These 5 Tips Helped Me Improve My Leadership Skills

These tips helped me improve my leadership skills

Written by Fatima Sheikh

Fatima is a techie who enjoys writing. An avid reader with a passion for innovative impact in her community.

March 3, 2021

In 2018, I was lucky to be selected to participate in the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) program for Cohort 6, West Africa. I was super excited and could not wait to show my true leadership skills. 

Before that, I was already the vice president of my NYSC Community Development Service (CDS) group. You might say I was craving leadership roles and all, but you are wrong. I am an extremely introverted loner who loves her space and privacy. But I thought to myself, what exactly does it feel like doing something new? Something out of the box, something I was not comfortable with?

And I gave leadership a try. I did not only excel at my YALI program but aced it and was recognized amongst the top twenty-three participants in the Cohort.

What was my take-home from these experiences? A lot, and I am willing to share with you. Are you an introvert who loves his/her space just like I do, or on a quest of improving your leadership skills? Here are some tips for you.

Tips To Improve Your Leadership Skills

1. Master The Art Of Public Speaking

This was my biggest fail, during the beginning of my leadership role. I always had panic attacks before any of the meetings. But constant practice and rehearsal helped me out.

Some people are born public speakers, while others aren’t. Either way, great public speaking skills go a long way in helping you communicate effectively with your team members. Join public speaking clubs like toastmaster, and you will be glad you did.

2. Learn To Delegate Responsibilities

Being a leader isn’t just about being the boss and carrying out tasks all by yourself. A good leader is always concerned about how the followers carry out dedicated tasks.

As a leader, you must guide your followers, educate them, and also delegate tasks to them. Don’t be a jack of all trade, learn to delegate.

3. Analyze Your Strength And Weakness

We all have our strengths and weaknesses and knowing them and working on them goes a long way in improving our leadership skills.

Take a personality test, ask your friends and family for their honest opinions on your strengths and weaknesses, and then work on them.

4. Get A Mentor

We all have that one person we aspire to be like. We see ourselves being that person or even better. Get yourself a mentor. Learn from them or ask them to guide you on your journey. Many are willing to help especially if you are serious-minded. There are so many other reasons why you should have a mentor, you can check them out here.

5. Be Self Disciplined

“Nothing is more harmful to the service than the neglect of discipline; for it is discipline more than numbers that give one army superiority over another.” 

George Washington

A leader is not a true leader unless he or she posses self-discipline and masters self-control. Every leader or aspiring leader should have a professional order in carrying out their daily activities or assigned tasks. This will go a long way in molding you to be a refined and respected person. 

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If you are naturally disorganized or late to work or meetings or procrastinate too much, learn to build a daily strict regime to help you perform better and stand out from your peers. You can learn how to avoid procrastination in 7 easy steps here.


Leadership does not only mean leading a town or a nation, you can be a leader in your own home to your siblings, spouse, or children, and having these leadership skills will always come in handy.

Fortunately, leadership is learnable, so take courses, read materials or watch your mentors and parents execute their leadership style and learn from them.

Being a better leader is not as difficult as it might appear. With constant practice and hard work, you will achieve your goal of being a better leader. 

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