Ultimate Ways To Avoid Divorce

Couple with a kid Separated

Written by Anita Ayibatari

July 3, 2020

No one gets into marriage thinking of getting divorced. Except if they have an ulterior motive. Getting divorced is mostly a matter of circumstance. Before one makes the mostly irreversible choice of getting separated, no stone should be left unturned. Divorce is meant as a last resort. So, keeping that in mind, here are some ultimate tips that will help you avoid divorce in your relationship.

Ultimate Ways To Avoid Divorce

1. Get Ready

People mostly get caught up in preparations for the wedding and forget to get ready for the marriage itself. Get ready to adjust your lifestyle to suit your new environment as well as to accommodate your partner. Make sure you are ready psychologically, emotionally, financially, physically, and spiritually before you commit.

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Going into marriage, one should know that marriage isn’t one perfect story. Some ups and downs are bound to arise, as such you should be ready to deal with them. Get information about them and their families to determine whether you are compatible with each other before tying the knot. You must take note of this as you get ready to make this life-changing decision, This way you get to avoid divorce before you are even married.

2. Set Your Finances In Order

Marriages can be crumpled by money. In fact, it is one of the most common causes of divorce. Want to avoid divorce in your marriage? Set your finances in order. Come clean about your financial status with your spouse.

3. Be Patient

Patience is an integral part of marriage life. Make an effort to understand the person you are getting involved with. Be patient of their shortcomings. When they are undergoing changes or mood swings, be tolerant. This will go a long way toward avoiding divorce in marriages.

4. Communication Is Key

This can’t be stressed enough. Communication is key in every aspect of life. Talk to each other, express yourself. If you are not communicating as a couple, you can be sure there is a disaster waiting to unfold. Communicate frankly and openly with each other. Don’t be like just roommates, act as a couple. Talk when your spouse offends you or does something you don’t like.

5. Spice Up The other room

This is very crucial in avoiding divorces. Talk to each other. Know your partner’s preference in the bedroom, and work on pleasing them more. Look for tips on how to spice up activities in the other room. E get why.

6. Support Your Partner

There’s nothing as good as a supportive partner. Support your partner. Be each other’s number one supporters and cheerleaders. Find out ways to help with some of their activities. Be there for them when they are going through hard times for as much as you can. Don’t belittle them or talk them down in front of us. Celebrate their accomplishments like yours. When you are supportive enough of your spouse, chances of divorce are less.

7. Avoid Complains

Too much complains and nags kill the vibe in any relationship. Softly channel your grievances. If you’re to complain, at least don’t do it much. This will go a long way in avoiding divorces.

8. Be Romantic

Do not think that once you are married, you stop being romantic. In fact, it is even time to up your game. Organize dinners even if it isn’t candlelight. Give gifts and presents constantly, not just on special occasions. Plan romantic getaways. In short, pamper each other and watch how you avoid divorce in your relationships.

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9. Have Some Alone Time

There is nothing wrong with having a little ‘me time’, we all need it. Communicate with your partner when you need some time alone and assure them nothing changed. You don’t want to give the assumption you don’t love them anymore. As a partner, don’t feel unloved when this happens and try to reason with them. alone or spend time apart but also keep in touch. As humans, we might get tired of each other. When they come out of their cave, they come out with stronger feelings. Lack of information about this simple fact might have led to so many divorces. Don’t let your relationship be among.

10. Always Look nice

As a married person, always endeavor to look nice and clean for your spouse. Don’t think that because you have four kids, you have the right to look all shabby or that you are staying home during lockdown so you wear that old Jallabiya that has been unwashed for two weeks. Make an effort to look good and clean for each other. Many a marriage have resulted in divorce because of this. Avoid it!

11. Keep Each Other’s Secrets

Don’t tell their secrets! It doesn’t matter if it’s your best friend or even parents, just don’t. You’re meant to be each other’s secret keepers not for divulging outside. Don’t wash your dirty linens in public. Especially what happens behind closed doors. Also, be open and honest about your secrets. If only all couples will take note of this, then there’ll be lesser divorces.

12. Hold On To Prayers

After doing all these, it still won’t be enough until you pray. Pray for a successful, healthy, and divorce free marriage. Ask them to do the same. Prayers will not only strengthen your love for each other, but will help to avoid divorce too.

Divorce is not a good thing and it’s not what anyone would pray for. So, you should follow these tips to ensure yours becomes a ’till death do us apart’ story. Judging by the number of surging divorce cases in Arewa, we sure don’t need yours to add to the growing statistics.

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