Things Every Guy Should Have in His Wardrobe


August 15, 2020

Every gender has the list of necessary essentials they need in their wardrobes and closets. For the guys, our list is not much. The same can’t be said of the opposite gender, however. Here are things every guy should have in his wardrobe.

List of Things Every Guy Should Have In His Wardrobe

1. Wrist Watches

A Wristwatch

This is an important accessory to have for every guy. I mean what if your phone is dead and you wake up in the middle of the night enquiring of time? It is also a fashionable accessory that completes your looks.

2. Suit


Every guy needs to have at least one suit in his wardrobe. What if you get invited to an interview with a multinational company and you don’t have one? I know your kaftans are dope, but they won’t exactly get you into a formal dress event now, will they?

3. Backpack


Unlike the other gender, we need only one bag. Going to the gym? Football? Swimming? Backpack. Traveling? Backpack. Taking your laptop elsewhere? you got it right, backpack. Wherever you are going, the backpack is the answer. It is indispensable to every guy. Get one (and only one) now if you don’t have.


These are the newest trend in town. A nice set of cufflinks would make you appear fashionable and complete. They can serve other purposes too. You can rock one with the photo of your favorite politician to be the most loyal guy. Cufflinks are a must for every guy.

5. Kaftan

You know this is a must right? As an Arewa Guy, you need to have not only one piece, but at least half a dozen Kaftans that you can wear to every function; Weddings, dinners, visits to in-laws, and almost every other event that requires formal dressing.

Unless they mention specifically that they require a suit. Don’t let me spoil your chances of landing a job because you appeared in a Kaftan for the interview. You can read all about modern Hausa Kaftan here.

6. Caps


Kaftans are only cool when accompanied by some nice caps. I mean nice Kube/ Zanna caps, not your P-caps or Islamiyah caps. If you’re wearing Kaftan without caps, I’m here to tell you you’re doing it the wrong way. They are one of those things every guy should have.

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7. English Wears

Everyone needs some English wears once in a while. I mean you can’t wear your nice Getzner Kaftan to slaughter a ram right? or to drain the gutter? you get the gist. English Wears are essential. They are comfortable and light and can be used for any stressful work.

8. Jallabiya

Jallabiya is one of the things every guy should possess. From the fashionable ones being worn nowadays, that can be worn for semi-formal events or Jumuat prayers to that black one that guys leave unwashed for two weeks, jallabiyas are essential and a must-have for every guy.

9. Books


Most guys don’t read books, but they should. There are lots of reasons why one should read books. Your room shouldn’t be devoid of books. Even if you don’t read them, you can keep notebooks for jotting down your girlfriends’ names and some nice pickup lines. Either way, books are a must-have.

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10. Perfume

Bottle of Perfume

Perfume and some nice ouds are essential for every guy. Abuja guys will know what I am talking about. Even if you don’t have money, just smell nice and have little sense and a good sense of humor and you can woo any girl. Even if you dress well, if you don’t smell nice, no one will rate you high. Spray those perfumes.

11. Deodorant

Along with perfumes and sprays, you also need deodorants to prevent perspiration. And no, perfumes are no substitute to deodorant, you’ll just end up making a mini-atomic bomb. Look for a good deodorant, and you’ll thank me later. So will the people around you.

12. Vests

Vests can be essential as they can be used as undergarments as well as worn casually. White vests reflect heat and are useful for such. Black on the hand absorbs heat (but can go days without washing) while ash vests are, well ash vests are just vests. Apart from that, you don’t need other colors.

13. Shorts

Okay, need i say this? You need shorts. Lots of them. The more the better. And no don’t look for jersey shorts. Look for correct shorts, and wash them regularly.

14. Bed-sheets

Don’t let them others convince you bedsheets are only meant to be enjoyed by ladies or new grooms, bedsheets should be among the things every guy should have. Invest in nice expensive bedsheets and watch how you sleep better.

15. Towel


Towels are also a must-have item for all guys. You don’t want to wear clothes while you’re still dripping from the shower. A towel will take care of all your worries. Just make sure you wash it constantly, otherwise, it might soon turn into a rag you clean your shoes with.

16. Hair Products

If you’re the type that keeps hair and beard, hair products are a must-have for you. If you’re bald or beardless, just ignore. Shampoos, hair creams, moisturizers are those things every guy who keeps hair and beard should have. You also need your shaving kits, clippers and beard grooming kits. Quite a price to pay for keeping hair and beard you will say.

17. Nail Cutter

Pedicure Set

All men need this, to trim their nails once in a while. If you can afford, look for the full pedicure kit.

18. Shades


These are essential in case you are trying to hide from someone or toast a babe in a neighborhood where your girlfriend can see you. On a serious note, they can be used to block the scorching ultraviolet rays of the sun. I hear some other guys also use it to complete their dressing. Try it, it might work out for you.

19. Earpiece, Air-pods, and Headphones

Earpiece, AirPods, headphones, and Bluetooth speakers are things every guy must have these days. You can use Bluetooth speakers to entertain your guests. Airpods and earpiece can be used to listen to private audio messages, answer calls, or listen to that one song you alone like.


20. Umbrella


What is this item doing here? oh, yeah rainfall. In case you haven’t noticed, the downpours these days are heavy. You don’t want to get beaten by the rain while you’re in one lungu. It will pity for that nice Kube cap. And you. The solution? Have an umbrella in your wardrobe.

21. Cardigan,Hoodies, Turtle Necks


The rainy season might last long. After that, the harmattan follows. Do yourself a favor and have these items in your wardrobe. Cardigans are for the cold, Hoodies are fashionable while turtlenecks can make you feel like one Steve Jobs. Tip: Hide your hoodie from your wife, she’ll make it hers once she lays her hand on it.

22. Nice Shoes

Nice Shoes

According to some, shoes are the first item girls look at when guys approach them. Don’t invest in looking all nice up there and forget that your feet and shoes are visible. Get some nice shoes, that can fit anywhere. You don’t want people waiting to see who will wear the shoes you removed now, do you?

23. Socks

Socks are one of those things every guy should have, you never know when you need them. Make sure they are plain or black, however. You don’t want to be taken for a clown because someone peeped at your striped mickey mouse socks. And they shouldn’t be red in color. Ever.

24. Mirror

Mirrors are important for dressing, or taking selfies, or popping out pimples, or making sure your cap is perfectly aligned. Either way, mirrors are sure of good use. You’ll do yourself a favor if you have them in your wardrobe or the bathroom.

25. Wallet


This is also one of the things every guy should have. You get to have your keys, ATM cards, and ID cards in one place. And if there’s some spare change, you can put it there.

These are the list of things every guy should have in his wardrobe. You think there is more? tell us in the comments box.

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