Things Never to Say To A Woman During An Argument

Things never to say to a woman during an argument

Written by JB Mairubutu

April 13, 2021

We will all agree that women are special humans. They are of course wired differently from men and this why they react to things differently. As much as they are beautiful, they are also full of drama. For this reason, do not engage in an argument with a woman, and if you must you have to be careful because there are things to never say to a woman during an argument. As a man, you have to treat your woman right and refuse to say certain things to her during an argument whether she is at fault or not.

There are numerous things you should never say to a woman but here is a guide of 15 things you should never say no matter how heated the argument gets.

15 Things Never To Say To A Woman During An Argument

1. Never Call Her Crazy

Bro, never call her crazy during an argument. resist that temptation! Women are very sensitive and we all know how hormones become extra active during an argument, things will go ugly if you call a woman or tell her she is crazy during an argument.

The best thing to do is make your point if you must and listen to her too. This is for your sanity.

2. Don’t Mention Periods

During an argument never tell a woman that she is overacting because she is on her period. She will fight you for that. It is insensitive to say a thing like that. Periods and their cramping is something she has no control over then why use it against her during an argument? If you do this be ready for war.

A big one at that.

By the way, this might come in handy to help her through cramps.

3. Don’t Make Comparison With Your Ex

Nobody wants to be compared to an ex, particularly not during an argument. Never tell your woman that your ex will never do this or that! She will fight and resent you with the last drop of her blood. Statement as this isn’t just insensitive but vile and disrespectful.

You made a vow to love her, why use ex to taunt her? She fit break a bottle for your head if you make remarks like this during an argument. If you’re about to say, “ my ex” during an argument quickly change it to, “ my head no correct”.

4. Calm Down, Relax!

I laugh in chaos. When a woman is irked and is arguing with you it safer to let her vent than tell her to relax. You tell her, “ Calm down, relax,” she hears, “ Shut your mouth. You make little or no sense!”

Listen to her make her points and if you don’t have anything important to say it is best you tactically appease her.

5. This Is Why Your Body Is

Guy, don’t even think about it. Dead the idea abeg. It isn’t only inhumane to body shame your woman in an argument but devilish. No matter how vexed you’re, do not body shame her. It might be just the spur of the moment for you but it will do a lot of damage to her self-confidence.

Do not use any of her body defects to insult her during an argument. Simply keep quiet, well she might be mad at you for keeping quiet but it is better than opening your mouth ‘waaa’ to spew nonsense. Here are more convincing reasons why should never body shame.

6. Your Opinion Doesn’t Make Sense

When last did anyone break a bottle on your head? No one has ever? Well, if you say this to your woman you deserve to have a broken skull. Never tell your woman this. There are better ways of playing down suggestions, respectfully.

Do it! You won’t die.

7. Don’t Use Abusive Words

Learn to have a healthy argument without throwing derogatory or profane words at her. It doesn’t make sense. If you do this, you would make your relationship unhealthy.

You can also check here for all the reasons why you should stop abusing other people here.

8. You’re Wasting Your Money

Most responsible women aren’t spendthrift, it is only normal that they gift themselves things once in a while. Don’t make her feel like she is wasting money because you’re the one giving her money.

This will break her and if care isn’t taken she would resent you and look elsewhere.

Money management is definitely not for her alone you can read this and share the tips together.

9. You’re Too Emotional

Don’t say it! Swallow that word. A woman will fight you if you are having an argument and instead of getting her point, you tell her she is too emotional.

Don’t even do it.

10. Man, She Is Hot!

You really shouldn’t do this. Don’t tell your woman another woman is hot and sexy because she expects you to see her as the hottest woman alive.

You might end up being single.

11. Don’t Embarrass Her

Don’t yell at her or saying anything embarrassing to her when you’re with friends or in public. If you must scold her do it in private.

Don’t say you weren’t warned.

12. Are You Done Talking?

You must have written your will before saying this to her. I don’t see the reason to say this to her unless you have a death wish. Let her finish talking or making her points.

Don’t ever say this to her. It isn’t nice at all.

13. Your Family Is…

No, bro. don’t disrespect her family because if she does this to your family you will have her head on a stick so why do this to her?

14. This Dress Doesn’t Fit You

You shouldn’t be too blunt when addressing issues like this. It could shatter her confidence. Learn to be kind. Thank you.

15. I Have A New Colleague And I Like Her Smile

This statement is the number one way of getting killed. You have a female colleague then fine don’t bring her issue to the ears of your girlfriend unless you want trouble.

I am sure you have learned that there are things to never say to a woman during an argument. If you value your woman you should always respect her even when it is not convenient to you. You can also read this article to see how you can make things work better in your relationship.

Thank you.

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