There is tension in the atmosphere as #ProSARS and #EndSARS protesters clashed in multiple locations across the country today.

As the #EndSARS protests rage on like any other day, the protesters were met with attacks by suspected thugs hired to protest for #ProSARS. This happened in Abuja and Lagos, the two epicenters of the protests.

It can be recalled that the #EndSARS protests started a week ago because of the killings, intimidation, and harassments of innocent citizens by officers of the Special Anti Robbery Squad commonly known as SARS. The Inspector-General of Police has since gone on to ban the unit, and a new SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) is set to replace the unit. The #EndSARS protest however doesn’t appear to slow down but instead is increasing.

The clash between the two protesters is the latest twist in the wave of protests sweeping the country. The #EndSARS protesters went out to protest like any other day when they were attacked at various locations including in Berger, Area One Abuja. The #ProSARS protesters attacked the #EndSARS protesters and destroyed vehicles.

The #EndSARS in turn defended, and also attacked back resulting in numerous injuries and causalities. The #ProSARS were suspected to be sponsored by some individuals to cause mayhem. The attackers were handed over to the Police for interrogation.

Much debate has been going on online about the identity of the #ProSARS protesters, with many claiming they are Hausa or Fulani. The fact that other Northern cities like Maiduguri protested peacefully in support of SARS lend credence to this claim.

However, many other Northern cities, like Kaduna protested for an end to SARS, Police Brutality, and incessant killings in the region. Just yesterday, a protest was held in Zaria as youths aired their grievances against the happenings in the country.

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