Top 10 Free Photo Editors for Android

Top 10 Free Photo Editors for Android

It is quite apparent that people nowadays manage to use their smartphones to perform almost every task that is traditionally known to be done on a computer. For instance, photo editing which was normally done using computers has now been made easy and can be done using smartphones thanks to the tons of android photo editors, most especially the free android photo editors available on the net.

 An android photo editor is a mobile phone software specifically developed for the purpose of editing pictures on mobile devices. Tons of free android photo editors out there that offer varying astonishing editing features you can use to perform so many things like designing flyers for advert purposes. This will save you the cost of having to necessarily hire a professional graphic designer.

You might have been looking for a perfect application for your project but finding it difficult to get the one that best suits your needs. So many other people out there might be having issues similar to yours. In honour of that, we decided to compile a list of the top 10 android free photo editors to use in 2021.

10 Free Android Photo Editors

1. Fotor

Fotor Photo Editor is one of the most incredible free android photo editors to use in 2021.  The Powerful, user-friendly and globally accessible app Fotor, is widely known for its amazing photo collaging feature. It also has in addition, some basic photo editing tools such as red-eye removal, the use of stickers and overlays, cropping, photo deblurring, aperture addition and so on. Fotor has also a web and desktop version of the app.

Download Fotor from Playstore

2. Canva

Canva is a free android photo editor, used mostly in creating social media graphics, posters, Instagram stories, video collages, other visuals and lots more. There exist in the app, some predefined templates for users to use. The software is absolutely free to use.

Nevertheless, there is a paid version of the app like the Canva Pro and Canva for Enterprise for additional capabilities.

Download it here


VSCO is a free android photo editing software (with and in-app purchases if need be) and also a social networking app just like Instagram. It is best known for its unique and massive collection of preset filters. VSCO filters enhance your photos without distorting the quality or making the photo look too filtered.

It has many other features than just filters, many of the standard features that come in most editing apps, like tools to fix exposure, contrast, and straighten and crop pictures, and they’re all available for free without having to buy VSCO X.

You can get it from here.

4. Snapseed

Google-owned free android photo editor known as Snapseed is a free photo editing app that comes with so many extraordinary features and presets that are quite convenient to use. The app has some good photo editing features that are inherent to desktop photo editing software. You can adjust things like contrast, shadows, brightness, saturation, and many more.

Get Snapseed from Playstore.

5. PhotoDirector

PhotoDirector is a photo editing application designed specifically for the purpose of enhancing the look of your photos. It allows you to vivify your photos using some special effects built into the app. You can also easily remove undesirable objects, change the background of the photo, and many more outstanding features.

Download it here.

6. Photo Effects Pro

Photo Effects Pro is a remarkable free online photo editing app to use in 2021. This app is easy and fun to use with numerous elegant features. Some of the things you can do with this app include the addition of frames, texts, speech bubbles, fixing of photos, adjustment and application of filters to your photos in a web browser.

Photo Effects Pro download.

7. Pixel Lab

Pixel Lab is the most amazing free android photo editor with which you can practically do almost everything that has to do with photo editing and graphics design. It has several astounding features, some of which include; creation and customization of text, 3d text, different shapes, stickers, background removal, a wide selection of presets, fonts, stickers, backgrounds, you’ll be able to create stunning graphics and amaze your friends straight from your phone.

Pixel lab is absolutely free to use. Get pixel lab app on your phone.

8. PicsArt

PicsArt is a free android photo editor with so many promising features to give your edited photos a perfect look. Some of the best features this app is known for are the background erasing feature, background changing, unwanted objects removal, adding filters to images, customized texts with over 200 font styles and lots more.

Download the app from here.

9. LightX Photo Editor

LightX is one of the best free photo editors that has almost every feature a good photo editor should have. LightX app has some fascinating features such as photo background removal and changer feature, photo collaging, good stickers, frames for your pictures, cartoon making a feature, blurring of images, portrait photos making, changing of hair colour, splash effects, and many more.

With LightX photo editor, you can as well put text on your photos and can also create a customized text for your works. Get it from the store.

10. Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express is one of the best quick free android photo editors someone can have on his smartphone. It has a lot of classic features such as automatic correction of contrast, exposure, white balance, removal of red-eye effect, adding text, preset crop shapes as well as adding shadows and many more. Photoshop Express also has hundreds of filters within its library. Download Adobe Photoshop Express here.

