How to Prepare Tuwon Alkama (Wheat Swallow)

How to Prepare Tuwon Alkama (Wheat Swallow)

Tuwon Alkama is one of the most favoured of the current trending foods in Nigeria. It is specifically a delicacy prescribed by doctors for diabetic patients. It is consumed mostly by the Hausa people of northern Nigerian. Furthermore, it is also easy to make and tastes delicious. Have you been wondering how prepare this trending food in Nigeria is been prepared? Stay with me as this article seeks to guide you on the step-by-step ways to prepare your delicious Tuwon Alkama.

Ingredients for Making Tuwon Alkama

2 cups of wheat flour.

3 litres of water.

Preparation Procedure for Making Tuwon Alkama

  1. Wash and dry wheat in the sun and grind to a fine flour and sieve it.
  2. Get a pot of water of 3 litres on fire and allow it to boil.
  3. Add a little wheat flour to a cold bowl of water and stir to mix to a watery state (talge).
  4. Add step 3 to the boiling water and stir until it becomes thick like pap.
  5. Allow cooking for 5 minutes.
  6. Add the wheat flour to the content in the pot little by little and stir well until it is smooth and reaches the desired thickness.
  7. Reduce your cooker heat and allow to simmer for 10-15 minutes.
  8. Mold into balls and put in a warmer.

How to Serve Tuwon Alkama

Tuwon Alkama can best be served with soups such as Miyan Kubewa (Okro soup), Miyan Kuka (Baobab soup), Miyan Karkashi, etc.

Occasions to Serve Best

This delicacy can be consumed any day, any time – breakfast (as leftover “dumame”), lunch, dinner – just anytime is fine.

How to Store Tuwon Alkama

This delicacy can be stored for a day or 2 as long as it is being warmed morning and evening. So, I advise you make just the quantity you need at the moment. However, if you choose to store it in a refrigerator, it may be okay for a few more days but its taste will greatly be affected.

Nutritional Value of Tuwon Alkama

When served, this delicacy has rich nutritional value, depending on how you choose to serve it. The delicacy itself contains carbohydrates because of the wheat (alkama) in it; this provides you the energy needed for your day-to-day activities. In addition, a diabetic patient can enjoy it as it is one of the foods most recommended for diabetic patients by medical practitioners.


Now that you have learned how to prepare Tuwon Alkama (Wheat Swallow), when do you intend to have a taste of it by preparing it yourself?

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