This Is Why You Need A Mentor

6 Reasons Why You Should Have a Mentor

Written by Johnson Temiloluwa

Johnson Temiloluwa is many other things creative but, first a storyteller laced with simplicity. Times when she’s not writing, she is watching movie or thinking of how to get plantain.

February 15, 2021

There are many reasons why you should have a mentor, and in this article, I’ll be taking you through 6 reasons why you should have a mentor.

But first, what is a mentor?

A mentor is a coach, a lead, a guide, a tutor, and a trusted counselor. I like to think of them as a tour guide.

I have been in a room where talks of having a mentor seemed like a sign of weakness. Here I am typing and hoping I’m never in such a room again.

Looking up to a mentor does not make you a weakling or means that you can’t make decisions by selectively picking one out of alternative decisions. Mentors solely don’t make decisions for their mentees or proteges, rather they enhance and indulge their decisions.

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Yearning for growth should be followed up with a yearning to learn from someone with experience and a better world view. A person you decide to choose as a mentor should definitely be a more experienced person in your chosen career, academically, spiritually, likewise in academics, and even in financial dealings.

There are more reasons why you should have a mentor, read on to find out.

6 Reasons Why You Should Have A Mentor

1. Mentors Are Connectors

This is one reason why you should have a mentor. Mentors wholeheartedly share their networks and provide access to places that one gets exposure. They introduce one to shows, meets ups and keep close tabs on their proteges to let them meet their target audience.

Mentors are that linkage that you need to get opportunities. They are good indulgers of networking.

2. Mentors Have Experience

God (or whatever you serve) forbid that you make the same mistake your mentors made while they were growing in your career path as they would walk you through it and talk you against it. Mentors share their experiences with their protege and tell you the lessons they learned along the way.

Why should you have a mentor? This is one reason that opens you up to their mistakes and ways and helps you avoid them on your path.

3. Mentors Give The Best Advice

It’s a dicey thing to accept advice from anyone as it takes a toll on our decision making. Remember, decisions made affect not just you but also the people around you. I have shared with my mentor prospective projects I wanted to delve into and he has, in turn, pointed out the ones with better and greater potentials by dissecting each of my ideas and making me see not-so-obvious glitches that I missed. I appreciated him because I might have delved into a project that collapses the moment it is built.

4. Mentors Are Supportive And Give The Best Motivations

The first mentor I ever had would always say, “Johnson, you can do it. You are capable, you just need to start.”

Every time I hear him say this, I pick up a new project or continue the one that I was close to abandoning before he spoke. We really can do anything we set our mind to, sometimes we just like to be reminded. A mentor does this well and is all the motivation you need.

5. Mentors Are Priceless

This is true both figuratively and literally.

6. Mentors Think Of Growth

Your initial reason for wanting a mentor was growing in a particular aspect of your life which if you ask me I’d say, is one of the best decisions anyone can make.

A great philosopher once said;

Mentoring is not like how God created man in his image, it is giving and enhancing an opportunity to create themselves.

That great philosopher is me. If you read up till here; you’ll know I’m smart.

My mentor would give out tasks and questions that made me utilize my brain and think. He would hear my answers and tell me to critically think of them. He also focused on my morals, ethics, and attitudes.

My mentor also nurtured my personal growth and influenced my leading abilities. He created growth in me and I am grateful for that.

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To conclude, mentors are like music directors, they fine-tune every tune, rhythm, and sounds in the background and transform it into the music we listen to. The music can be you when you get a mentor.

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