What Women Want in a Man

What do women want?

Written by Khadija Garba

A graduate of English Language, Khadija Garba grew up in a small town in Zaria. She is a writer whose random thoughts and beliefs get penned down. Not to mention she derives happiness and fulfillment going through her own published works. Khadija has an addiction for early morning cup of black coffee, Japanese 2D animations (anime), manhwas then finally, English novels. Romance remains her favourite genre.

August 24, 2020

Everybody wonders what women truly want. I mean even women sometimes have dramatic conversations with their inner selves regarding what they want. Because this minute it is one thing, the next minute it is the opposite. Complicated we might all agree. The fact that I am not a lover of make-up does not mean I won’t get mad at my husband —who probably also doesn’t care about make-up— should he not go crazy on me each time I decide to try on a new look.

It’s like one day, we want nothing. Then another day comes and we want everything. Eventually, we go back to wanting nothing then to everything again! A whole circle that keeps changing every minute. The fact that women are creatures with mood swings whose desires remain unstable does not mean there is nothing we enjoy at any given time of the day. Below are some of the things majority of women want in a Man.

Things Women Want From a Man

1. Attention

Women look for a man who will give them attention. Nothing can ever beat feeling important to your significant other. Attention is one way to go about it. Women hate to share your time that is why it is important you try as hard as possible to limit checking your phone on the barest minimum each time you’re together with her. Also, keep the stares incoming, it gives her the feeling she has you wrapped around her fingers which makes her feels safe internally.

No offense but women have so much in common with cats. You could be working, trying to figure out where you guys next meal will come from and she’ll just stroll in on you and start purring; openly seeking attention without giving a darn about the consequences. Now, I’m not saying you should always give us what we want (trust me, we can get inconsiderate sometimes) but once in a while, make your woman feel like the whole world revolves solely around her.

2. Lots of Chocolates

Show me a female who doesn’t enjoy sweet things (with no health condition hindering her that is) and I’ll coach you how to get stew out of stones. From ice-creams to Nutella, kit-kats down to wafers, we love them. So each time you’re returning home to your wifey or you’re going to see your girl while happening to have spare change in your pocket, please pick her even if it’s simple chocolate, wafer, a small container of ice cream or even a combination of both (depending on her preference and how much you’re willing to spare). I promise you you’re gonna spark up her evening.

3. Random Texts

The corners our insecurities lurks and our mood swings frustrate the hell out of us. She could be sitting, enjoying her day, then boom! Something silly you said or did several months ago might start dancing over her mind. Before you know it, she’s already given it a dangerous meaning and you, in turn, end up receiving attitude for something you have no idea of doing. So, once in a while, text her something cute.

SMS texts hit differently than any other medium (WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter DMS). It doesn’t have to be a paragraph or a whole chapter. A simple “You were in my mind all day” could go a long mile. Receiving an unexpected message never forgets to leave females in awe. Invest that four Naira via SMS even if it’s once in a week.

4. Compliments

As humans, we all have a part of us that needs validation from other people no matter how much we try to deny it. For some, it occupies a very teeny space they get to ignore every day. For others, it’s a very big space that can get them sad if it doesn’t accumulate the needed quota. If you as a man can function well without compliments, women can never function for long without hearing them, especially when they’re in a relationship. Compliments are a way of reminding your woman of her importance.

Why? Because it shows you did notice and in a way appreciate. When she makes efforts to look good, compliment her. Once is a formality. Twice or more is the real deal. After the first “wow! you look good/damn/beautiful today!” You can chip in a sexier one later. It keeps the romance burning.

5. Random Gifts

Don’t wait until it’s her birthday, or you guys’ anniversary before you go out of your way to get her something nice. When you randomly visit places or travel sometimes, get her something on your way back. It’s evidence that you did think of her all through. How about when you do something wrong and you know she’s mad at you, the simplest way to call truce is to get her something she’s always wanted. Bribe gifts are very effective in relationships. Don’t know what to gift her? Check out this gift ideas.

6. Cook for Her

Do you feel like treating her nice but you don’t know how to go about it. How about you just treat her to your very own meals? Girls love it when they get relieved of duties, especially cooking. It’s crazier when your girl reads books. Romance readers have the wildest imaginations and fantasies for romance. She might have read enough about it to want to experience you feeding her breakfast while she’s still in bed. Or better, you cooking with nothing but those sweatpants —on if you happen to have a slender body.

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So even if it’s going to be once in every year, please feed your woman your hot meals. Poisons (crazily uncooked cooked dishes) exclusive.

7. Steal Kisses

While she’s just standing doing nothing, give her a peck. She’s cooking and probably didn’t hear you come in? sneak on her neck, and attack. She’s grumpy for no known reason? dash her a kiss. She’s talking and you’re staring, surprise her with one. She’ll shut up for a moment while her mind process “that was cute”. This won’t fail to squeeze out a genuine smile from her. Or a blush. Light kisses are a simple way to go about romance.

8. Cuddles and Hugs

Remember my claim about women been weirdly related to cats? well, it still stands. Whether it’s a front hug, back hugs, side hugs, women fancy them. She’s standing and didn’t hear you come in, sneak on her and grab that waist, your chin all resting on her shoulder (one amongst the many reasons why females like their males taller than them). She looks down and moody (particularly during menstrual days) console her with those face me and get-hold-tight cuddles. You’re outside and walking, give her a side hug.

How about, it’s Friday night and you two aren’t sleepy? sit down on that couch and slide her down your legs then get your legs intertwined with half her back resting on your chest and enjoy the evening that way; either watching a movie or just having random talks. Girls enjoy physical contact a lot. It remains a very significant way of connecting, likewise a sense of belonging.

9. Simple Dates

It’s not always people who enjoy crowded places. Sometimes women just want to spend quiet moments together. So instead of going to eateries, cinemas all the time, why not try new things like hiking? Or even picnics in places with lots of trees and flowers. If you happen to have a car, you can even get you guys some small chops while driving away to a quiet cool space. You can sit in your car, open those snacks, and enjoy some good talks together, with your speakers blasting. Girls do have days they want to spend the day in their PJs underneath a hoodie with not even powder.

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10. Take Charge

There’s always a reason why males were made providers within the human race. Make sure you don’t neglect that duty. Always take charge of your affairs without her having to constantly nag to you about it. Also, when she gets herself in trouble, do not say “that’s her business” then turn a blind eye. Help her sort out her issues to the best of your abilities. The scolding and getting pissed off can come later.

Women find men who know when to take charge fascinating and a necessity. Having a strong shoulder you can lean on in good and bad times is a hugely appreciated blessing. You stylishly make your woman submit to you without her realizing she’s doing that. While taking charge, you must master the art of “when”. Your babe shouldn’t feel like you’re oppressing her or giving her too much freedom.

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People who have been single their whole lives or the ones who do not prioritize their partner’s happiness might think this is too much. But deep down, we all know it’s natural for one to go extra miles to see people they like happy, fulfilled. Always remember, too much of everything gets bad and too much of nothing is a sign of poverty. So Once in a while, give women everything and then eventually nothing, then everything again!

P.S: If you have girls in your life (whether your wife or girlfriend, sisters, nieces, daughters) who love books, please endeavor to stash your wardrobe with lots of oversized hoodies and tees with the intention of charity because eventually, everything will disappear stylishly slowly.

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