Yes, Men Can Be Pregnant Too!

Yes men can be pregnant

Written by Aisha Zakari

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July 2, 2021

“I’m pregnant,” you tell him and he suddenly changed after that? RELAX! He just might be pregnant as well. Yes, he is pregnant! A Pregnant-Dad Syndrome.

Yes, men do feel pregnant. This a syndrome called the sympathetic pregnancy or in medical terms, the Couvade syndrome.

Sympathetic pregnancy is a condition that describes a man whose partner is expecting a baby or babies begin to experience or show pregnancy-related signs and symptoms just as in women.

Some researchers suggest couvade might be common but it isn’t considered a mental illness, and experts are uncertain why it occurs in some men and not in others.

The signs and symptoms associated with sympathetic pregnancy occur only during the first and third trimesters. It shows both physical and psychological symptoms.

What Are the Signs and Symptoms of Pregnant-Dad Syndrome?

Physical Symptoms

Men show physical symptoms just as women show during their pregnancy stages. These signs and symptoms include:

Change in appetite
Loss in appetite
Leg cramps

Psychological Symptoms

Men who show compassion more and are attached to their partners develop this syndrome. Men who share and understand the pain associated with pregnancy with their partners are more vulnerable to couvade syndrome. These signs and symptoms include:

Sleeping patterns changes

Can the Pregnant Dad Syndrome Be Treated?

There is no recommended treatment for couvade syndrome as it’s only temporary – first and third trimesters. But men who show depression are advised to see a therapist which will be beneficial for them and their partners.

Becoming a new parent can be challenging, exciting, sentimental and of course, stressful. But remember, becoming a parent takes two to play. You have a partner who should help every step of the way.

There should be more understanding, patience and tolerance in these trying times to becoming parents.

You and your partner are one! Never forget that!

Lastly, if you are expecting, don’t forget to check out these 18 things you should when you are having a baby.

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