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Written by Amina Lawal

she is an android developer, a writer, a woman in tech advocacy, and also a software engineering student at Bayero University, Kano. Writing is what she does. And who she is. Her name is Amina, a girl who is on a journey of finding herself. Everyone thinks that time teaches you something about life but they are wrong. Life goes on, it moves like a merry-go-round. This is why she writes, to express thoughts. To give life to them and to understand why she thinks the way she does. To appreciate the influences that have formed her personality and way of seeing the world. It is awesome to be able to see one’s thoughts and feelings come alive, There is no way to describe it.

July 11, 2020

When was the last time you read a book or even took up a course to learn? You might even ask, Why should I read books? Why are they even important? Most people stop reading when school ends vowing to never pick a book again. People fail to realize the importance of reading and consider it a tedious thing! You may not have enjoyed reading books during school but if you do not read, you lose out on a ton of benefits. 

Reading is essential for those who seek to rise above the ordinary.”

– Jim Rohn

Here are some top reasons why you should read books.

1. Learning from Other People’s Mistakes

As a kid, you must have experimented with putting your hand on a hot stove or touching the back of an iron. As you grew up, you learned from your own mistakes. Due to learning that came out of the experience, you make fewer errors today compared to a few years back. 

Wouldn’t you do better in life if you not only learn from your mistakes but also, from the mistakes of others? You sure would! Books help you do that. 

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By reading the hitches the author faced, you can avoid miscalculations and blunders. Sometimes learning from your mistakes only isn’t enough.

Sometimes when I read business books or self-development books, I come across a tip that makes me exclaim, “Oh! Damn! I made the same mistake. I wish I had read this earlier.” At times, I read a scenario of another successful person making a mistake and at that moment I tell myself “Noted! I will make sure I don’t do that and make the same error.” 

Another way to learn from other’s mistakes, is to have a mentor.

2. Effective Way of Learning 

You cannot open a book without learning something.


Reading makes you smarter and increases your brainpower. Reading is one way to achieve that because every time you read a book you encounter something new. To process what you read, your brain needs to fire neurons into action. 

You need to drive your car frequently to maintain the engine in good health right? Likewise, frequent reading keeps your brain active and increases overall brain power. 

3. Improves Your Area of Expertise 

You have area expertise that helps you earn your daily butter and bread, right? You might be a programmer, an accountant, a doctor, a sales manager, a baker, or an actor. Irrespective of your current expertise, you always have more things to learn and improve. Every area involves learning even if you are a professional. 

Reading books by the experts exposes you to new ways of doing things that you have never thought about. You might believe you know enough on the subject already, yet reading a book will prove you wrong. People often ask why we should read books when we already know enough about the topic. The truth is, you don’t! 

During my initial days of programming, I thought googling how to write code will suffice. I sailed through with the same approach for a couple of months and I believed I knew enough. 

Yet when I read a programming book, I felt like slapping myself because there were a hundred better and more efficient ways of writing code! From that day I have never hesitated to pick up a book on my core area no matter how comfortable I feel with what I learn.

4. Feeding Into Your Subconscious 

After reading a book, do you feel like everything you read has evaporated into thin air? You might think what is the point of spending time reading when you cannot recall most of it? 

You do not forget what you read because what you read feeds into your subconscious. You may fail to recall what the content of the book was when you want to, but when the situation arises, your subconscious mind will pull out that information for you. 

“Your brain does not store all the information in a format that you can pull out by choice. Most of the storage part is your subconscious which springs into action when needed.” 


Your conscious thinking feels like you have forgotten what you’ve read but your subconscious knows when to pull it out. 

5. Helps you Know the World Better 

Knowledge is power. Each book you read adds up to your experience and enhances it. With each extra book, you understand the world better, especially if you read from a wide array of topics. 

A Quora uses provided a brilliant analogy to explain which I am unable to locate anymore. Every book you read is like a dot. The individual dot does not seem to make a significant difference. But when you have multiple dots, you learn to connect the dots by instinct. All they are trying to say is the more books you read, the more knowledge you acquire.

I am somebody who would like to know about people and their culture. But what can one do who can’t afford to travel a lot? Read books! Reading books means going on an adventure, just like a hobbit!

You can travel anywhere you wish, just remember to choose the right book. 

If you don’t like to read, you haven’t found the right book

J.K Rowling

6. Helps you Make Better Decisions 

Reading books opens your view to the views, perspectives, and decisions made by others. Some might differ from your thought process, but you will learn new ways to think and evaluate. When you read more and more books, you start thinking deeper before making any decision. You will become a better decision-maker naturally. 

After reading the book Think Like a Man, Act Like a Lady by Steve Harvey, I made an effort to apply only some of what I read. But now when I am making any argument my subconscious mind uses many elements from the book. 

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7. Increase in Vocabulary

Books can improve your vocabulary, grammar, and communication skills. They also use some of your known words in sentences in a fashion that is new to you. While reading you learn a lot of new words and how to apply them correctly. Eventually, you’ll see an improvement in your language level. 

Read good books. You will strengthen your understanding of the story. Your vocabulary will be the richer for it.

Carmen Agra Deedy

8. Becoming a Better Writer

Good books undergo editing to undergo a compelling message. You learn to write good messages by reading. Sure, you may not have the slightest intention to become a writer, but at least write you write emails, Instagram, and Twitter posts, don’t you? 

9. Stress Reliever

Books grab your attention and keep you engrossed and engaged (assuming you are interested in reading a book). During the reading, your brain needs to focus thereby making you less worried about your other problems. If you read a stimulating book before sleep, your brain automatically relaxes which aids sleep. Anyone who reads before sleeping will agree that it helps!  You can read 13 proven tips to sleep better here.

Many successful people mention reading to being the key to their success. Bill Gates reads over 50 books every year and loves to pick a book for an hour before going to bed. Warren Buffet reads over 500 pages a day. It was not uncommon for Elon Musk to sometimes read two books a day during the weekends. These are only a few names and many others vouch for the importance of reading. 

You will improve the charm of your personality, the balance in your account, and the happiness in your life by reading more books. You have a choice to pick a book and read it now. Will you? 

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