World’s Longest Beef Song by Ali Makaho

Ali Makaho

Written by Maryam Idris Bappa

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July 29, 2020

A diss track/diss music is an intended act of retribution that is packaged and delivered in a song. Diss music is inspired or provoked by wrongdoing or “Beef”. As such, a beef song/diss music is targeted towards disparaging, defaming or insulting someone or a group of people responsible for the act.

The earliest record of diss track was made by Joe Tex in 1962 titled You keep her‘, ridiculing a letter written to him by ‘James Brown’, who had mocked him by saying he could take his wife back. Joe Tex’s wife who had earlier dumped Joe Tex to be with James Brown. She was unfortunately dumped by James Brown after a while.

Today diss tracks are popular among rap artists like Tupac, Biggie, Jay Z, Nas, Eminem, Nicky Minaj, Drake, 50 Cent, and Ice Cube. Their tracks are believed to be the most brutal in hip-hop history. In Nigeria, diss tracks have been recorded earliest in the ’90s by Tony Tetuila and later by Idris Abdul Kareem, Mode 9, and a few others. In the North, innuendos and indirect shots at other musicians are common in songs of popular artists like Mamman Shata, Ɗankwairo, Narambaɗa, and the likes.

But do you know that the world’s longest beef song to be made in the history of beef songs anywhere in the world, a single track lasting about 90 minutes, was sung right here in Northern Nigeria by popular northern Nigerian artist late Ali Makaho?

Ali Makaho, also known as Aliko Makaho (1962-1997) sang the song on August 8, 1996, together with his backup singer ‘Chali’. It is up to today considered the world’s longest beef song. This beats the 89 mins and 44 seconds, diss album(s) awarded to Drake by the ‘Guinness Book of World Record’ in 2018 for his two-album, 25 track response to Pusha T’s 3-minute single diss track titled “The story of Adidon”.

Thus, the world’s longest beef song—broken into several series today among which include “Uwar ɗan Indo” and “Abokin Gaba”— is sung by none other than Ali Makaho.

About the Song

Northern Nigerian singer Ali Makaho aka Aliko Makaho made a 90 minutes long tape which today can be found here. The Artist threw disses at the subject of the song, ‘Sani Dan Indo’ for daring to throw abuses at himself and his benefactor. In the song, he continuously repeated a sentence saying;

Duk ɗan da aka taba babansa dole yayi Magana, idan ɗan Sunnah ne.

Ali Makaho

This means that a true son will always defend his benefactor. In the song, Ali Makaho used utterly vulgar words to abuse both Sani Dan Indo and his mother, insinuating that she was a dirty bed-wetting lesbian. He also out rightly questioned the legitimacy of Dan Indo’s birth, religion, and sexual preferences and even went ahead to accuse him of being a drunkard and of abandoning his parents.

Ali Makaho did not stop there, he blamed Dan Indo for the catastrophes happening at that time in Kano state where they both based; including a recent plane crash and absence of rainfall which had made crops to wither. He cursed Dan Indo for being a bad omen referring to him as ‘Dan Baƙar ƙaddara‘ meaning ‘Ill-fated son’. He further urged Dan Indo to vacate Kano since it was not his hometown.

Ali Makaho firmly assured Sani Dan Indo that he wouldn’t let the insults on his parents slide that easily. He promised him that the 90-minute song was only 1 out of the 20 songs, the rest which would follow later.

Unfortunately, Ali Makaho died six months after a sudden illness before he could fulfill his promise. Many claimed he was poisoned and his death was linked to the feud between him and Sani Dan Indo. Sani Dan Indo died several years later in 2016 at the age of 55.

Origin of The Feud

Sani Dan Indo for yet unknown reasons had gotten involved in a disagreement with Ali Makaho which had escalated into him raining abuses Ali Makaho. Initially, Ali Makaho had wanted to retaliate but after the input of people he respected, he decided to withdraw. However, Sani Dan Indo crossed the line, he rained some more insults again and this time, this time involving Ali Makaho’s parents. That was when Ali Makaho decided he would not let it slide and finally struck back in the world’s longest beef song, promising to deal with Sani Dan Indo and all of his allies. In the track he made, Ali Makaho could be heard saying;

“Kace baka fada da ɗa sai da Uba”

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This can be taken to mean; “He only fights with the father and not the son”. Ali Makaho decided he is going to prove that he is worthy enough. As such, a beef triangle was formed involving Sani Dan Indo, Ali Makaho, and his benefactor. But before the feud was settled or the diss series completed, Ali Makaho died.

It seems after all that the deeper you dig; the more dirt you will find. We are a community of people in constant disagreement; from personal, social, political, or religious issues. Despite that, who knows when our last second will tick? Live and love life and whenever a need is, forgive!

Biography of Ali Makaho

Ali Makaho (1962-1997) popularly known as Aliko Makaho or Ali Mai Mandula is a northern Nigerian Hausa artist popular for his hit song “Mandula” which he sang to expose drug addicts by informing the authorities of their whereabouts and helping them.

Ali Makaho was born in the small village of Magarya in Itas-Gadau local government area of Bauchi state Nigeria but grew up in another small village called Gololo where he spent most of his youth. Later on, he settled in Wudil, Kano state until he died at the age of thirty-five. He had only religious education through Arabic schools.

The name “Makaho” attached to his name means “Blind man” in the Hausa Language. His blindness was observed to be right from birth. Regardless of this, he went from town to town in the course of his art. Starting from singing for politics without instruments to later incorporating the instrument “Gurmi” in his music backed by a commenter. His popular song ‘Mandula’ was sang in 1982 when he was only 20 years old. The song talked about the ill-effects of drug abuse and smoking marijuana. This earned him the nickname Aliko mai mandula.

The unique thing about all his songs was that he stated the date of his songs before starting them following an opening prayer. Whenever he sang praise songs, he always included many people which he praised congregationally instead of individually as mostly seen in praise songs of today.

Death of Ali Makaho

Ali Makaho lived life to the fullest despite his blindness until he met with a disagreement with Sani Dan Indo, resulting in his first and only and in the process becoming the world’s longest beef song. Shortly after, Ali Makaho met with a brief illness which led to his untimely death in 1997 at the tender age of 35. Many claimed he was poisoned and his death was linked to the feud between him and Sani Dan Indo.

May His soul rest in peace.

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