Why You Should Stop Cursing Now

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Written by Khadija Garba

A graduate of English Language, Khadija Garba grew up in a small town in Zaria. She is a writer whose random thoughts and beliefs get penned down. Not to mention she derives happiness and fulfillment going through her own published works. Khadija has an addiction for early morning cup of black coffee, Japanese 2D animations (anime), manhwas then finally, English novels. Romance remains her favourite genre.

July 21, 2020

Cursing has been in Arewa for as long as time memorial. To curse is to say bad words which are acts of profanity. But you need to stop cursing now!


Profanity refers to a lack of respect for things that are held to be sacred. 

Dan Uwarka”, “Dan Ubanki”, “Zakici Uwarki”, “Saina ci Ubanka” amongst others are examples of profanity since parents are this mini sacred being and are supposed to be respected all around, at all times. 

Usually, it (curse) is used as a form of retaliation stemmed from anger, annoyance, and unpleasantness among youths in a moment of misunderstanding, misbehaving adults, and unruly children. Sometimes, parents with little self-restraint use it on their children as a form of discipline.  

This century is witnessing a slow but dangerous trend in the use of swearing. The present generation misuses it all the time. It is alarming how they tend to throw curses around without genuine reasons; intense emotion such as anger. “Kai Dan Ubanka Yane!” is becoming the new “Hello/How far!” It is now been used as a form of slang within friends even during harmonious moments, gradually making it a habit. One time, a friend overheard someone saying “if I don’t curse you, I don’t rate you as my friend.” Crazy use of language is a common habit among friends but the employment of curses is an act of profanity to their parents and upbringing. 

Cursing during our parent’s era was treated as a bad side of language. Thus its usage was scorned upon and limited. Adults who use it forbid children from using it. This is all because of its side effects.  

When you fling bad words around, you are sending a message to the society that you weren’t raised the right way. A parent will be highly disappointed to hear a child they invested in turn out the opposite of what they aimed for. 

It degrades one’s self. This is another reason why you should stop cursing. People who think highly of you would question the respect they have for you should they witness you throwing around “Dan Ubanka”, “Zakici Uwarki” amongst others, even if your emotions warrants it, let alone for them to observe you doing it out of habit. It is after all seen as an exhibition of shamelessness irrespective of what triggered it outburst. 

Using cursed words puts one’s reputation at stake. The power of reputation is a phenomenon lots of youth in this era underestimate. Your reputation alone can determine your level of success in this life. You could get denied that job, internship, promotion, partnership, business deal, marriage, etc. all because once upon a time, the person among the panel/who’s supposed to connect you only has a “mara mutunci” impression of you simply because you don’t always filter what comes out of your mouth (or hands in these times of social media.)  This alone should make you stop cursing.

It endangers the social etiquette of the next generation. Children are such intelligent beings who do not sometimes wait for instructions. They emit exactly as their eyes and minds take in. This is why parents need to be watchful of their own actions in front of little ones. Likewise their choices of words. If you become the type of parent/sibling who curses in moments of anger or annoyance with the young child, you are not just only showing a bad example, you are also making sure that circle of negativity and toxicity continues.

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Words like “Tsinanne”, “Dan Iska” “Shegiya” which are curses can affect the mentality and future of your children. In Hausaland, it is believed that the mouth of the parent is a powerful weapon that can be for or against a child. Not to mention these children will go out responding to unpleasantness the same way they experienced you doing it. 

How will your parents feel should they mistakenly witness you —the child they thought they disciplined and brought up well— indirectly abusing them (to curse another’s parent is to curse your parent)?  

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How will you feel if one day you give birth to a child who takes profanity lightly? 

Just how will you feel if you were to catch your child or sibling mingling with people who curse at every slight situation? 

You most certainly wouldn’t want to live, raise a family in an environment that is considered shameless and toxic.  

Stop cursing now, if you haven’t already. 

Keep the society away from toxicity. 

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  1. Fatima

    Thumbs up to this post, it’s like you read my mind.

    • Khadija Garba


  2. Maryam

    The writer couldn’t have said it any better. Cursing is a habit that needs to be stopped anywhere and everywhere it is being practiced. Awesome piece.

    • Khadija Garba



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