10 Places To Visit in Plateau State

10 places to visit in Jos

Written by Abdulsalam Yunusa

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October 24, 2020

There are so many places to visit in Plateau State. The state is located in what can be referred to as the geographical center of Nigeria. The State derived its name from the Jos plateau highlands. Its mixture of temperate and tropical climate attracted many of the colonial masters to settle in the state, perhaps because the nice quiet weather reminded them of home.

The State Capital, Jos, is a major location for mining Tin. This led to the formation of many man-made dams used today as recreational sites in the state. Apart from the cool weather and dams, the many beautiful parks, falls, highlands, museums, and rocks are a place any true tourist would love to visit. This earned the State it’s the slogan of “Home of Peace and Tourism”.

On that note, Join me as I take you on a tour around ten places you should visit in Plateau State.

1. National Museum, Jos

This is one of the best museums in the country, known for its large antique collection of archeological findings from all over the country.

National Museum, Jos

In it, is a pottery hall containing beautiful works of art and also the terracotta Nok heads dating as far back as 500BC.

2. Museum of Traditional Nigerian Architecture

This is one of my personal favorites. There are lifesize replicas of important historical buildings and even vehicles. One would see a replica of the ancient Kano walls as well as documented pictures of the railway and mining done during the colonial era.

Museum of Traditional Nigerian Architecture

3. Jos Wildlife Park

If you are tired of seeing wild animals on TV and would like to see them face-to-face without ending up in their bellies, the wildlife park is your best bet.

An elephant from Jos Park

There are lions, tigers, elephants, baboons, Pythons as well as many other animals.

4. Solomon Lar Amusement Park

If you’d like to hang out with old friends or have a picnic while enjoying the beautiful view of the green grassland and inhaling fresh healthy air, the amusement park should definitely be on top of your list.

A scenery from Solomon Lar amusement park

5. Jos Zoo

Also located in the capital of the state, it boasts of a large collection of snakes, crocodiles, as well as species of birds that you probably have never seen anywhere else.

Jos Zoo is one of the popular tourist attractions in the state

6. Kurra Falls

The location of the first hydroelectric power station in the state is surrounded by trees and rocky hills that serve as camping, and hiking spots. The lakes are popularly used for boating.

Kurra Falls located in Plateau is a good tourist attraction site

This is a good honeymoon location for you and your sweetheart. You can comfortably spend some days there —or more — as there is accommodation available for tourists.

7. Shere Hills

This is a very good spot for mounting-climbing enthusiasts. One can have a very nice view of the city from here, as it has some of the highest peaks in the State.

8. Assop Falls

Those of you that have watched ‘Plateau movies‘ have most likely seen the beautiful scenery, as the location attracts filmmakers every year.

Assop Falls attracts thousands of visitors every year

It is one of the most popular waterfalls in the country and serves as a good location for camping, picnics, and even swimming.

9. Wase Rock

This rock reminds me of the popular Zuma rock in Suleja, along Abuja road. It can be seen from a very far distance due to its incredible height of about 500 meters.

Wase rock which is about 500 meters high can be seen from all neighboring cities

The area around it is a government-protected area for the preservation of rare birds.

10. Riyom Rock

Finally, we cannot talk about the tourist centers in Jos without mentioning the Riyom rock formation. The rocky area is surrounded by several farms partitioned by thorny cactus plants. The location is just so beautiful that one wouldn’t want to leave in a haste.

Riyom Rock can serve as good location for hiking on a sunny day

These are the ten places to visit in Plateau state, the Home of Peace and Tourism.

There are many other places that I’d like you to visit, so start packing your bags and make sure you take enough clothes because you wouldn’t want to go back home anytime soon.

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