Top 100 Arewa Twitter Influential Users (2020)

Most influential on Arewa Twitter

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January 1, 2021

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Twitter is an important social media app. Arewa Twitter refers to the section of Twitter populated by users from Northern Nigeria, predominantly from the popular states of Kano, Kaduna, Katsina, Sokoto, Adamawa, and more.

Why Is Such List Important?

Twitter is known as an authentic source of information. World leaders, celebrities, businessmen, and others use Twitter every day to connect with fans, friends, customers, subjects, and followers. Twitter can be used to share information with a large set of people.

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Twitter is also an avenue where the latest and trending gist and gossips are discussed way before other social media. As such, some users gain influence from analyzing, sharing, and commenting on the most talked-about gossips and latest scoop.

How Did We Come About This Ranking?

This list is about those users from Arewa Twitter who have gained the most influence on the app. While this influence may not always translate to large followership, it is more often than not the case, due to the ability to reach a large number of people by those with large followership.

Numerous Twitter handles were analyzed, from which 100 adjudged to be the most influential on the social media giant were selected. These 100 users were selected and ranked based on the following criteria:

1. Content: How valuable are their tweets?

2. Audience: How much audience do they control?

3. Engagements: How many reactions do they get from their tweets?

4. Representation: How often do they lend their voice to a worthy cause?

5. Consistency: How frequently do they engage with topics?

All the users evaluated were rated out of 10 for each criterion. The ones with the highest average were ranked top.

Top 100 Influential Users on Arewa Twitter (2020)

1. Waspaping

The self-styled ‘Sarki’ on Twitter. And deservedly so. Waspaping has survived it all. From being the object of ridicule of southern Twitter, and being threatened with two court summons. Surprisingly — or not to those who know him—, he kept his cool. Waspaping has also been at the forefront of championing the cause of Arewa, protesting against insecurity in the North and other vices. Waspaping isn’t one for the shortage of enemies, however. Perhaps, Waspapping isn’t just the most influential on Arewa Twitter. Perhaps he is Arewa Twitter.

2. Yellows

Rivaled by only Waspaping, Yellows remain a vocal and influential tweep on the streets of Arewa Twitter. From his stewardship of the #ATAwards2020 to the organization of both online and offline protests, Yellows has done it all. All while acting with grace and humility too. Yellows remain an influential person putting his persona to good use.

3. Aisha Yesufu

It is hard not to recognize the voice of the Iron lady, the last woman standing. Aisha Yesufu can be identified as the face of both online and offline struggle. While her work is not limited to the Northern Part, her role in advocating for social justice, and fending off critics and bullies deserve commendation. Hence her inclusion on the list.

4. Local Dadeen

His name might be local, but there is nothing local about him. If anything, his Promotion of businesses posted under his tweet every day had ensured hundreds —or perhaps thousands— of businesses reach the right audience. His almost 90k followers will have him to thank for that.

5. Bulama Bukarti

To many, Bulaarma Bukarti remains the most authentic source of insecurity news in Northern Nigeria. That makes him quite influential, seeing as the region is plagued with insecurity. His coverages are often fair, and objective. His chairmanship of a discussion to highlight the effects of insecurity in the region is worthy of mention. He is however not immune to drawing the ire of Twitter users, for his column in which he espoused that “ those who claim to represent the north are criminally quite, and our youths have been brainwashed.” His influence however remains undiminished.

6. Fareed

Fareed’s constant supply of entertainment and banter is yet to be appreciated. He represents the top K followers, but devoid of the usual arrogance. His frequent engagements with other tweeps is top-notch. His popularizing of the ‘Maman Musa’, to him being the first Arewa Twitter Influencer to reach 100k —already at 138k — all ensure he remains on everyone’s TL.

7. Adamu Garba

Like Aisha Yesufu, his inclusion might seem surprising. But Adamu has been making headlines all year. His launch of an app set to battle the very Twitter we are on and his suit to challenge its founder in court, his bold opinions during the #EndSARS protests as well as his giveaways ensure he gets a spot on this list. Some misadventures such as the misunderstanding with means he needs to engage his followers more.

8. Eslawal

Witty, relatable, and a great conversationalist. One account; Eslawal. The funniest person on Arewa Twitter, according to ATAwards2020 —that too by a mile— occupies the better half of this list. Along, with his funny tweets, he isn’t afraid of using his influence to highlight the problems of the region, most especially insecurity. He interacts freely and ensures the latest gist reaches the timeline quickly. How he does it, we have no idea but he deserves a spot on this list.

9. UnscramZ

UnScramz started the year with a bang, being part of the three served court summons by musician Deezell. And while her account got suspended, she made a comeback ensuring not a shred of her relevance was lost. Some might even argue, she found new fame. Often misjudged to be controversial by many, her tweets and aggressive promotion of her and other’s business needs to be commended. Her unrelenting stance during the #EndSARS/#SecureNorth protests was also courageous.

