The Mystery of Dutsen Amare in Kano

Dutsen Amare rock in Gwarzo town

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November 26, 2020

The mysterious and beautiful Dutsen Amare is located in Dutsen Amare Village, under Karaye Local Government of Kano State. The rock consists of nine clusters of different rock formations. The nature of the rocks provides a valuable stone-crushing opportunity for the residents of the town, as almost everyone is involved in it.

The rear view of Dutsen Amare

Dutsen Amare remains a mystery. The rock is actually not rocks but a depository of humans and embodiment of history. In Gwarzo, even a small boy won’t dare crush the rock or even stomp on it because of its history. But what is the true story of Dutsen Amarya which means ‘The bride’s rock‘?

History of Dutsen Amarya

Legend has is that a newly wedded bride was once accompanied to her home by family members and well-wishers. On their way, however, they got trapped in the middle of a war. They prayed to God to protect them from the incoming army. When they realized the army was fast approaching, they prayed to God to transform them into rocks. Their prayers were then answered as they were instantly turned into rocks.

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The bride, who was riding on the back of a horse was elevated over the rest of the entourage. The rock perfectly describes her body. When one of her breasts was reportedly chopped off by a Fulani herder, he died mysteriously a few days later.

Each of the nine stretched rock formations has been named to correspond to the team as they move. These include Amarya, Gunki, Bauraina, Tsamiya, Fyadi, Shato, Nalare, Baja, and Ungulu.

The Bride’s Items

The items brought along with the bride were also transformed into rocks. The calabashes, pots, and plates are pictured above. The sound of calabashes can be heard when the rock is beaten instead of the usual sound of rocks. At the top of the rock, there are some holes indicating plates, pots, and other things and there are parts of the rock indicating the drums used by singers accompanying the bride.

Also, it was observed that every Friday morning, traces of urine can be found all over the rock along with some kola nuts and perfume just beside the bride.

The bride’s items including calabashes, plates, and pots she was accompanied with.

Dutsen Amare remains another mysterious and ancient site of wonder. There is therefore a need for the preservation and protection of this ancient place which can be utilized as a center for tourism. You can check this article to learn about 10 other places to visit in Kano state.

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