This Is How You Make Your Crush Like You

How to make your crush like you

Written by Aisha Zakari

Zakari Aisha Saliu is a passionate cook who loves to travel and meet new people. Her exposure to places and people is her strength in learning new recipes. She is a diverse and passionate writer on topics related to personal development, humanity, relationships, entrepreneurial skills and life in general.

July 13, 2021

Have you got this new guy you like in school or this new handle you’re crushing on? YES, I’m sure. Are you wondering how to get them to notice you? How to make your crush like you? This is just for you!

1. Go For It

I know it’s crazy but sometimes you just have to go for it. Yes, take the lead and say how you truly feel. Don’t waste the time waiting for years for them to notice you. Slide into that DM or place that phone call.

Your crush can’t read your mind to figure out how you feel but you definitely can tell them to let them know. Go for it! Ask for a date or a hangout. Let them see you’re interested, they may give a positive answer and that’s when you show them what makes you, YOU!

2. Communicate and Listen

I’ll always say this when it comes to relationships;

Be a great talker and even a great listener

Talk and share information about yourself but you should also listen and pay attention to your crush’s every tiny detail. Ask questions. Stay engaged and interested.

Appreciate every moment but don’t be extra-pushy, it kills the attraction. In an attempt to make your crush likes you, you may seem desperate. Don’t give that impression, take it down a notch.

You can check out these 10 tips for improving communication in your relationship.

3. Figure Out Their Passion

During those conversations you share with your crush, pay attention to their interests and passion; understand why it makes them excited and finds a way to share this excitement with them.

Be inquisitive and ask what they like, get them to tell you because it will put them in a good mood and you get to share this mood with them. A positive vibe and energy are attractive, people love that.

4. Maintain Eye To Eye Contact

Look at them eye-to-eye. Have your eyes locked to theirs. It shows you’re attractive and confident about yourself and it makes you look interested in what they are sharing with you.

Looking away from them sends the wrong signal that you’re not interested and that is not what we want. NO, we want to show them you’re interested cause you are.

The only time you should look away is when you turn to tuck your hair or you look sideways to show them your beautiful face in another angle. You could also turn slightly but hold the most beautiful and captivating smile when you do. Captivate their mind and attention.

4. Be Yourself

Be confident, be yourself, everyone else is taken

Oscar Wilde

Bring your personality out, show them they’ll be having a full package in the long run. Laugh out loud when it’s funny, be you.

Talk about yourself, what makes you YOU. What makes you laugh, what makes you sad, what makes you amazing? Talk about your beautiful and memorable events, let them know even the sad ones.

Do not be somebody else cause in the long run, when it works out, you’ll end up with more problems and you don’t want that. How to make your crush like you doesn’t involve you trying too much or being somebody else. No, be yourself always.

5. Dress To Kill And Impress

Always have a different side of you, the good you, the slutty you, the adventurous you, the happy you. Lots of you you can be.

Men and women are smitten by what we see, it’s your job to smitten us. Dress to kill and impress, let them see you in different dresses and outfits. Spice it up with your body every now and then, let them always be expecting more when it comes to meeting up with you. And above all, SMELL NICE AND IRRESISTIBLE!

Smelling nice is inviting and this is how to make your crush like you or at least love how you smell.

6. Send Flirtarous Messages

Let your intentions known. Tell them how you feel in one way or another, they will definitely smile. I mean, who wouldn’t when it is flirty? But don’t overdo it with the flirting, sometimes it sends the wrong message. Send such messages with caution.

Have humour sometimes too. I mean everyone loves humour, who wouldn’t? A good laugh every now and then enhances the friendship and of course relationship.

7. Avoid Hooking Up

“Let me kiss him/her”

“Let him/her have me”

Sometimes, this works and other times, it doesn’t. It messes things up, the communication and relationship you’ve been building all along just comes crashing down. To be on the safe side, please don’t.

Some people admire such bravery and it makes you 10times more attractive to them and other times, they see you as less.

8. Lay Low

Avoid being in their face and DM all day. Trust me, this is hard, I’ve been there.

But men always love themselves some space, as do we women. You don’t want to suffocate them with how you feel half of the time.

Do other things with your life like meeting other friends and family, do something productive and new. Read a book, watch a movie, whatever.

Give them the chance to miss you sometimes – you’ve got a great personality and humour. Let them miss that about you. Don’t call, text and ask questions all the time. Let what you guys are having grow naturally on its own – don’t force it.

9. Improve Their Self Worth

“You’re beautiful”

“You’re handsome”

“You’re worth it”

Remember this always, tell yourself this. This gives you the push you need to know that you’re indeed something beautiful and special

10. Don’t Be Jealous

Getting jealous and showing territory is inevitable because you want them to yourself but I indulge you to set boundaries for yourself and your heart. Do not show it. It just might chase them away – like why are you being jealous and showing territory when you’re not even in a relationship? It’s uncomfortable and it affects the growth of the relationship.

If you’re a clingy person like me, talk with yourself to keep it down a notch – do not show this side of you at all. Hide it.

11. Confess Your Feelings

This makes or breaks the relationship but remember no rule book says “A lady should not say how she feels first” Pffff!

If you’re a lady, go for it. Find a unique and brave way to do it, either over the phone, text or even a date.


How to make your crush like you can be challenging cause you’ll have tons of ideas running through your head to make yourself noticed but be brave, grab the courage and confidence to say how you feel. I’ve done this before and it was quite relieving when I did. I got the whole feeling off my chest and I loved it. I have no regrets cause I’m still friends with the guys I’ve expressed my feelings to and some, well, it was unrequited.

When you do this, chances are they feel the same way about you or they don’t and there are chances of you finding a best friend in them. It doesn’t always go the way we want it but do not forget – you’re amazing and time heals everything. Believe me, I don’t even remember half the hurt and pain I went through. I moved on and so will you!

Having the courage to say how you feel is admirable and making advances towards how to make your crush like you is too. Trust me, be yourself – it either works out or it doesn’t and if it doesn’t, you won’t have any regrets but you feel relief that you got it off your chest and you were yourself and if that wasn’t enough, they lost a gem which is you and they’ll never find another you and that my darling is your superpower.

Nobody, absolutely nobody can be you. Just YOU!

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