The above-listed apps are the best free photo editors we deem everyone should have in his smartphone. Similarly, if you know or have an idea about any good photo editor which you think should be included in this article, please endeavour to let us know about it by dropping a piece in our comment box.

10 Steps to Becoming a Social media Influencer

10 Steps to Becoming a Social media Influencer

Social media has grown from simply a collection of websites to an online community that builds relationships with users interacting with each other from all over the world education, growing businesses and expanding, and even selective advertisements. Becoming a social media influencer is now a thing

Becoming the new age celebrity, or rather, social media influencer involves growing, creating credibility in a specific industry, and being able to affect purchasing or involvement decisions of people that follow you. Below are ten steps to put you through on how to become a social media influencer.

1. Pick Your Platform

Picking the social media application is the basic step on how to become a social media influencer as are different ways of engagement for each platform with its own target audience. Think carefully, survey every platform, decide your target audience and create an account.

2. Find Your Place

Every social media influencer has an area of specialization or a business niche where they fall under. Having an area of specialization where you are passionate about and work well with, will help you build yourself.

3. Post Engaging and Interactive Content

There is a lot of diversity on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, different things to explore and new things to discover. People will only engage with your content if it’s something they can relate too or something that invites them to interact with it.

Twitter: The first step to attracting people to you on Twitter is making your bio eye-catching. Following and staying up to date with trending issues, using the right hashtags when dropping your opinions, using viral content and words with a bit of smartness and humor is a nearly fail safe way to attract people and build up your stage. It is also important to post consistently and respond to followers and replies to your posts.

Facebook: This has the largest audience on all social media platforms and includes audiences from all age ranges. An easy way of drawing attention to your page or account is writing captions that not only reflect your area of specialization but are also controversial enough to engage people. Post your views and opinions on important matters and use the right hashtags.

Instagram:  A very important skill in attracting an audience and becoming an influencer on Instagram is being active and posting true and engaging contents. Whether it is writing or comedy skits, it is important to be consistent with your posts and engaging with other people’s posts too, following and engaging on posts by other influencers.  An attractive profile with original contents will earn you a follow faster than you think and using the right hashtags is important as well.

4. Consistency and Patience

One thing that puts everyone, especially people on social media, off is inconsistency. If you won’t be able to create content every day, the best thing to do is create a lot when you have the time, then schedule post time and dates. Posting engaging content only to disappear and reappear after a few days will only make people disinterested in you. Note that while consistency is great, you still have to take care not to overdo it as that could lead to easy disinterest. Posting your content at the same time after the same period of days or a day would be a good way to go.

Be patient, nothing happens in a day. Your followers might start as small and might not be encouraging at first but as long as you stick to being consistent, you’ll slowly build more followers.

5. Only Post Original Contents or Give Credits to Original Owners

You cannot become an influencer by copying other people’s work or claiming them as your own. There are different things you can do to attract people to your page, it could be singing, dancing, or anything at all. All you need to do is sit and note what you are good at, then utilise it. Social media is a wide, open place and the chances that you will be discovered is nearly a hundred percent. You could even try to teach people how to become social media influencers yourself!

6. Grow Your Network

Being an influencer isn’t something you can do alone, it isn’t a one-man island. Communicating with, and even doing a collaboration with other influencers will boost your audience and influence.

7. Engage with Followers

A mistake some influencers make is ignoring their followers and only interacting with fellow influencers. This might anger your followers and diminishing your audience, thus putting a roadblock on your influencer journey. 

8. Avoid Any Sort of Negativity to Any Race, Tribe, or People

Whatever your personal opinion might be, remember that you’re posting on social media, where hundreds of thousands of people will be able to view it. Do not make posts that may imply hatred or dislike to a particular group. People’s opinion on your content matters where brands and sponsors are concerned and one thing is certain, the internet never forgets.

9. Stay Updated

New things are happening every minute, new trends, discoveries are being made, dramas happening, etc. Be sure you are on the know, become a go-to for your audience, somewhere they can be sure to always get the latest updates.

10. Enjoy What You Do

Building up followers, content creation, becoming an influencer, all of these are things that take time and happen slowly. Be sure that whatever it is you are doing, it is something that you, yourself enjoy and find joy in doing. If not, you’re likely to get exhausted after a period of time.


