Why Men Cheat

A heartbroken woman

Written by Anita Ayibatari

July 14, 2020

Men and cheating can be placed in the same sentence and no one would notice. The only remark that might emanate would be ‘I said it!’ or ‘All men are the same’. One would barely be surprised that a man cheated on his heavily pregnant wife and the mother of his three children. It is believed that all men cheat, the reason you haven’t caught him is that you’re not wise enough. Today, we will be looking at reasons why men cheat.

But do all men really cheat? Not all do but then, the majority of the women in the world would call you a fool for saying not all men cheat. It is believed that it is in their DNA. It is a part of built-in them to not be content with one woman no matter how good she is.

These days, women don’t bother going all out for the men because as popularly known, it will end in tears. Premium tears to be exact. Girls and women of all ages are advised to be wary of men as they can seem as gentle as a dove yet their viciousness can be as lethal as a lion’s.

Someone said men are like Blackberry phones, one button, and everything shakes. The bewilderment of this statement cannot be overemphasized. Men around the world have given women little reasons to trust them. Women believe that it is just a matter of time before the breeze blows and the private part of the hen is revealed. As said in the case of women, their cheating might be psychological, and with so many reasons attached to theirs but, in the case of men, what might be the reason? What are the women not doing right that leads to the hurt, embarrassment, and degradation they receive from their spouse or partner?

Here are some reasons why men cheat.

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1. Fun

A lot of men just like women seek fun and adventure. Probably their wife is too stiff or boring for them, they need a more thrilling ride and so they go outside. Some men cheat just for the fun of it.

2. Respect

The fact that respect is in the picture just breaks one’s heart. Some men claim that they cannot do some crazy things with their wives out of respect for her and so they find girls who are not their wives to try them. Also, they may feel like they don’t get enough respect from their spouse, as such they go outside in search of it.

3. Habit

You heard that right. Cheating is some men’s second habit. A lot of men have been deemed by their friends as strong men and so in order to keep the belt of the reigning champion, they have to conquer more.

4. Hormones

Some men can’t stay without having sex and so whenever they feel the urge, they just go ahead and answer nature’s call.

5. Feeling of masculinity

As the saying goes, boys will be boys, men will be men.

6. Relationship Issues

Forget all the previous things, men are human too and so if they feel an imbalance in their relationship, they might also see the need to get ‘balance’ from somewhere else.

7. Bleak Future

If a man doesn’t see a future with the woman he’s with, he can just keep doing what he wants. After all, he’s not going to end up with her. So why be faithful?

8. Addiction

As well as marijuana and drugs, sex too can be addictive and this can become a problem because one person can’t always readily satisfy these needs and so, they go for extra bundles.

9. Nature

As earlier stated in this article, it is believed that every man cheats and it is in their DNA so they just act on it.

10. Boredom

Some men get tired of one woman and so they find someone else to replace the woman and give the added thrill.

11. Need to Find Someone Tight

Pregnancy and constant sex can lead to women losing their elasticity and therefore reduces sexual pleasure. This can definitely lead to cheating.

12. Lack of Benefits

Although people feel women are the only Golddiggers, many men are too! Some stick to a particular woman because of what she can bring to the table, when her table becomes empty, they find the next table!

13. Pregnancy

During pregnancy, the whole sexual experience might be different for men and they may seem to get tired of the whole ordeal so they just cheat.

14. Indiscipline

Some men lack sexual discipline and so they just go ahead and cheat. They are easily seduced and cannot do anything to hold themselves.

15. Because they can

Simply put, because they can, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

There can never be a befitting reason why people cheat (be it, man or woman). The men especially have deemed cheating as noble as winning an Oscar award. Some see themselves as cheats and there’s no going back from that (which is a lie.)

Cheating is terrible, especially for a man. It is self-degradation and losing one’s self-esteem. A lot of men may not see it as such but a good name is far better than silver and gold.

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With this said, men should leave the idea that a man is a born cheat or it is a DNA mishap, it is not! Cheating is terrible and hurtful and nobody deserves it. It is better to end the relationship than cheat. Cheers to the men who don’t cheat and to the ones who will stop cheating.

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