Why Bother With Makeovers?


Written by Khadija Garba

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August 10, 2020

Why do people bother with makeovers you might ask? Since the beginning of time, beauty has always been a source of direct and indirect worship. Do you recall the story of Yusuf (Joseph)? Where he almost got seduced and raped simply for being created beautifully? Or how about the story of Ibrahim (Abraham) and how he got his first child? It all traced back to him entering a country with his really beautiful wife (Sarah). The ruler tried seducing her but when he couldn’t succeed, he gifted her one of his daughters Hajar. Even history reveals that the beautiful ones always belonged to the rulers of each nation.

To this day, people still want to mingle with and be friends with beautiful people. Everyone wants to date and marry pretty ones to produce even prettier progeny and continue the chain. It’s a whole universe obsessed with all things attractive.

Thus, to come out not appealingly attractive is close to being a non-direct punishable offense. People get bullied in multiple aspects, places, events of their lives in various ways simply because they do not fit into their immediate environment’s definition of attractiveness. This in turn gives birth to decadence in an individual’s self-esteem. People sit down and their mind involuntarily wanders off to moments they’ve been treated differently (the privileges of been beautiful is non-existent in ugly people’s lives) and before you realize it, they get caught up in a wave of sadness and depression follows suit.

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This is enough reason for people to invest their resources, time, and energy into appearing more appealing. Even though sometimes, people get too caught up and end up losing themselves in the process. Whether we accept it or not, humans have a part of us that seeks validation from people especially the ones around us. It takes a lot of self-acceptance and loving to not be bothered by the shade in which people see you.

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Plastic surgery, a total change in wardrobe, cosmetics are various options of makeover available to those seeking to look better. Make-up however is the pocket friendliest way of pulling over a temporal new phase, look. In an era of the internet, one only has to get the goods and practice the services using tutorials online (except in events where one decides to get the services of a professional)

Why Makeovers?

1. Change in Appearance

A makeover refers to a radical change in appearance which may imply a change in haircut, clothing, or cosmetics. A sense of peace comes with feeling good. When females rock make-ups they like, they glow and smile more. A sense of satisfaction and accomplishment follows accompanied by the “Damn! I look good today” comment. Thus, there is an increment in self-acceptance and love. It’s just like going out all sweaty and being overly self-conscious of your state (odor). But after a shower and puffing various perfume, you care less because you know you smell nice.

2. Boosting of Self Confidence

Makeovers, especially in girls’ situation, gives birth to a kind of confidence and boldness that gets accompanied by less fright to face any kind of crowd. Deep down, how they physically look is no more a thing of concern to them and therefore can air out their views without getting unnecessarily intimidated. They seem to ooze confidence and focus more on the task at hand. Feeling good about yourself projects confidence. Confidence in return empowers. You become willing to try out new things and places.

3. Serves as a Hobby

Makeovers to some people can be a hobby. It can pursuit of being happy and a diversion that occupies one’s time and thought. While some people enjoy dancing, reading, painting, or even sleeping in their free time, others create time to play makeovers with themselves. Different strokes for different folks, one might say. For these categories, rocking make-ups is an art they enjoy—not because they feel they have to look a certain way to project a certain aura—but purely for the joy of creativity and trying out new things.

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Meanwhile, until you master the art of loving exactly the way you look, or you’ve mastered the “I don’t give a damn!” attitude and honestly do not care what people think, then feel free to rock different shades and styles of makeovers. You look greatest when you look like a queen.

Is the 21st Century Makeover a Scam?

Does looking good count as a crime? If Yes! Then, we all are criminals and deserve some jail time. Every generation comes with its fashion, it owns a unique way of looking captivating. The present one is no exception. Though one might say in the last decade, we have witnessed a complete turn with regards to beautifying the face. another will even agree it is more of remodeling than simply beautifying. Ordinary beautifying is usually when you tidy up things while bringing in close to little innovation to make things appear more attractive.

For instance, in the last century/the early 2000s, makeovers for the ladies in Northern Nigeria meant powder to lessen the oiliness of the face, lip gloss with a touch of black lining to make the lips appear cuter while keeping it moistened, kohl for the eyes and black pencils for highlighting the brows ( for ladies with no bushy brows). Then, eye shadows and too much coloring of the face were affiliated to sorcery, immorality, or promiscuity.

Starting from the last decade, however, the makeover journey using primers, foundations, concealers, multiple color choices for eye makeups, different shades of lipsticks, liners, mascaras, pencils surpasses that which is perceived as ordinary beautifying. It is a whole process of remodeling the face to give it a newer fresher look (even so-called natural makeups aren’t exactly as simple as they sound).

Primers, foundation, concealers do a lot of concealing; from minor scars down to pimples/acne on the face. Lipsticks do a really good job of making the lips lovely and in some instances moistened. Eyeliners and shadow pallets are for making the eye area modestly hot or crazily hot (it depends on the choice of their users). The number one game-changer amongst all the makeup phases is the contouring stage. The concept of remodeling ( temporal reshaping and reconstructing) acts around this step.

What Does Contouring Do?

First, it downsizes a larger forehead while drawing light and illuminating the center of the face. Secondly, It conceals dark eye circles and imperfections. Thirdly, it makes a wide nose appear thinner. Fourthly, it enhances cheekbones and defines features for a thinner more sculpted appearance. Fifthly, it creates the appearance of fuller-looking lips in cases of thin lips and moderate looking lips in cases of bigger lips. Lastly, it downsizes the appearance of a larger chin while hiding the appearance of a double chin. It is a game-changer

Is Make-up Necessary?

In a globe with beauty preferences and privileges, a lot of girls are in one way or another battling with insecurities due to their looks. It takes so much to embrace who you are especially when you conscience keeps screaming “you’re ugly” and then, your surrounding emit same; either in words or action. Looking good is pathway confidence and for a short time, it does shoot up self-esteem which tends to have a positive effect on the mind.

When is Makeup Considered a Scam?

To scam is to deceive people; taking advantage of the trust they had for a situation. Makeovers are all about looking and feeling good. However, when you convince people into believing you look good all the time (knowing It’s not your reality) then, you are in a way deceiving them. The whole significance of contouring is to temporarily reshape the appearance of the face, making it more subtle and dazzling. Not everyone knows how it works therefore, not everyone can figure out what you should look like without it. Besides, do you want acceptance from people who only like how intriguing you look? The whole point of connecting with people, most especially special people is to interact while always feeling/been comfortable. Everyone has days they enjoy the comfort of letting their skin breathe.

Feeling and looking good is an A but it is of importance you learn how to feel good and comfortable even without looking great. Once in awhile, share them pictures of your face all naked and natural, they should decide to stay because of who you are as a person, not because they like how good you appear. Once in a while, be lazy when you feel like going lazy. Once in a while, let your skin breathe fresh, undiluted, and unblocked air.

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