In conclusion, if you follow and stick to the steps above, especially the last one, you’ll be sure to build a base of decent followers that will continue expanding. From there, brands will notice you, start sponsoring you and then, you can become an influencer. Remember that all of this takes time so don’t give up midway.

Best Ways to Make Money on Youtube (2021)

Best Ways to Make Money on Youtube (2021)

There is money on YouTube but how do you get it? Getting paid on YouTube is an amazing way to be rewarded for the good and engaging content posted on the platform. It’s 2021 and YouTube is a good way to make money. I will show you how to monetize your YouTube channel in 2021.

You are thinking of starting a YouTube channel but you have no idea how this is going to get you money. Or, you have already started and you are confused as to how to monetize your YouTube channel?

Welcome to my YouTube channel!

This article is just for you. Consider it as a guide in your journey to making money with YouTube. I’ll be showing you how to monetize your YouTube channel in 2021.

Things You Need to Achieve Before you Monetize Your Youtube Channel

You need to have 1,000 subscribers on YouTube.

4,000 hours of public watch time in 12 months.

Comply with the guidelines and policies made by YouTube.

Create and link your Adsense account.

Kindly note, public watch time is the duration of time (in hours) it takes users to watch your public videos. Deleted or private videos are not included.

How to Enable Your YouTube Account for Monetization

  1. In your YouTube menu, there is a drop-down by the top right of your screen, click on it and you’ll see “YouTube studio”. Tap it.
  2. Clicked on the “YouTube studio”? By the left side of the screen now, you should see “monetization”. Click on it.
  3. Once the “monetization” window opens, click “start”

The moment you click on it, you have agreed to the terms of the YouTube partner program. The next step is to link your Adsense account to your YouTube channel.

What does an Adsense account do?

It is the Google account that you link to YouTube for payment.

In continuation of the process, click on “start” in the “Sign up for Google Adsense”. The Adsense account you created will be linked here. If you haven’t created any, you can create one by following the instructions showing on the screen. An Adsense account can be linked to more than one YouTube channel. After the account has been linked to YouTube, a green “done” will appear on your screen.

The next thing to do is wait.


The “done” shows that all application process has been finalized but has also placed you on an automatic review queue. The review will be done by humans and it takes 30 days or even more. There have been cases of 6 months waiting on review. While waiting, don’t leave YouTube. Keep uploading engaging content and focus on Search Engine Optimization, just like every social media algorithm. It favours consistent users.

Your review may be rejected due to non-compliance with the policies and guidelines of YouTube. However, you can re-apply 30 days after the initial trial.

The good news you’ve been waiting for me to share is once you get into YouTube partner programs, you can now update your ad preferences, enable monetization on your uploads and make money while at it.

Ads have been the most known way of making money with YouTube. However, there are additional ways that you can do this:

1. Sell Merch on Your Channel

Most video content creators sell products on their websites. They produce products that they know their viewers will be interested in buying. Make your viewers aware of what you’ll be selling. Advertise wisely and you could even set a poll question on what they will buy from you if you start selling. Cute things most especially sell a lot.

Create an online store for the merch you create and add it in every of your video descriptions, backed up with a catchy call to action.

2. Make a Sponsored Video

Even a YouTuber can be an influencer. This is a popular way that makes money for YouTubers. All you have to make is have direct communication with the brands and get paid for advertising their products in your video content. You’ll be paid for doing that.

Brands that see your engaging and large audience would even come to you themselves. This is one excellent way to monetize YouTube in 2021.

3. License Your Video Content to Media

What does this even mean?

Let’s imagine your YouTube video gets viral, news outlets would want to get their hands on a copy of the video. And they are also well aware that they are to pay to get the copy from you.

Having said this, it is wise to update your contact details on your about age on YouTube. It’s that simple, in order to license your work to the media, you just have to make yourself easy to find and connect with.


Conclusively, if you read all of this, congratulations. Cheers to making money with YouTube.

Does Social Media Ruins Relationships? Check Here

Does Social Media Ruins Relationships? Check Here

Our evolution into a digital world has been proven to do so much good. The introduction of social media which is known to make our work easy, improve marketing, and connect the world by easing our communication is one innovation we couldn’t be more grateful for.  Social media has become an essential part of our lives and imagining a life without it is almost impossible. Does it do any harm? Oh yes! Social media can become catastrophic to our relationships if not managed well and used within limits.  Are you wondering how social media ruins relationships? These are 7 ways it can!