10. Oil_shaeikh

A jack of all trades is what oil_shaeikh is. He is active on Music Twitter, Islam Twitter, Football Twitter, Politics Twitter, Arewa Twitter, and Southern Twitter —where he is a vested defender of the North and Northerners — one of the few domiciled in the south to do so, hence his inclusion. His Tweets often a mix of Hausa, English, and Yoruba always reek of wisdom. His frequent engagements is also an advantage.

11. SkinnyBoi

The champion of bread on Arewa Twitter. Dashing and popular, Fulani Kid or Skinny Boy— whichever you call him— isn’t afraid of making his voice heard. He puts his large followership to good use. Though a little less active lately, with his engagement shaking, that doesn’t take away all the stuff he has achieved this year, and is sure to bounce back next year.

12. Bulama Cartoons

Bulama’s cartoons remain a constant feature on Twitter. Either he is using his talents to portray the political situation in the country, or mobilizing people for the Secure North platforms. His activism and help won’t be forgotten any time soon, neither by his 100k followers— and counting nor others.

13. XahraBkumbo

Xahra has found herself trending a few times this year. Either for baring her heart out in an interview or for receiving a humongous gift from a former Senator. She is clearly a lady of many talents as well as influence on this app.

14. Gimba Kakanda

Fiery.Intelligent. Intellectual. Gimba’s tweets reek of intellectual superiority and brilliance. His frequent use of facts to counter lies and insights from his column and his recent help in catching a sex offender on the TL makes him even more influential than before.

15. MFarees

There isn’t a single day where one of MFarees’ tweets doesn’t attract a wide response. His constant supply of entertainment and trending topics is a gift to his 85k followers. His penchant for activism is high too. His bio still reads #SecureAREWA and #SecueNorth as if to prove our point.

16. Auwerl

The self-styled VAR on Arewa Twitter. Auwerl isn’t a stranger to controversy and pointing out hidden facts hidden in plain sights, nor is he afraid of doing so. Isn’t that all that is needed to be influential in this app?

17. Capt_Aliyu

One of the numerous Captains on this street, Capt_Aliyu’s tweets stand out for their candor and lightheartedness. His particpation in follow trend makes him even more influential.

18. Rilwan Najib

Najib is another tweep who supplies comical tweets to the TL. But that isn’t what he’s good at only. His frequent activity on Football Twitter and his consistency in engaging with trending topics makes him a good candidate for the list. His recent launch of an apparel line ensured his fame was catapulted.

19. Alamin Ghost

How do you describe a ghost? You don’t. His actions speak for him. Though not the only Alamin Ghost on Arewa Twitter, he gets the nod on our list. His tweets—when he does, are of high merit. When he doesn’t he stick to the aggressive promotion of his business, and retweets of others.

20. DJ AB

AB is already popular, he doesn’t need a spot on this list to be influential. But the fact is, he is. His frequent interactions with his followers, posting relatable tweets unaccustomed to a celeb, and his online and offline activism ensures he remains a giant house. Not to mention he might soon reach 200k followers, an uncommon feat for Arewa Twitter users.

21. Usyy

With just a single tweet by midnight, Ussy is capable of getting hundreds of engagements from some who rely on him to achieve quick followership. This, his longevity, and his consistency make him one of the respected influential people on Arewa Twitter.

22. Sir_Md

Who else’s name indicates he wants to get married? Sir_md. His aure nakeso moniker is a sign of jibes from his tweets. But that’s not the only thing he’s good at that. His business tweets receive tons of engagements as he does.

23. Caramel queen

While no stranger to controversy, Caramel queen remains an important figure on AT. The fact that she’s won the award for most beautiful on the recent AT Awards indicates she’s influential. Her 116k followers will agree with us.

24. Waanzaam

Wanzaam’s frequent giveaways ensure he remains the no 1 cap plug on AT as well as an influential person. His foundation and work offline is also a bonus.

25. Hafsat Paki

In the wake of the #ZabarmariMassacre, Hafsat Paki riled up Arewa Twitter to act for what was to be an unsuccessful protest. Her stance on anything Arewa remains incontestible That’s not all. her free-spirited attitude and witty replies and frequent engagements ensure she gets a spot on our influential persons’ list.

26. Omar­ Bilkis

Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken. Omar Bilkis is fierce and is never afraid of letting her opinions be known. Judging by her 105k followers, she must be doing something right. Her consistency is her biggest strength.

27. Mallam Retweet

Perhaps Mallam retweet has a penchant for retweets that he named his handle. Arguably the favorite ‘mallam’ on Twitter, this Malam isn’t afraid of altercation however judging by his recent squabble with Adamu Garba.

