Ten Ways to Celebrate Your Eid in a Pandemic

Eid amidst a Pandemic

July 30, 2020

These aren’t normal times. After spending the whole Ramadan at home Eid-al-Fitr, we also get to witness the Eid-al-Kabir at home. No visitation. No hanging out with friends and relatives. What’s Eid without them you might ask? Here are some 10 ways to celebrate Eid at home. If it were any other Eid, I wouldn’t be here to give you any tips, but then like I said these aren’t normal times.

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1. Pray: Yes, you can still pray the Eid prayers. Thankfully this time around we get to pray in congregation albeit with strict social distancing rules and hand washing. But hey, at least you won’t let lead the prayers at the home this time around right?

2. Slay: Okay, who said you can’t slay? My dear, you still can wear that Kayan Sallah and rock that blazing Zanna cap. You can still look beautiful in that atampa and adorn that stylish henna design. If you are one of us who doesn’t have Sallah clothes, you can still wear your best clothes. It’s Sunnah. We wouldn’t want that outfit to go to waste now, would we?

3. Snap: Yes, snap photos, and capture lots of memories too. Who knows? You might get to show them to your kids how you spend an entire Sallah at home without going anywhere while you prohibit them from going for yawon Allah. You can also show them to your grandkids in 2070. But before then, upload them on social media. If you aren’t a good photographer like me or can’t find a decent one, snap lots of pictures. You will at least get four best ones out of the 200 plus you might have snapped to submit to the #EidMetGala or #Eid2k20 or whatever hashtag we are using this year.

4. Cook: Ah yes cooking, one integral part of Eids. To those heroes in apron of ours— our mothers and sisters, thank you from the bottom of our stomachs for those delicious meals, may Allah reward you abundantly. And to that brother, celebrate Eid this year by helping out with some little tasks in the kitchen too. It’ll be fun. If oil didn’t splash on your eid clothes that is.

5. Watch: One good thing about the Eid day is you get to watch your favorite shows and movies or some latest movies you need to catch up on? Or continue where you stooped on your binge-watching? Or watch The message on MBC2? Do they still show it? It doesn’t even matter, you can watch it here. And no, don’t do a movie/series marathon well into the night! But I’m sure my advice will fall on deaf ears. (I was talking to myself by the way.)

6. Read: If you’re one of those who prefer reading to watching (who wouldn’t?), now you get the chance to immerse yourself in an imaginative or fictional world. Pick a good book. Stock some food. And disappear somewhere you won’t be disturbed. No need to thank me, what are friends for? Just don’t blame me when the author kills off your favorite character.

7. Travel: Who said you can’t travel? Yes, you can. You can Travel virtually on social media. You can start from Instagram where you like all those pictures until your thumbs hurt, then move to Snapchat where you share snaps of your day, and then to Zoom where you have a scheduled video call with friends, to Whatsapp where you exchange Eid messages (and reply those unopened ones since June) and finally end up in the capital of Social Media; Twitter. Celebrate Eid with friends on Social Media.

8. Walks: If you can’t go anywhere at least you can take walks right? A little walk in the neighborhood won’t hurt. You get the chance to get some fresh air, parade those new clothes and perhaps even get a nice background for picture number 305.

9. Sleep: Ah yes my personal favorite. Did you witness sleepless times preparing for eid or you were so consumed in work you didn’t get the chance to sleep well? Now you have a chance to make up on lost sleep. Be sure to check out these 13 proven tips that will help you sleep better. Are you also hoping for heavy rain and then you’ll escape somewhere where no one would find you to forget all your worries? Me too. High five. Be sure to wake up for prayers though. A good way to celebrate Eid I’ll say.

10. Eat: Need I stress this more? What’s Eid without food? By now you’re probably eating your 17th piece of meat. Relax. There’s more to eat later. Those samosas and salad won’t eat themselves. There’s also that barbecue later. Go slow though, avoid overfeeding and take some Metronidazole tablets (how do you even spell Flagyl?) Also, make sure to remember those in need in these trying times.

Most importantly, stay safe. Add a customized Getzner or Atamfa face mask to your outfit if you must go out. Have a pocket-sized hand sanitizer before going to the Eid ground, just in case. You never know. Spend some quality time with family. Have fun. And remember, keep washing your hands.

Barka da Sallah!

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