7 Ways Social Media Ruins Relationships

1. Social Media Gives Room for Comparison

With the amount of information people put out on the media, it is almost impossible to not want to compare your life with others. You see a girl posting the expensive presents she received from her boyfriend on her birthday and you wonder whether her boyfriend has two heads that your boyfriend cannot do the same.

It can cause you to put unnecessary pressure on your partner and that can cause a strain in your relationship. It fuels discontentment and it makes it difficult for you to be satisfied or pleased. You can lose a good relationship because you wanted to be like someone whose life is probably fake. Every relationship is unique and you have to learn to be content with your partner no matter how imperfect they are.

2. It Breeds Distrust

Looking through the comment section of your partner’s social media page is totally normal but looking through it and seeing comments from a previous love interest or some admirer, opens room for insecurities and distrust.

A lady was getting ready for a dinner with her boyfriend and as she looked through the gram, she saw a comment from her boyfriend’s previous lover. The comment implied that they had met recently and she was mad. She began to undress in fury as different scenarios played through her mind. Is he cheating on me? Did he ever break up with her in the first place?

That relationship ended that night but what the lady didn’t know was that her boyfriend went to see the ex-lover to tell her he was done with her and he was planning to settle with his new partner. This is an example of how social media ruins relationships.

3. It Encroaches in Quality Time

For any relationship to thrive, quality time with your partner is very important. It doesn’t always have to be long but it should be qualitative. Usually, partners use this time to talk, listen, and give each other undivided attention but now, you can find two partners hanging out but they both have their eyes fixed on the phone – probably tweeting or entertaining themselves. Some people may even live together but communicate via text. Consider this scenario:

You are having a nice time with your partner and all they are concerned about is filming it so you both can oppress people online. Instead of actually enjoying the moment, they are busy trying to capture your best moments for the gram.

4. Social Media Deprive You of Your Privacy

Social media ruins your relationships by depriving you of your privacy. The temptation to put all of your business out there for others to see is a hard one to resist. There’s the need to prove to others that your relationship is perfect. Moments that are meant to be Intimate and private become public because of your constant need for validation or public opinion. The problem is that as you keep sharing private things with the public, you create room for other people to give comments on your relationship. Some of those comments are capable of destroying your relationship. Sometimes it puts ideas in your head. And if your partner is a private person, they can get upset if they find out everyone is in their business.

I recently read the story of a popular couple who just ended their engagement and while different rumours were passing round concerning the split up, the bride wrote a message to the public and said these words “please respect our privacy”. I literally screamed too late because the whole of social media folks were already analyzing the situation and giving their opinions on it.

If you want your privacy, do not put your private business out there for everyone to see. Limit what you share.

5. Pressures to Live Up to People’s Expectations

Maintenance of a certain status on social media has become the new norm. Social media says if you are in a relationship you have to cohabit, go on vacations, serenade your partner, and visit exquisite restaurants. Then, you find yourself visiting a very expensive restaurant you do not like and cannot afford because it looks good for the gram. You are starving so you can afford to go on a vacation.

Having to constantly do things for the gram is how social media ruins your relationship.

6. Social Media Increases the Chances of Infidelity

As social media connects you to a lot of people, it also increases your chances of infidelity. There’s little or no control when it comes to posting nudes and provocative pictures making it easy to be attracted to another person. You can just slide into any DM, probably even sext with strangers without your partner finding out. It can also cause you to be emotionally detached from your partner since you now have a new chatting buddy.

7. It Brings about Addiction

Social media can be very addictive. It’s slowly becoming the story of many users. Imagine the first thing your partner does is check their phones and notifications before greeting you good morning. In addition, they are constantly on the phone trying to keep up with the latest news and trends, obsessed with getting every detail of your lives out for everyone to see.

Their screen time is more than the time you spend together talking. They seem to prioritize their fans and followers than you. Not only will this cause conflict, but it can also go as far as ending the relationship.


You can get so carried away with social media that you become oblivious to how social media ruins your relationship and the damages involved. You have to regulate your screen time and have limits to what you put out there. This will help maintain privacy and your sanity as well.

Use the media healthily and responsibly.

I hope you find this article worthwhile. You could also tell us other ways social media ruins relationships. Thank you.

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