployed. Trust me, it is so much fun! You could make new friends, visit places you could not afford, help put a smile on someone’s face. You could be a change agent as well as develop new skills that could help you in the future when you land a job. Also, you don’t have to be rich to care about the less privileged.

You can offer Pro Bono services to NGOs within your community, give items you longer need to those in need. In addition, give books that you no longer need, offer to help in community outreach. Also, you could join a fundraising project they are always fun.

Make sure that what you are volunteering in is something lively and worth your time. You are adding value to yourself and helping those in need.

5. Learn to Code

Picking up a new skill that is a high-income skill and in demand like coding is one way to enjoy your unemployment. You can teach yourself programming at no cost, start a new career with something you are passionate about.

There are tons of sites to learn coding for free and I happen to love this site the most. Choose the type of coding language you wish to learn, you should read a book or two about coding. As you are learning, try making it practical, build a kid’s toy-like those they learn from a STEM class. Watch YouTube videos, practice with personal projects and reward yourself. Have fun playing with codes using reverse engineering, you will learn. Join a Bootcamp, make new friends, socialize and enjoy your time.

6. Dancing

Losing weight does not come easy when you have no money to pay for gym classes or buy equipment to exercise at home or follow a strict diet. Dancing is a fun way to increase heart rate, blood circulation, improve core muscles while still losing weight. The best part is you do not have to spend a dime! All you need is music to dance to either on your phone or TV and your dancing outfit in the comfort of your room.

7. Engage in Painting

When you are unemployed, you have nothing but time. What better fun things to do while unemployed than painting to your heart’s content! To have fun painting, try focusing and enjoy the process. Don’t look forward to the result. Painting a good piece is all about details. Enjoy each stroke, take your time. Sip your favorite tea or juice while painting. If you are like me, put on your headphones and paint while dancing, let it flow. Remember, you are not trying to please anyone, so take your time to destress. Try painting different art, choose a place and time to paint, and have fun that’s the goal!


No matter the situation you find yourself in while being jobless, it’s always best to have fun things to do while unemployed for your health and sanity. Being unemployed in Nigeria can be a blessing in disguise or a curse when you have responsibilities. Regardless of your situation, know that you can have fun without spending money.

What are the fun things you would do if you are jobless in Nigeria? Kindly leave your comments below and also share with your loved ones let us know what you all think.

Go have fun, ciao!

6 Easy Steps to Learn Photography

6 Easy Steps to Learn Photography

One thing I will always cherish about photography is the way it de-stresses me. It can be used to stabilize emotional and mental health – just like every other art. To follow the steps to learn photography can start from it being a hobby and it is self-taught, however, the passion and creativity for it must come from you.

Being behind the camera teaches one focus, patience and perseverance. But first, are you interested in photography? Do you take great pictures with your phone? Do you love the idea of capturing moments and making people smile?

If your answer is yes!

Then I think you have what it takes to be a good photographer, just keep reading and we’ll show you 6 easy steps on how to learn photography for free online.

1. Enrol yourself in a photography workshop

I facilitated a photography workshop sometime last year, we talked about the basics of photography, did exams and there were a lot of practicals. The workshop was interactive and there were testimonies from people – sharing the things they’ve learnt and how the workshop had helped them.

Check around, there are photography workshops around. Check online, you’ll find them there. Register and join. Sometimes, google gets it done for you, just type “photography workshops near you”.

There is always something around; online or offline.

2. Take Free Online Photography Courses

When I mentioned passion, I meant a strong and energetic will that makes one be in a “doing” state. You are passionate about photography, what then do you do to learn or even advance the skills? 

Surf the net and take online courses. There are many resources online as there are sites that are willing to teach you photography for free.

You can browse through Udemy Free Photography Courses and Tutorials, or start with Photography Beginners: DSLR Photography Camera Settings.

Skillshare and ShawAcademy also have some Photography Course Available Online.

There are sites that you don’t even have to login or actively register for a course, they produce you with relevant articles and “how to” for photography and even post processing.

Other examples include;, PictureCorrect, Tutplus, Creativelive and lots more by searching Google.

Online courses are flexible and self-paced, just think of it as scrolling through social media with attention and notes. This is an effective way on learning photography for free online.

3. Watch YouTube videos 

I was talking to someone last week and I said, “online is the new world”. You can literally find anything, I repeat- anything you are seeking for online. 

Well curated videos draws attention, our brain engage with videos. 

As of 2020, there was an estimate of 2.1 billion YouTube users worldwide. The streaming service is particularly popular with younger internet users.

YouTube is a space where you can learn everything you need to know about photography for free online, just make the search and start watching.

See this video.

4. Master the Camera Settings

It is most likely that you have seen YouTube videos where the onscreen tutor talks about the parts of camera and mastering the art of camera. 

Now, you have gotten the knowledge, put it to use. 

You have a DSLR (Digital single lens reflex), check for the settings online and how to use it. Master the parts and manipulate the controls. 

If you don’t have a DSLR but have a smartphone, maximize the potential of the camera and master the camera settings.

Hands on deck and be practical.

This is another video is a sure bet of you mastering photography with just your mobile phone. But for DSLR it is more professional, watch this video that talks about how the buttons and controls work.

Like a wise person said, “you should understand the parts before you use the whole”. 

5. Take a Picture of Everything and Anything

The practicality you are employing after mastering the camera settings has to do with using what you’ve learnt to create a captivating image. Be random or intentional, just take pictures – everything and anything. There is no mastering without practicals.

Theory is useless without practicals. You can search Instagram for photoshoot inspiration.

6. Challenge Yourself

This is fun once you start. The moment you start beating the standards you set for yourself, the more you want to keep challenging yourself.

Create list of things you want to photograph and how you want to photograph them. Make time to try new photography hacks out. Play around with your shutter speed or exposure to bring an image to life.

In my own case, I created a list that included every kind of photo shoot I want to have when the month ends. 

That was my own spice. Learn, build and find yours.

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