Why Abaya Remains The Simplest Path To Elegance


Written by Khadija Garba

A graduate of English Language, Khadija Garba grew up in a small town in Zaria. She is a writer whose random thoughts and beliefs get penned down. Not to mention she derives happiness and fulfillment going through her own published works. Khadija has an addiction for early morning cup of black coffee, Japanese 2D animations (anime), manhwas then finally, English novels. Romance remains her favourite genre.

July 30, 2020

It’s time for that grand old school reunion and you’re having conflicted feelings on what to appear in because, hey! We all know people are more interested in seeing how far you’ve gone in life than they are about seeing you again! It’s already Eid Season but you know you don’t want to exactly rock a fashioned Atafma/Ankara & veil to the Eid ground! Remember the last time Mama/Papa got you an abaya from Saudia? The one you’ve been hiding underneath your wardrobe? That. Bring it out! and launch it immediately.

The abaya—especially the Arabian one started as an after-dress in Arewa is an overall robe-like dress a lady wears on top tight clothes (in Islam, tight clothes are revealing, making it forbidden to wear around nonmuharrams). This after-wear is usually a black loose kind of gown which is long-sleeved and buttoned from the collar down. And its packaging comes with a plain, small-sized veil. Of recent, the after-dress has crept almost out of fashion. Furthermore, it has been replaced by a plain (little embroidery) button-less gown one can just wear without bothering about serious clothing inside. These gowns are most time loose and majorly black. Other colors are slowly creeping their way in but then we all know black is a color no one can get tired of patronizing, let alone abandoning.

Abaya is perceived as a representation of Islam. It is not exactly the kind of clothing chosen directly by the religion for the females but since Islam itself is a religion that came in through Arabia and Arabs are known for their abayas, people see it as a form of identity for Muslim women. It is a comfortable mode of dressing. I remember the rules of the Abaya, once someone reaches their desired destination, they remove it to breath more easily, before putting it back on when it’s exit time. Even today, the loose-ness in Abaya makes perspiring and taking in the fresh air a lot easier. it also gives the skin some peace as the materials used in designing them do not stick to one’s body all time.

Its modesty makes it fit for any occasion. Except for weddings of course. Weddings are for Anko. From dates to family outings, visitations, and even formal situations such as interviews/meetings, abaya can fit in. Its classiness lies in its simplicity and elegance. Not to mention there’s a kind of boldness that radiates from ladies who wear it (they always look confident about their choice likewise themselves).

Did I mention you give out a vibe of being rich each time you rock Abaya? People just glimpse you from afar, all abaya-ed up, and they think you’re your own kinda boss and that you must be doing okay! Thus, you gain more respect and attract less nonsense! Humans tend to naturally behave when they believe they are around influential and rich folks especially if they aren’t exactly wealthy. If you happen to fall under the type that wakes up someday not feeling like dolling up but then you have to dress up, then! You have got to get yourself a rack of abayas. Also, For a spur of the moment deciding, Abaya never disappoints!

It also showcases you as a model. As kids, we all grew up hoping we’ll own stacks and a wardrobe full of abaya when we grow a little older and richer. Our admiration always soars for the ladies who advertise/rock them. We always loved the touch of gracefulness it gave them. We must continue that circle for the little ones.

So when you’re in for a change with the Kayan makulashe ( confectionaries; chocolates) gifting, the abaya remains a great recommendation to gift. Whoever is receiving a gift in your life(daughter, wife, sister, mother, etc), receiving a surprise package containing an abaya never fails to leave them thrilled.

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