Who is the Biggest Scum?

The biggest scum

Written by Anita Ayibatari

July 30, 2020

There has been an ongoing battle in the world who the biggest scum is between men and women. Daily, we see on the internet or hear stories of how a man or woman betrayed the trust of their partner and then we begin to wonder if there’s still a sense of commitment and trust anymore. It seems like everyone is taken in one form or the other.

This led to the trending question on social media; ‘Is your boo your boo?’ People are willingly trading the pictures of their significant other to check if there’s an entanglement going on somewhere. It seems funny but then again, it’s not. It is very heartbreaking seeing someone you’ve invested so much in and planned for the future together having other plans. As crazy as it gets, they just leave the other hanging in the desert.

Love they say is a beautiful thing. But these days, love is a battle for the strongest only. It is even better you enter into the love game without your heart else, the stories might be one that touches the heart eventually. A lot of people these days have locked their hearts, thrown them in a box, and chained them in another box before putting in three different locks and then drowning it in the sea before and then threw the key away to avoid getting scummed.

It is important to note that no gender should be tagged ‘the gender scum’. The issue of being scum is relative to every gender as everybody has been scummed at some point in their lives. The reasons why people are scummed are also part of the reasons why people cheat. Cheating leads to someone being called scum and then, it automatically travels down to everyone from that gender. That is why we hear; all men are scum; all women are scum.

The truth is, between men and women, no one is the biggest scum. The phrase is ‘What a man can do, a woman can do better’ or ‘Since the bird has learned to fly without perching, the hunter must learn to shoot without missing’. It is just a race against each other to show who is better at playing games. Everyone who once had a bad experience might decide to take it out on the next person. This is very wrong. As more people get scummed and cheated on, the others learn in order to protect themselves whilst playing the same game just to avoid being hurt. But then, the lies keep ruining people’s lives and dooming some for life.

Honesty is very important in matters of the heart so as to avoid any hurt for life. This scum thing is a cycle that keeps repeating unless both genders decide to change for the better. One man’s scum is caused by another woman’s scum and it goes the other way round. This cycle needs to be broken to make people more comfortable in relationships. This can only be achieved with the help of both genders.

To everyone who has been scummed, remember better days lay ahead. To those who are planning to scum others, change your ways. Don’t use one person’s sin to judge or punish another man’s child. And to those scumming others, may you change your ways.

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