28. Bahaushe

Arguably the number one authority on Hausa on the TL, even his name screams Hausa. Bahaushe’s Popular #TajBBC Hausa featuring other influential users makes him important. His news coverage and his role in the popular #RanarHausa day makes him even more.

29. Banney

Banney is another funny tweep who loves putting ‘a smile on people’s faces.’ No wonder his name is banney.

30. Sufy_2

Sufy_2′ tweets are as educative as they are funny.

31. Hauwa Farouk

Hauwa Farouk is another lady with over 100k followers. The ‘Woman advocate’ tweets content in both English and Hausa and is consistent at what she does.

32. Dongarus

Dongarus’s strength is in interacting with his followers. If you have almost 70k of them, you’ll be influential too.

33. HinduMustafa

Hindu’s profile is a break from all other profiles that are boring. But her lack of consistency, she might have ranked higher.

34. Abdullahi Wolf

Wolf’s tweets and interactions are as enthralling as his last name.

35. Khlaifa­­_nn

For his witty replies, a pinch of savagery, and plentiful engagements, Khalifa_nn deserves to be on this list.

36. OfiicialHudan

You are guaranteed a dose of entertainment when you scroll through hudan’s profile.

37. Mucktey

Chawus, who documents the violence going on AT, seem to have. He still retains some of his influence, however for his bold opinions and engagements.

38. Malan_Baffa

Malan_Baffa’s account is a mix of savagery and all the bitter uncomfortable truths. His tweets just hit right on the head. He can be relied upon for constant gist and knowledge of what’s going on Arewa Twitter—and beyond.

39. Maryam_Ado

Maryam’s timeline is refreshing. Her zeal for activism mostly for women and children makes her the ideal candidate for this list.

40. Haidaer

Bold and divergent views. Need we say more?

41. Aashfinn

Never shy of calling out anybody. If you follow her, you’re guaranteed to catch any trending news on time. Engages pretty well too.

42. KhaleephaHayat

The assistant class teacher of #KadunaLanguageClass is no stranger to influence. His account is a mix of informative information and a little dash of fun here and there. We just hope he won’t correct this tweet.

43. Mareeyarh

If you are a follower of Twitter trends, you’re bound to stumble on Mareeyarh promoting her wares. Her engagements are pretty much, and we just can’t help but wonder how she does it.

44. Jishaq

If you’re wondering what you’ll find from a handle named ‘communist’, the latest gist on AT we will answer. Pretty much fun to engage with.

45. UmarKhalifa19

Bold and doesn’t shy away from controversies.

46. Hayateey

Hayatey gained notoriety for her anti-feminist stance back then, which is a testament to the fact that she is not afraid of baring her mind. If it were any other time of the year, she might have ranked higher.

47. Autan Babanta

The cool-headed autan babanta is fun and easy to engage with as well as a source of the trending topics on AT.

48. Maroup  

49. iamdihealer  

50. Aliyu_Ladodo  

50. UmarZubyrr  

51. AbdulGidado  

52. Zagotweets  

53. officialdeezell  

54.  iilawaal  

55. Mubarack_umar  

56. Eluthman  

57. Jamilu Maiwada  

58.  Zayn Africa   

59. Muhsin Ibrahim   

60. abdool_moh   

61. Moderate Ustaz   

63. Ladyposhhhhh   

62. Baffahmad    


65. Meothmans


67. jibreeyl  

68. Altaf RFG  

69.  Iasquare  

70. Abdul­_majid84  

71. Serhdeeyerh  

72. 9aufal  

73. its_hammadrabiu   

74. nWali  

75. Belshagy     

76. Rx_Khaleel  

77. lilmeerahcute    

78. tinted_graphix

79. PenAbdull   

80. Pengpappi_xo   

81. Q_Ameenah    

82. Ismaeelfresh   

83. BashirElRufai    

84. AhmadGanga  

85. Famous_Anfield

86. Captjamyl    

87. the_scholar1    

88. Abdussalami_   

89. Bellokingkhan    

90. goto_marley   

91. AliyuKwarbai   

92. sheikhweeder   

93. HolyHavanaaa

94. 5iiiiiiive  

95. Maryam Jidayi  

96. Northernbeautyy

97. Bello Elrufai

98. Kawu Garba  

99. salmahhh_yusuf

100. adumiahmad

So what do you think of this list? Who do you think we missed? Tell us in the comments section below.

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    The list of Arewa Twitter influencers is incomplete without Kwankwason Tuwita @baba_____. He is the chairman kwankwasiyya twitter guild. He is engage in an average of not more than 100 post weekly.

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    Is incomplete where is Am Salem and bashir Ahmad

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